Looking for an AMZAlert review? Searching for an Amazon monitoring software that can help you with almost everything related to Amazon and relatable information. You can get along with a number of features and tools, which will be later considered in this AMZAlert review.

AMZAlert can be an excellent monitoring software that can be used for a number of features, such as getting to know if there are any negative reviews or running a competitive analysis. In simple words, it can be said that AMZAlert basically sends you an alert just in case any changes occur. This can turn out to be an excellent feature in terms of making yourself and your business ready for any sudden uncertainties that might occur.

You can also get along with a number of things, including product listings change, product image changes, product bullet points, product description changes, negative reviews, and much more; we'll get to that in the later sections of this review. But before we hop more into the features and everything, let's take a look at what AMZAlert is and what makes it a great tool.

Detailed AMZAlert Review

AMZAlert is an Amazon Monitoring Software that can help you with a number of things such as notifying you when things your Amazon Store gets along with any changes such as product reviews, negative review alerts, daily reports, product listing and much more. In simple words, AMZAlert can be called off as an excellent tool for several things, such as getting notifications, alerts, and much more. You might be amazed to know how AMZAlert also offers integration with other tools such as Slack, JIRA, and many more. Since you have already got an idea of what AMZAlert is? It's time to take a look at the tools and features.

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AMZAlert Key Features at a Glance

There are several features that Amazon sellers can use; you can look after some of the excellent features such as:

  • Suppression alerts for doggy pages with missing seller info: There might be moments when you might have encountered a search page or maybe a page with a seller's missing information. This information is sometimes considered unimportant information from other similar apps, but AMZAlert has considered this important data.
  • Easy to use User Interface: AMZAlert offers quite an excellent user interface, so whether you are a new seller or an advanced seller, AMZAlert will not be difficult for you to get along with.
AMZAlert Review 2024 Protect Your AMZ Listings
  • ASIN redirect alerts: If you are someone who is indulged in Amazon selling, you might be well aware of what ASIN is. And just in case you are not known of it, let me tell you, you might have come across a serial number that is used at a number of places or under certain products. Similarly, Amazon also has certain serial numbers for each product termed ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). And this is where ASIN can work in great terms for redirection alerts, and the ASIN redirection alerts can be considered as one of the main features served by AMZAlert.
  • Ace-level Integrations: In addition to all the features that are mentioned above, you can look after some excellent integrations to apps like Slack, JIRA, and Text. No doubt that you might be able to get along with these app integrations can help with multiple things like better management of events.
  • Product Vitals: Users can look forward to some of the crucial data including ASIN, Last crawled on, Next Crawl, Keyword Crawl, etc. In addition to all this product vitals can also be used in terms of overview, timeline, product trends, etc.
AMZAlert Product Vitals
  • Sub-user management and product grouping: One of the main features that make AMZAlert an excellent choice among Amazon sellers is its sub-user management and product grouping. Just in case you are wondering what product grouping is, let me tell you, for example, you might be well aware of how products can be categorized under different sections, as apple has this line of products where smartphones are under the name of iPhone, the laptops are under the name of MacBook, the computer is categorized under iMac and so on and this is what product group is about, and AMZAlert focuses in this aspect.

Well, AMZAlert also offers some excellent features that can be used in order to get better results for Amazon sellers; some of the AMZAlert key features that are worth mentioning are as follow:

  • Any changes in terms of bestseller ranks and badges on Amazon (for your product category, etc.)
  • Changes that occur in rankings of keywords for your certain product.
  • 24×7 Alerts for stocks and inventory.
  • Alert for a product being listed as an “adult” product.
  • Change in price with MAP violation (minimum advertised price).
  • Unwanted new sellers (parasitic) that appear suddenly for your Amazon listing.
  • You can also come across different types of alerts which include categorizing in terms of Amazon product listing, Amazon reviews, business automation, etc.

After getting done with all the key features, let's take a deeper dive into the features offered under the different pricing plans offered by AMZAlert. If we consider the pricing plans, AMZAlert has a different approach to making things work along with the number of ASINs that are used. The AMZAlert has divided the plans into three different plans, which include New Seller, Advanced Seller, and Elite Seller.

AMZAlert Reviews

AMZAlert – Amazon Monitoring Software


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AMZAlert Pricing Plans

The AMZAlert offers 3 different pricing plans, which are named as New Seller, Advanced Seller, and Advanced Seller. These different sellers/pricing groups are categorized into different sections based on features and everything.

AMZAlert Pricing Plans

New Seller

As I have already mentioned earlier, a number of ASINs and monitoring intervals are some of the key factors that are worth giving attention to when looking forward to the AMZ pricing plans. In the New Seller AMZAlert Pricing Plan, the cost per ASIN/month in terms of monitoring is $0.95 ( $0.95 per ASIN/month); the price can later be decreased depending upon the number of ASINs you are looking forward to monitoring.

Advanced Seller

Well, as the name suggests, you can look forward to the AMZAlerts Advanced Seller Price plan, which offers some excellent features in terms of monitoring, unlimited scheduled reports, and 1 sub-user account. All this starts from a price point of $1.1 per ASIN/month, with 4-hour monitoring intervals; the advanced seller plan also offers some excellent features in terms of 2SMS/2 Email notifications and much more. The price per ASIN/month can be decreased depending on the number of ASINs that you choose.

Elite Seller

The Elite seller is the AMZAlert pricing plan which can be called off as the top-tier plan; in addition to all this, the reason why Elite Seller is the best one is due to its monitoring interval and sub-user accounts. The elite seller offers the price of $1.35 per ASIN/month; in addition to that Elite seller, the plan offers 1-hour monitoring intervals with 6 sub-user accounts, no doubt why the plan is called the Elite Seller Plan. The price of $1.35 per ASIN/month can be decreased as the number of ASINs increases in the plans. These different options, as a result, can help in building your own kinda tailored plan depending on the number of ASINs being used.

New SellerAdvanced SellerElite Seller
$0.95 per ASIN/Month$1.1 per ASIN/Month$1.35 per ASIN/Month
24hrs Monitoring Intervals4-hrs Monitoring Intervals1-hour Monitoring Intervals
Amazon Product Listing and Review AlertsAmazon Product Listing and Review AlertsAmazon Product Listing and Review Alerts
1 SMS / 1 Email Notification2 SMS / 2 Email Notifications7 SMS / 7 Email Notifications
No Scheduled ReportsUnlimited Scheduled ReportsUnlimited Scheduled Reports
Keepa IntegrationKeepa IntegrationKeepa Integration
No API ConnectionNo API ConnectionAPI Connection
No Integrations availableNo Integrations offeredSlack and JIRA integration
No Sub-user accounts1 Sub-user accounts6 Sub-user accounts

Well, in addition to all the features and pricing plans offered by AMZAlert, let's quickly take a look at some of the different aspects of writing that one can look after.

AMZAlert can give you alerts for multiple stuff like Marketing, Product listing, and reviews; let's look at what type of notification/alert you can utilize as an Amazon seller.

Marketing: AMZAlert gives you a notification in case of Amazon sales and marketing alerts; these alerts include:

  • Sudden changes/takedown.
  • Alerts for new or parasitic sellers that might have appeared in your listing.
  • Change alerts for bestseller badges and ranks.
  • Inventory Alerts, just in case anything gets out of stock or things like that.
  • Alerts when your product is flagged as an adult all of a sudden.
  • Change in buy boxes due to hijackers (losing and gaining).

Product Listing: AMZAlert sends you alerts for product listing as well; these alerts include:

  1. Change in product titles
  2. Change in images used for product
  3. Any changes in other things such as:
  • Bullet Points
  • Description
  • Product Category

You can also get alerts if your products are considered as an add-on for another product.

Reviews: No doubt that product reviews play an important role in showing your product's quality. AMZAlert alerts/ send a notification when:

  • Keeping an eye on negative reviews, you can sort them by newest to oldest and work accordingly.
  • Any changes that occur in the star rating of the product.
  • If any sudden changes occur in reviews, for example, out of the blue deletion of reviews.

Another major factor that makes AMZAlert an excellent choice is the help that it offers in terms of business automation:

  • Sending automated (C/D) messages to hijackers (Cease & Desist messages).
  • Assisting in sending automated replies to negative reviews.

AMZAlert Free Trial
Having a free trial can be considered one of the major factors in making a tool better from the Customer's POV, as you can get along with the free trial to explore different features, interfaces, etc. AMZAlert offers a free trial which can be redeemed while getting along with the checking out/info-filling page. Where most of the similar tools do not offer a free trial, AMZAlert has aced the game under this criteria.

AMZAlert Free Trial

Having a free trial can be considered one of the major factors in making a tool better from the Customer's POV, as you can get along with the free trial to explore different features, interfaces, etc. AMZAlert offers a free trial which can be redeemed while getting along with the checking out/info-filling page. Where most of the similar tools do not offer a free trial, AMZAlert has aced the game under this criteria.

AMZAlert Advantages & Disadvantages

As a simple overview, AMZAlert does have some pros that can help you make things better in your Amazon selling. Let's take a look at the points that can be beneficial to you using AMZAlert.

Advantages of using AMZAlert

Advantages of using AMZAlert

  • AMZAlert lets you get along with the notifications/alerts when any changes occur; these changes include different aspects such as marketing, negative review monitoring, change in seller ratings and seller badges, etc. Get notified about any changes that might be occurring in your Amazon selling practices.
  • Having strong customer support, AMZAlert offers great customer support in various aspects, including call support + chat support. You can contact AMZAlert's customer support (calling) in the time 7 am to 4 pm (Eastern Standard Time), and just in case you cannot get along with the calls, AMZAlert offers 24×7 chat support which seems like a great deal to me.
  • Since you can now get alerts on the go, this can help make things better for management across different aspects. As a result, this will help you save a lot of time.

Disadvantages of using AMZAlert

Disadvantages of using AMZAlert

  • Well, I didn't come across any major flaw that is worth mentioning, but there was something I experienced that can count as a downfall. The support by AMZAlert is not very great in terms of being responsive; of course, you'll be getting a response in some period, but I guess a bit faster response would have been better.

After getting done with all the features and everything, now comes the moment of truth; what I mean to say is whether AMZAlert is worth your money. Let's check that aspect as well.

AMZAlert Reviews & Customers Testimonials

AMZAlert Reviews - Testimonials

🙄Is AMZAlert any good?

AMZAlert is the best monitoring tool that monitors and protects your Amazon listings 24/7/365. AMZAlert alerts you instantly to any major listing issues as soon as they're noticed. AMZAlert gets these issues in front of you before they become a big problem so that you can make more money from the AMZ business.

🔎Can I try AMZAlert for free?

Absolutely! AMZAlert offers a free trial to all its new customers. If you are new to AMZAlert and want to test its features, then click here to start your AMZAlert free trial now.

❓How does AMZAlert work?

AMZAlert is a powerful, real-time notification solution for Amazon sellers. AMZAlert is the best tool that sends you alerts for your Amazon listing issues. By using AMZAlert, you can secure your Amazon business & 10X your productivity as instantly send you e-mail, text, and Slack alerts for any product listing issues so that you can solve them immediately.

🧐Why should I go for AMZAlert?

As well all know that Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform on the web and is constantly changing. With a major thing, you can't afford to miss a minute of sales or go unnoticed. AMZAlert is an effective tool for amazon sellers that helps them to monitor and fix personal product listings in just minutes. By using AMZAlert, you can stay on top of your Amazon business and can not lose sales.

🚀How do I get started with AMZAlert?

The new user can easily start with AMZAlert free trial as it does not require any credit card. Visit the official site of AMZAlert and complete the signup process to start with this leading tool. You need to select the ASINs that you want to monitor and then check the AMZAlert settings. AMZAlert is the perfect tool for Amazon sellers.

🔥Is there any working AMZAlert discount coupon?

Grab and use the above-mentioned AMZAlert discount coupon that allows you to save maximum bucks on its pricing plans.

AMZAlert Facebook Group

AMZAlert Facebook Group

AMZAlert Twitter Group

AMZAlert Twitter Group

Conclusion: AMZAlert Review | Is it worth it?

Yes, I basically liked AMZAlert, as it offers some excellent features that can be used in order to save hours of research and implementation. AMZAlert offers some great features in terms of sending alerts in different aspects such as marketing, product reviews, change in product reviews and much more. In addition to all this, you can also get along with a 30-min live demo with one of the experts from their team. This, as a result, can help in making things better for you, as you won't be spending most of your time getting known to the tool.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that you can get along with them all these features, including the monitoring and everything, starting from $0.95 per ASIN per month, which seems like a great deal to me overall. Another feature that makes AMZAlert a better choice overall is its API connection and integrations that make it better for a lot of things.

Hopefully, this AMZAlert has cleared some of the questions and queries you might have regarding it.

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AMZAlert Review
0out of 10

AMZAlert is the best tool available in the market, which is designed for Amazon sellers that helps them to enhance their overall ranking in the Amazon business. This tool alerts you regarding unexpected or sudden changes that happened in product listings. One can even use AMZAlert to not only promote products but also to track sales on Amazon. Start using AMZAlert and secure your Amazon business.

  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • It offers a bestseller badge.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • 24/7 Customer servic


  • It is a little pricey.
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AMZAlert – Amazon Monitoring Software

Free Trail

Get started with AMZAlert for free to protect your listings and 10X your productivity.

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