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Are you an Amazon seller searching for a detailed comparison of ZonTools and Viral Launch?

In this, you're not alone. Many Amazon sellers are confused between these top Amazon PPC tools.

Remarkably, The Amazon PPC industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, with ZonTools alone managing an annual ad spend of $450 million.

To lead the competitive marketplace, choosing the right automation platform is critical.

Through this article, AMZMojo will provide an unbiased comparison of ZonTools and Viral Launch – two leading options for optimizing your Amazon PPC.

ZonTools Vs. Viral Launch (Overview)

ZonTools Overview


ZonTools is an all-in-one Amazon PPC platform that employs AI technology to streamline and enhance campaigns for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Merch on Demand.

It provides functionalities such as launching lucrative PPC campaigns, amplifying sales, and heightening brand visibility for Amazon sellers.

Additionally, it gives the option to automate campaigns and also ensures continuous refinement for more profitable results.

ZonTools extends comprehensive Ads Launch and PPC Optimization services for Amazon Seller Central and Merch by Amazon.

You can directly oversee PPC campaigns through the platform, utilizing their PPC AI Engines to boost sales of your top products.

Viral Launch Overview

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an advanced Amazon seller tool that has facilitated over $8 billion in sales, delivering a significant competitive advantage.

Impressively, Viral Launch provides a PPC solution called Kinetic. This offers more automation for more control with easy-to-create, customizable rules that allow for unlimited conditions to achieve your highest return on ad spend.

The tool provides access to more data to easily analyze campaigns and search term data to see what is impacting your campaigns so you can maximize profits.

Viral Launch's Kinetic allows you to develop comprehensive strategies with integrated research tools to drive PPC for Amazon profits, organic sales, and improvements in organic rankings.

It also offers a unique feature that lets you see how each product is performing across all campaigns, keywords, and search terms.

ZonTools Vs. Viral Launch (Features Comparison)

PPC Campaign Automation


ZonTools offers a robust PPC campaign automation feature. It uses proprietary AI technology to continuously optimize your PPC campaigns.

This feature enables you to launch profitable PPC campaigns for your Amazon products and increase your brand exposure.

Viral Launch Kinetic

Viral Launch Kinetic also provides PPC campaign automation. It automates difficult and time-consuming tasks, enhancing your research, strategy, automation, and analytics.

It prioritizes high-converting keywords and removes those that are draining your budget.

Keyword Optimization


ZonTools offers a feature called the Phrase Match Engine. This engine scans your PPC reports, automatically removing any poorly performing search terms while improving your campaign matching capabilities.

It also allows you to target shoppers with campaigns optimized for highly converting keywords, which helps increase sales while maintaining ACOS at a reasonable level.

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC integrates with other Amazon optimization tools of Viral Launch, including Keyword Research and Keyword Manager. This allows users to identify the most important keywords for their product at the click of a button.

This integration enables sellers to pull valuable insights and data from multiple sources to increase the effectiveness of their PPC strategy.

Ad Placement


ZonTools helps you place ads for your products directly on competitor listings, protect your listings with defensive campaigns, and cross-promote your portfolio of products on your own listings.

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC

Unfortunately, Viral Launch Kinetic PPC doesn't offer any specific feature for Ad Placement. However, It offers detailed ad placement data to gauge campaign effectiveness.

This feature allows users to understand how their ad's placement is contributing to their campaign's performance.



ZonTools provides unmatched reporting functionality that gives you total clarity on your ad performance. It provides your ACOS, sales, profits, and ROAS for all of your campaigns.

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC also provides extensive reporting at the product level. It tracks crucial metrics such as PPC sales, PPC spend, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS), conversion rates, and both organic and sponsored rank.

It's important to note that we focus solely on comparing the key features of ZonTools with one of Viral Launch's tools, Kinetic PPC. Notably, Viral Launch also offers other tools for Amazon Sellers.

ZonTools Vs. Viral Launch (Pricing Plans)

ZonTools Pricing

ZonTools Pricing
Plan NamePriceFeaturesSupport
Analyzer$9/monthManually Manage Campaigns, Unlimited Users, Campaigns, Products, KeywordsBasic Support
Masterer$19/monthEverything from Analyzer Plan, KeyWord Recycler™, Bid Gambler™, Bid Nailer™, Auto-Mate™Priority Support
Dominator$25/monthEverything from Masterer Plan, Proprietary PGN Structure, KeyWord Miner™ and Target Miner™, Term-Inator™ and ASIN-Ator™, All Upgrades Included24/7 Slack Support, Monthly Strategy Call

All plans come with a Risk-Free 30-day $1 Trial.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Pricing
Plan NamePriceFeatures
Essentials$58/monthAmazon product filtering, Keyword Search Volume, Browser research extension, Advice & guidance, Global data
Pro$83/monthAll features from Essentials plus: Use metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales and price trends, Competitor monitoring, SEO & listing optimization, Rank tracking & alerts, Listing health analysis
Pro Plus Ads$166/monthAll features from Pro plus: Robust Amazon advertising platform, Detailed advertising analytics and data, Create & customize your own automations, 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments, Organic + PPC keyword tracking

ZonTools Vs. Viral Launch (Pros & Cons)


  • Powerful AI for automated ad optimization.
  • Robust reporting for ACOS, sales, profits, and ROAS.
  • Enables automated PPC campaigns for merchandise.
  • A $1 30-day risk-free trial, fully refundable within 30 days.
  • ZonTools does not support the China marketplace.
  • Limited to Amazon, requiring extra tools for sellers on multiple platforms.

Viral Launch

  • Comprehensive tool suite: product research, competitor tracking, keyword research, advertising & PPC, keyword tracking.
  • Unique split-testing tool for listing elements.
  • Viral Launch offers phone support, unlike many industry-leading competitors.
  • It supports multiple countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, and Italy.
  • The cheapest plan is even pricier compared to competitors like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout.
  • Less social proofing compared to popular alternatives.

It's Your Turn: Which One Would You Select?

After extensive research on ZonTools and Viral Launch, the AMZMojo team found ZonTools a better tool for handling Amazon PPC campaigns.

There's no doubt that Viral Launch has its own benefits, but when it comes to optimizing ad performance, automating campaigns, and achieving maximum profitability, ZonTools demonstrated a clear edge.

While we acknowledge that Viral Launch offers a dedicated PPC tool called Kinetic PPC, it's important to highlight that ZonTools provides some additional benefits in comparison.

If you have read the full comparison of ZonTools vs. Viral Launch, you may have an idea of your desired tool. We recommend you test both tools and finalize the best as per your Amazon needs.

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