If you are a business owner on Amazon, you would be familiar with Seller Labs. And if not, then let you know that Seller Labs is the first Amazon seller software to monitor your reviews. This article consists of Seller Labs review 2024, where we have shared the details on all the minute information you should know about the tool. Further, the article compares the Seller Labs price list, Pros, Cons, best features, FAQs, benefits for eCommerce users, and a lot more. So keep reading until the end before deciding to use the Seller Lab application.

Everyone who is selling their products on Amazon needs to track the performance and the feedback given by the customers. Seller Labs exactly do the same job for the business owner and help them to grow their sales and generate great revenue. All the information about Seller Labs for Amazon is discussed below. But first of all, let's know what Seller Labs is and why you need this software to trade on Amazon.

Quick Summary on Seller Labs

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that can manage your sales, reviews and PPC management all in one place, you should choose Seller Labs. Sellers Labs Pro is a platform that allows you to manage your business and is designed to maximize profits and boost growth. For this, the tool offers you services like advertising management, paid social advertising management and even free advertising analysis. The tool provides you with a team of professionals to take care of your marketing strategies so that you can focus on building your business.

Their team will create a solution mainly designed for your needs so that you don’t have to worry about optimizing and expanding your business. Sellers Labs is also going to help you with creating international advertising campaigns through which you can connect with sellers in their own native language. We recommend you try out Seller Labs, as it is already tested by thousands of Amazon sellers who have already experienced a boost in their sales and business revenues.

What is Seller Labs? – Seller Labs Review

Seller Labs

Seller Labs is an Amazon-sponsored software that provides services that empower new entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses on the platform. It consists of several tools that use to run your business strategically. Seller Labs consists of Advertisement Centre, which helps create an image and run your campaign.

Besides, Seller Labs provides smart suggestions to take your campaign to the next level. Also, it has a research center to directly research Amazon and track the latest keywords and products displayed on the Amazon store. The communication center is available to connect with your customers by sending them custom messages and getting direct feedback from the buyers.

You will also find a product table at Seller Labs to manage the financial inventory and displays the insights of the seller's products. Apart from these, the software has a ‘get started with a pro today' feature with unlimited messages, unlimited tracking, unlimited campaigns to run, and an easy-access product table.

Seller Labs History at a Glance

Before Seller Labs was born, there was no such software that could provide information about customers' feedback and reviews of the products. It was Brandon Checketts 2013, who created this amazing software through which you can increase the volume of customer reviews and feedback that is needed for the sellers.

Since then, Seller Labs has been solving the seller's problems and constantly expanding its platform. It is loaded with several tools like PPC advertising, inventory management, product discovery, and Amazon keyword research. Apart from that, it converts all the data into a simple and easy-to-use format that allows users to execute their business campaigns accurately.

The features and support they provide make it one of the most trusted software in the field of digital marketing. In 2015, it was named the most innovative idea in the Atlanta area and listed in the 500’s list for the fastest growing company twice. And it was the year 2019 when a company acquired X-Cart, an eCommerce platform which was having 20+ years of business.

The company is still growing and hired 200+ employees in the year 2021 and increasing the e-commerce community. Seller Labs build a strong team that can help you sell your brand more efficiently.

Seller Labs Logo

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Quick Reasons To Join Seller Labs

Why join Seller Labs as there are several similar software that gives good service to the customers? Well, the services that are provided by the Seller Labs are somehow given by very few sites which are mentioned below.

Continuously Improving

It is passionate about growing the business and working hard to make you big. Exploring new opportunities to increase efficiency and constantly teaching others about new technologies being used in the market.


Seller Labs is always ready to exceed the expectations when it comes to growing your business, and that also with great energy and enthusiasm. It is also dedicated to inspiring its customers and giving them energy when needed.

Collaborating With Other Team Players

Seller Labs offers a place where you can get in touch with other teams and collaborate to grow your business. It helps to form communities that are reliable, responsive, and flexible and have an option to interact with each other.

Customers Centric

Last but not least is that Seller Labs is a customer Centric which means that the company works according to the customer’s understanding and perspective. Always ready to help and give a quick response with a solution that enhances customer experience and contributes to their success.

All these features make it an ideal choice for a business owner to run their business on Amazon. This is a company that believes in customer success, innovation, and community that believes in providing space in the e-commerce platform for every individual.

Services Provided By Seller Labs

Services Provided By Seller Labs

Seller Labs offers Seller Labs Pro, which is designed to upgrade your business on Amazon and comes with several features that you can choose according to your convenience and customer’s need.

This plan features four expectations that are mentioned below.

  • An easy-to-use platform that has an advanced dashboard.
  • Comprehensive data analysis to understand the market and grow the business.
  • Actionable intelligence system that allows you to make an accurate decision
  • Flexible framework to manage all the work.

However, the main services provided by Amazon Seller Labs are:

  1. Amazon Advertising Management
  2. Amazon Listing Management & Optimization
  3. Creative Services
  4. Free Advertising Analysis
  5. Facebook Advertising Console Management

Seller Labs – Advantages & Disadvantages At A Glance

Why Choose Seller Labs?Why Not Seller Labs?
Communicate efficiently with the customersExpensive for the new buyers
Monitor traffic and conversions rate in a single dashboardNo live chat support is available for the user
AI-Powered advertising is available to give the best suggestionsTechnical knowledge is required to operate the software
Take quick action on seller feedback and new product 
Discover profitable keywords for more product opportunities 

Seller Labs Technology

Seller Labs is a cloud-based software supported on Cloud, SaaS, and Web-based applications. It is fully available on the internet and can be accessed easily using your browser. Selling on Amazon is not an easy task, and one needs a compressive tool to track customer feedback and product reviews. Here are some of the key features you will get inside Seller Labs.

Top 8 Best Features Of Seller Lab – Amazon Seller Software

Best Features Of Seller Lab

The software is used by several companies, and they are successfully running their business on Amazon. So, let’s see what all the key features offered by Seller Labs are to increase the revenue month after another.

1] Gives Positive Product Reviews And Notification

Seller Labs Pro is featured with an advanced review system that gives instant notifications about products. It presents both negative and positive comments from the customers that allow you to quickly respond to the customer’s needs and ensure they have the best possible experience from your brand.

All the negative and positive reviews can be tracked on unlimited products available on your marketplace. If you are planning to expand business globally, then Seller Labs is ready to serve anytime and anywhere you want. Seller Labs gives an opportunity to choose the way you want to be notified. It has multiple options to provide notifications like email, text message, or both.

2] Offers New And Updated Communications Features Of Seller Lab Review

The Seller Labs Pro has a new communications center that it updates to look at the new features added to the software. Its new dashboard has a fresh and optimized Amazon messaging policy that responds within no time if you face any issue. Additionally, it contains easy-to-read performance matrics like a message sent and received features, current star reviews and feedback, and many other features.

3] Provides Details Of Products

For the subscribers of Seller Labs pro, there is access to a variety of detailed reports of product SKUs mentioned in the catalog. All these details can be navigated straight from the dashboard from the “product” from the menu.

Financial, traffic, and inventory are created as a default view that can be seen displayed on your dashboard. Apart from that, it also comes with a custom view option that is based on a specific data point and can be accessed easily.

All these options give the ability to deal with each product on your catalog and monitor the performance of the items and advertising campaign. With all these details, you can eliminate the product that is unable to perform and reschedule your campaign.

4] Easy Campaigning Feature

Seller Labs is a platform where you can easily run your Amazon advertising campaign. You can easily activate your campaign and push it on a global stage. It also helps to monitor if your advertising campaign is running. If your campaign is going out of budget, then the software will notify you and suggest you redesign your advertising campaign.

5] Latest Keyword Updates

Seller Labs comes with a smart filter option that showcases the latest keywords that are being in the market, like Amazon. This filter shows all the ads with a low conversion rate, notifies about the ads that are costing unnecessarily, and gives updates on product performance.

All the keywords that are updated by the Seller Labs help to save your money in the long run with the help of an intelligent filter. They are designed to focus on the ads that are best for you.

6] Brand New And Easy-To-Access Dashboard

Seller Labs have designed a brand new dashboard that is easy-to-access the options that are available on the platform. It has the compilation of all the data that are needed for your business on a single screen. You have to just log in, and you will find all the information displayed on your dashboard. Now it's easier to see the suggestions, recommendations, and improvements that are needed for your business.

7] New Plans Updates

Seller Labs constantly update with new plans consistently that offer heavy discounts for your business. These plans and offers can save lots of money and keep you engaged in the platforms. The latest plan that the company is offering now is a Seller Labs Pro through which you can save 20% of the amount of your subscription in an annual plan. Additionally, this plan offers a 30-day free trial to the new customers joining the platform.

If you are sticking with the monthly or annual plan, then you can be updated with a new one available in the recent time. There will be no need to wait for the collection of the subscription you have purchased. If you are unhappy, you can cancel the current plan and subscribe to the new one offered by the company.

8] Automates Product Reviews And Request

Seller Laps review automation feature has been recently added to the communication center and can be set on a marketplace where you work and automate your review system. It is often seen people working in different countries and unable to understand their language where they face so many problems. This feature converts all the reviews into a specific language that you can understand.

Also, automates all the reviews and sends a message via translating them so that your customer can understand your campaign and the type of product you are selling. This makes your business easy and allows you to focus on the quality of the product. It saves time and money and gives unlimited sources to expand your business globally.

These are the key features that are loaded on Seller Labs to make your business easy and monitor all the comments of customers on your product.

Seller Labs Review - Pricing

Benefits Of Using Seller Labs For Ecommerce Businesses

Seller Labs is designed for the business to grow their revenue by investing minimum money. Here are some of the benefits that are offered by the Seller Labs for the eCommerce business.

  • You can get live previews of the products straight from the customers.
  • Advertisement Campaigns can be executed according to the customer’s need.
  • You can have easy access to the latest keywords used in recent times.
  • Have an effective communication center to deal with customers worldwide.
  • A product table can help you to monitor all your products listed on Amazon.
  • Last but not least is the customer care support that is always ready to solve your problems.

🌟 Top FAQs on Seller Labs

❓What Are The Ways To Join Seller Labs?

Seller Labs empowers new entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and explore globally. You can start with Seller Labs Pro, which gives a 30-day free trial for the first time. You can go to the ‘try software' option and benefit from free membership for 30 days. You will be asked for some basic information to join the platform, like your personal details and the type of product you want to sell. Then you need to link the Amazon account you are using currently. After following the procedure, you will direct to the Seller Labs dashboard, where you can monitor all your activities of your Amazon sales.

🤔How Does Seller Labs Affiliate Program Work?

Seller Labs affiliate program is one of the most secure, stable, and effective marketplaces to earn money through promotion. It offers up to a 10% recurring commission per sale for the first 12 months of the customer's subscription. You can earn money based on the reputation of Seller Labs pro. Apart from that, Seller Labs updates the monthly product and teaches about new features so that you can tell your community about it. It provides all the marketing materials and analytics to suggest to you the best product you can promote.

It gives a heavy commission per product and provides trusted brands to deal with. Affiliate marketing works in the same way as other platforms offer, as you have to register yourself as an affiliate and promote the product that is maintained in the marketplace. Once the product is sold through your referral code, the work is considered to be done.

👉How does Seller Labs Support Its Customers?

Seller Labs come with various features and a support option to help you out whenever you need them. The option which will be needed for your business is mentioned below.

➤Communication Center
➤Keyword Research Center
➤Product Table
➤Advertising Center
➤Data Warehouse

All these options are available to help the subscribers and enhance the business on the giant platform Amazon.

🔎What Are The Services Integrated With Seller Labs?

Seller Labs offers two services, namely Seller Labs Pro and Managed Services. These two plans are loaded with multiple services that help to run your advertisement campaign, manages all the product mentioned in the catalog, and provides the data of reviews and comments.
Apart from that communication center communicates with the customers worldwide in different languages. The Keyword center is available to research new keywords that are trending in the market. The product table is available to monitor all the items of your business, and the data warehouse is integrated to have an analysis of the various product that is performing well.

✔Do Seller Labs Come With A Free Trial Option?

Yes, it does come with a free trial option for the new subscribers to the platform. It comes with the Seller Labs Pro plan, which offers a 30-day free trial for new customers and can be upgraded with a premium plan which starts at $49 per/month.

Wrapping Up: How good is Seller Labs in 2024?

Seller Labs is an n-demand software that gives you unlimited access to the reviews of each product that you are selling on Amazon. This is the platform where you get support to run your business in a safe and secure way. It comes with several features that boost your business by running an advertisement campaign and optimizing your product when it is needed. The analytical data is also provided for each product that is listed in your Amazon catalog.

All these features make Seller Labs an ideal software for any business selling their product on several shopping sites. You can manage all your account under a single platform and grow your business most effectively by analyzing your customer’s reviews.

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Seller Labs Review
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Seller Labs is marketing analytics software that assists businesses in developing strategies, managing customer reviews, and running PPC campaigns across multiple Amazon websites

  • Highly Recommended Software for amazon sellers.
  •  Auto-generated email system.
  •  The best marketing tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to integrate.
  •  Fast and effective.
  • System support.
  •  24/7 customer support.


  • Negative

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