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Helium 10
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Searching for unbiased MerchantWords Vs. Helium 10 comparison? Stay glued here!

I have researched and compared MerchantWords and Helium 10 which can surely help you to make the best decision.

Both MerchatWords and Helium 10 are powerful tools in the world of e-commerce, each offering unique features and benefits.

In this comparison, we will examine both tools' features, benefits, pricing, and much more so you can confidently choose the one that aligns best with your business needs.

Comparing MerchantWords Vs. Helium 10

In case you are running out of time? Take a look at this quick comparison table;

FeatureMerchantWordsHelium 10
G2 Rating3.3/54.2/5
Pricing Starts$35/month or $350/year (2 months free)Free, Starter ($29/month)
Free TrialNoYes (limited access)
Money-Back GuaranteeNo Refunds7-day money-back guarantee
Tools AvailableKeyword research, search volume, competitor analysis, and search trends.Keyword research, product research, listing optimization, analytics, competitor analysis, and more.
Chrome ExtensionNot AvailableYes

What is MerchantWords?


MerchantWords is a tool that provides the latest search trends, high-value keywords, search volume metrics, and historical search data to grow on Amazon.

MerchantWords keyword tools help identify top shopper searches and competitor ranking terms, which can improve product listings and increase visibility on Amazon.

The platform also offers a feature called “Emerging Trends” that allows users to discover new niches and marketing opportunities.

Another key feature of MerchantWords is the “Digital Shelf” tool, which provides insights to improve clicks and sales.

For a competitive edge, the “Market Insights” tool provides the means to understand your target audience better through meticulous competitive analysis.

Furthermore, the platform's “ASIN Plus” tool is a powerful reverse ASIN lookup tool that can provide valuable insights into competitor's strategies.

MerchantWords has analyzed hundreds of millions of products and indexed billions of searches since 2012, providing reliable keyword data and performance metrics.

The platform provides all-inclusive solutions, like API and data-driven SEO services, to boost visibility and sales.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a popular software that provides an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA and Walmart sellers.

Helium 10 provides a suite of over 30 tools that help sellers with various aspects of their business, including identifying profitable products, discovering keywords to target, optimizing listings, managing inventory, and streamlining Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Helium 10 assists users in eliminating the guesswork involved in selling on Amazon. It provides keyword search volumes, trending product niches, listing optimization tools, Amazon Ads automation, automated product review requests, and much more.

Its “Product Research” tool helps users discover profitable products, while the “Keyword Research” tool improves keyword targeting for better visibility on Amazon.

The platform also offers a “Listing Optimization” tool to craft high-converting listings, and an “Operations” tool to simplify manual workload.

In addition to the web-based software and these powerful tools, Helium 10 also offers a Chrome Extension that provides powerful Amazon and Walmart product research capabilities.

MerchantWords Vs. Helium 10 (Common Features)

1.Keyword Optimization


Offers Classic Search, which allows users to explore keywords and search history from actual Amazon customer searches, providing search volume and seasonality data.

Helium 10

Provides Magnet and Cerebro tools for keyword research, which help users find high-volume keywords, long-tail keywords, and competitor keywords.

Both Magnet and Cerebro work in 12 international Amazon marketplaces and Walmart.

2.Product Research


Utilizes the Emerging Trends feature to help users spot new and trending search terms before competitors, enabling them to identify new product opportunities.

Helium 10

Offers Black Box feature for product research, which assists users in discovering profitable products using algorithms and filters based on product category, monthly sales revenue, review ratings, and more.

3.Listing Optimization


Provides Digital Shelf, which helps users to understand their product rankings and offers insights on how to maximize their strategy.

Helium 10

Features the Scribbles tool for listing optimization, which creates high-converting listings by tracking word count and keyword usage within each content area of the listing.

4.Market Insights


Offers Market Insights tool, which aids users to reach more buyers through competition analysis and spot market opportunities.

Helium 10

Provides Market Tracker 360, which gives insights on the market share and suggests new and related products to track.

5.ASIN Lookup


Includes ASIN Plus, a powerful reverse ASIN lookup tool to find long-tail keywords for products, Merch, KDP, and PPC.

Helium 10

Offers Cerebro for ASIN lookup, which allows sellers to find competitor keywords and long-tail keywords by entering an ASIN.

6.Keyword Collections


Features “Collections”, which enables users to create and store keyword lists for easy organization and future reference.

Helium 10

Allows users to create keyword lists using the “Keyword Manager” tool, which organizes and tracks keyword performance.

7.PPC Optimization


Unfortunately, it does not offer a dedicated PPC optimization tool.

Helium 10

Provides “Adtomic“, a tool for building and optimizing PPC campaigns, automating bid management, and analyzing advertising performance.

MerchantWords Vs. Helium 10 (Key Advantages & Areas of Improvement)



  • Offers a comprehensive overview of the search market.
  • Collects and analyzes billions of global data points on shopper searches and Amazon products.
  • Helps users in finding emerging search trends, high-quality keywords, keyword search volume, and search volume history.
  • MerchantWords data is especially useful for judging the relative strengths of keywords and discovering new terms.
  • Can improve the profitability of Amazon Sponsored Ads/PPC campaigns, find new keywords, check competitors' rankings, and discover trending keywords globally.


  • The tool doesn't have a free trial, which might discourage users who want to try it before subscribing.
  • MerchantWords does not accept PayPal, making it less accessible for some users.

Helium 10


  • Offers a suite of tools that can help increase Amazon conversion rates, including Cerebro for keyword research and Follow-Up for customer service.
  • Provides first access to new features for Elite members.
  • Provides access to an exclusive Elite Facebook Group, fostering a community where members can share advice and resources.
  • Helium 10 offers a structured course, Freedom Ticket, taught by a 7-figure Amazon selling master, Kevin King.


  • Some of the tool's features, such as Cerebro, Listing Builders, etc are limited in the free and Starter plans.
  • The tool's Diamond Plan may be too expensive for some users, starting at $229 per month.

MerchantWords Vs. Helium 10 (Pricing Structure)

MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords Pricing Plans
Silver$35/monthSelect Country15500
Gold$79/monthSelect REGION1502,000

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 Pricing

In a cost evaluation between MerchantWords and Helium 10, Helium 10 appears to be the more affordable option for Amazon sellers. Helium 10 offers a Starter plan at $29 per month, which includes training and essential tools for getting started. On the other hand, MerchantWords' least expensive option, the silver plan, requires a monthly fee of $35.

My Opinion: Which Tool is Best for You?

In my evaluation, both MerchantWords and Helium 10 prove to be strong contenders in keyword research.

However, upon careful comparison, I find Helium 10 surpasses MerchantWords to be the superior tool.

Helium 10 offers more than just keyword research. It includes listing optimization, competitor analysis, and inventory management, helping sellers make the most of their presence on platforms like Amazon.

Moreover, its reliable data and user-friendly features assist my team to target profitable keywords and boost sales.

While MerchantWords has a wide keyword database, Helium 10's extensive features align better with my priorities, focusing on accuracy, reliability, and thorough competitor analysis.

Overall, Helium 10 stands out as my top choice for a keyword research tool.

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