ZonBase Vs AMZScout 2023: Battle for the Best Seller Tool!

ZonBase Vs AMZScout

Looking for a much detailed Zonbase Vs AMZScout comparison review? If yes, we have got you covered. Zonbase and AMZScout are two popular Amazon seller tools, but since the seller has to pick just one, in this Zonbase Vs AMZScout review, we'll help you make a wiser decision, let's dive in!

The past 5 years have been a real game-changer for the e-commerce industry, and the one marketplace who was responsible for such a huge change is AMAZON.

Being started out as just an online book store, and now a huge freaking marketplace spread across the globe, selling billions of products every month, and helping millions of individuals earn thousands of dollars – Amazon has been a real gem to today's generation.

With that being said, the competition here is crazy, every seller, be it beginner or professional, has a bad hunger for profits. And why won't they be not hungry? The earning potential on Amazon is limitless, because there are 300-million plus consumers waiting on the door to get their products delivered.

But is it so easy to survive in such a competitive market?

Absolutely, No!

To sustain in the long run, every seller has to differentiate themselves from the other one, and they regularly have to test out different strategies to beat the competition often.

And one major secret (not so secret these days) behind every successful Amazon seller nailing their seller game is proper utilization of best seller tools to streamline and optimize Amazon selling practices. Be it FBA, FBM, arbitrage, or dropshipping, these tools literally have all features for Amazon sellers to unlock their real business's potential.

To list out the four major advantages of seller tools, we'll first start out with product discovery, because just a product can make it break a seller's Amazon journey. Next comes profitability calculations, sales forecasting, competition analysis, and task delegation – the right Amazon seller tool can literally do all the ground and head work for a seller.

But with so many options already available in the market, which one should you actually use? To cut the crap out, ZonBase and AMZScout are two popular Amazon seller tools, and in this ZonBase Vs AMZScout we'll help you pick one that would best suit your needs, let's dive in!

Zonbase Vs AMZScout Comparison Overview

Zonbase and AMZScout are two popular all-in-one Amazon seller softwares used by thousands of sellers. Both the tools offer similar features, but since AMZScout is quite cheap than Zonbase, we would recommend it to first time sellers. And for sellers who have been into the marketplace for long, Zonbase would give them better ROI.

What is ZonBase? Everything about Zonbase!

Zonbase reviews

Zonbase is all in one Amazon seller tool which is quite popular for its product finding capabilities. The tool, as of today's date is used by sellers of all sizes, from beginners to real players in the marketplace. And all of this got possible because of the tool's capability to offer even the most complicated data to seller in the easiest manner.

If you will head out to ZonBase official website, you will check out two options, asking whether you are a brand new seller or an existing Amazon seller. Later, the tool asks both the sellers what do they need the most help with – and we feel this step is really amazing.

In short, before stepping into Zonbase, the tool reads your mind out, or you can even say, it understands your journey to give you access to the features you will need, and not the other clutters around.

Even the registration process takes less than 60 seconds, the seller just have to pick up a plan, and get ready for one to one mentorship by Amazon experts.

Zonbase logo

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What is AMZScout? Everything about AMZScout!


AMZScout is yet another popular all in one Amazon seller software used by 500,000 sellers across the globe. The tool is rated 4.5 on chrome store, and users are just so happy with the performance, that even on Trustpilot one can only see the positives reviews.

The best thing about AMZScout is it's cheap and is much affordable for new sellers. Even though the tool offers sellers every possible features they will need in their selling journey, using and learning it all is not so confusing. To be honest, there are not many complex names here, instead the tool believes in quality reporting. And for that reason, it gives sellers monthly reports that covers detailed information about real winning niche and products, competition, and the actual sales they can expect.

AMZScout Logo

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Zonbase Vs AMZScout: Features Breakdown!

Zonbase and AMZScout are power packed with maximum features for Amazon Sellers, however, over here, we will be covering just a few yet important ones to give you a clear picture of what best you can expect from both the tools.

Zonbase Features

Product Research

Amazon is loaded with millions of products, and if you have just stepped into the market, you will literally get baffled with the crowd. But Zonbase with its multiple product research tools has got you covered with picking just the best homerun products to sell on Amazon. To be specific, it gives sellers access to a few such best products that have sufficient demand in the market, there's low competition, and moreover good profit margins.

For product research, Zonbase offers different tools which are – Zonresearch, hottest products, product validator, and product idea generator.

Initially sellers can do product research with Zonresearch, and can then move to the hottest products tool from where they can explore real winning products to sell. But, to get a clear picture of how selling actually works, we will recommend sellers to first explore the product idea generator tool, and then after doing the whole research, they can validate their product through Product Validator.

Sales Optimization

The product research tools by Zonbase will help you understand whether you should really launch a specific product or not, and whether there's a sufficient demand for a product in the market or not. But, next comes the more powerful sales optimization suite of tools by Zonbase, that helps sellers with the tiniest details. And when we say tiny, we mean it.

The tools offered by Zonbase for sales optimization are – keyword research, Reverse ASIN, PageOne, ZonTracker, and Sales estimator.

With the ZonBase keywords tool, sellers can explore relevant keywords for PPC campaigns and SEO optimization. The tool generates thousands of relevant keywords and gives seasonality insights as well. There's even a smart score available over here for sellers to explore the hidden keyword – that not just comes with high search volume, but even has a low number of competing sellers.

Through the Reverse ASIN tool, sellers can literally spy on their competitor's keyword strategy and discover keywords that are already working in the marketplace. The PageOne tool is all about the team helping sellers with listing optimization, launching PPC to get on Page One of Amazon.

With ZonTracker, sellers can track any product's ranking for multiple keywords, and through the sales estimator tool, sellers can validate the sales potential of any product, and get a rough estimate of how much they can make in a month.

Listings Optimization

After sales optimization, comes the real game, listing optimization, and for this Zonbase has come up with four exciting tools – Listify, Listing optimizer, Photo enhancer, and Listify AI.

The Listify tool by Zonbase helps sellers create optimized listings from scratch, explore performing and underperforming keywords, and drive more traffic. And the best thing here is, for listing optimization, Zonbase employs experienced Amazon managers, they will optimize the seller's overall listings so that their rankings go up, all organically.

Next comes the photo enhancer tool that makes a seller's existing product photos into explainer photos that drives clicks and improves brand's identity. And to the last comes the Listify AI tool – a tool that creates optimized product listings by just a click.


No Amazon seller would ever say No to profits, and for that reason Zonbase has got them covered with four amazing profits tools – Profits dashboard, inventory forecasting, bestsellers, and store manager.

The profit dashboard is basically an Amazon analysis tool by Zonbase that gives sellers accurate data on their overall expenses, profits, sales, and even revenue. Through this data, sellers can make data-driven decisions for their future listings.

The inventory forecasting tool helps sellers explore how much they should spend on their inventory and how much profits they can expect. The bestsellers tool is for sellers who want to explore high ticket products that would help them generate huge dollars.


Amazon PPC campaigns are straightaway difficult to manage, and it consumes much time – from changing and adjusting bids, to managing keywords, it's like a full time job. And for that reason, Zonbase has come up with ZonPPC, a one of a kind Amazon PPC software tool that quite literally automates the above mentioned tasks.

ZonPPC by Zonbase gives sellers a quick sneak peek into all the important information, and even automates three actions: status, bid, and total budget.

Additionally, with this tool sellers can automate their bids on campaigns based on their goals. So whether you want to save money, limit ad time, or enhance the performance of your existing ads, everything can be done within a few seconds by ZonPPC's rule-based algorithmic bidding feature.

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Zon Repricer

Last comes the super exciting Zonbase feature, the Zon Repricer – Amazon repricing tool, which helps sellers avoid price wars, improve overall pricing strategy, and outrank all competitors. It's an AI based tool that keeps sellers updated with the real-time pricing fluctuations happening in the market. It literally gives sellers complete control on pricing as they can create customized repricing rules.

AMZScout Features

Product Research Tools

To perform just the best product research, AMZScout offers sellers access to 600 million Amazon items. There are 16+ parameters available within the tool for sellers to filter out products according to keywords, category, price, weight, estimate sales, revenue, ranking, listing quality, and more. The tool even lists out ready-to-go best selling products in every category for sellers to pick up one or many and just start selling.

After picking the best product for selling, sellers can also check the prospect of the same before investing. They can explore the history of the products like the ranking and its pricing.

Additionally, the quick view feature by AMZScout helps sellers explore margin, BSR, ASIN, and Size of any product on Amazon search page itself.

Keywords and Product Listings Tools

After product research, AMZScout offers sellers access to three keyword finders and tools so that they can build effective listings within a quick time period.

First is the Amazon keyword research tool by AMZScout through which users can explore more than five hundred relevant keywords for the chosen product. They can even find out related terms that gets the highest number of search within the marketplace. Next comes the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool through which sellers can spy on their competitor's keywords and discover loopholes from that.

To the last comes the Keyword Tracker tool through which sellers can track the ranking and competition of each keyword, they can also explore the exact on-page position of the keyword to optimize their future listings.

For sellers to spend zero time on AMZScout, the tool offers users access to monthly reports, giving them detailed insights into the marketplace and the listing, so that the seller would not do the groundwork.

To give you a quick sneak peek, here's what you can expect from AMZScout monthly report:

  • Name of the product and up to 3 USP of the product
  • Strong, data-backed reasons on why you must choose that product
  • Niche competition
  • Monthly sales volume of the product
  • Monthly revenue of the product
  • Number of positive and negative reviews
  • Pricing of the product
  • A graphical representation of the performance of the product (sales and pricing)
  • Best keywords to use in the listing
  • Suppliers selling the product, Alibaba link, minimum price of the product, and minimum order value

To extract all the above information, AMZScout uses its very own AI, and the experts pick up the product out of the pool, and then only they share it all in a PDF document to sellers.

Free Tools

Apart from the above mentioned super powerful tools, AMZScout even offers users access to multiple free tools through which they can strengthen their Amazon game more, some of the best ones are:

  • FBA fees calculator: Through this tool (it's a chrome extension), sellers can calculate the overall profits and margins of every product in real time. They just have to go to the listing page, click any product, and then hit the FBA calculator icon available in the top right corner. Next, they'll have to enter the cost at which you sourced the product, shipping costs, CPC cost, and goods and service tax percentage. The calculator will then quickly calculate your Amazon fees, profit per unit, ROI, and estimated monthly financial earnings.
  • Stock statistics: The stocks stats tool by AMZScout allows sellers to quickly spy on their competition, check the BSR rank, analyze total and average stock levels, and evaluate the rankings of each product in the last one year.
  • Sales estimator: The sales estimator tool by AMZScout gives sellers a data-driven prediction on the number of sales of any given niche.
  • Amazon Super URL: Through this tool, sellers can create smart links that will boost their overall Amazon search rankings and might even the sales of the product within a quick time period.

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The winner here straightaway is ZonBase and we can literally list out plenty of reasons why, one of the major ones including the number of features it offers. The seller tool has literally got you covered with everything, from product research, PPC campaigns, to repricing, anyone wouldn't really have to waste much time doing a lot of research, and this is what a seller tool should be all about, right?

Zonbase Vs AMZScout: Chrome Extension Comparison

From Product analysis, Amazon keyword research, to price monitoring, what if we say you can do all this in real time while just browsing on Amazon? Yes, things got this real with Zonbase and AMZScout chrome extensions, let's check how!

Zonbase Chrome Extension Review

To simplify the overall product research process, Zonbase has come up with its super unique chrome extension that aims to gives sellers most accurate sales estimates. In one click, the extension gives realtime data projections like monthly revenues, sales, unit price, and reviews.

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension Review

Similar to ZonBase, AMZScout pro chrome extension allows helps to explore profitable products, check out sales estimates, and fees, all in real-time. The extension is easy to use and navigate, and in just one click, it gives users best product details all according to product's sales volume, rank, price history, competition, trends, and more.

Winner: The winner here would be straightaway AMZScout because it offers users extension to all its features (somewhat) for free.

Zonbase Vs AMZScout Pricing Plans – Which one is more affordable?

Both Zonbase and AMZScout have come up with unique pricing models, but the only thing to note here is both the tools don't offer any free forever plan like Helium 10.

Zonbase Pricing Plans

Zonbase Pricing

Zonbase offers three paid plans to its users, and one-off done for you product enhancement, listing optimization, and product validation services. To avail this service, sellers directly have to contact the sales team, and then they can outsource some specific part of their business to experts. But, if they want access to whole Zonbase features they will have to buy any of their plans, like:

  • Zonbase standard plan – $47 per month
  • Zonbase legendary plan – $97 per month
  • Zonbase diamond plan – $197 per month

And if you are not sure about which plan would best suit your needs, you can contact the sales team and they'll build a custom plan for you. Apart from this, Zonbase even offers, 7-day no question asked money back guarantee to users who are not happy with the service offered by the tool.

AMZScout Pricing Plans

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout have recently come up with their one of a kind holiday bundle, which might not be available in the near future, because it's a limited time period thing. Hence, down here we just listed out the actual pricing of the plans offered by AMZScout (currently), however, we'll update this section whenever some new offer pops in by the tool.

  • AMZScout three month toolset – $187
  • AMZScout six month toolset – $387
  • AMZScout yearly toolset – $687

With every toolset, AMZScout offers users access to valuable guides and checklists from seven figure Amazon sellers. It even offers a 7 day free trial period to users who want to explore the platform before actually investing into it.

If you are thinking to opt for AMZScout Amazon Sellers' Bundle, the price you have to pay here is:

  • Amazon Sellers' Bundle – $49.99 per month
  • Pro extenstion – $259.99 per year
  • Amazon Sellers' Bundle (yearly) – $379.89
  • Amazon Lifetime Sellers' Bundle  – $1599.99

Winner: AMZScout offers much affordable pricing plans as compared to ZonBase, and on top of this, it even offers users access to awesome guides by 7-figure Amazon sellers for free with its toolkits.

Zonbase Vs AMZScout Customer Support Service Comparison – What extra you can expect?

In this section we won't be just covering the customer support service of Zonbase and AMZScout, in fact, we'll even cover the resources it offers to users to ace their Amazon selling journey, so let's get in!

Zonbase customer support review

Before coming to the customer support service review, the very exciting thing about Zonbase worth mentioning here is its 5-day life changing challenge for Amazon sellers. Any seller can join this challenge for $1, and discover how Amazon marketplace works, and how to start your store from scratch from Amazon experts.

To active users, Zonbase offers both live chat and email support. And since the team has even come up with Done for you service, everyone opting for this get access to an account manager to whom they contact directly. The response time of the team is quite quick too, and the best thing here is, the team is not salesy at all, they are experts who know their arena quite well, and always share the best and latest insights.

For additional help, Zonbase also have come up with a very unique ZonBase academy from where sellers can learn the ins and outs of Amazon selling. Also, there are multiple help articles available on the official website for sellers who somehow got stuck with any issues. 

AMZScout customer support review

Coming to AMZScout, over here too the team gives every user best attention possible, and they really want everyone here to explore the earning potential of Amazon. For that reason, the team have come up with multiple step by step courses, a one of a kind masterclass, and to not miss the ‘AMZScout University for Amazon Sellers'.

Active users on AMZScout can reach out to the team via email or the live chat support feature. They can even talk to the account manager with any kind of issues they have been/or are facing with the tool.

To learn the Amazon marketplace better, the tool even offers AMZScout seller's courses and Get Started Your Amazon Business guide for free with all its plans.

Winner: Both AMZScout and Zonbase offer awesome customer support service to its users, hence picking just one would really be unfair here.

Zonbase Vs AMZScout – Pros and Cons

Zonbase Pros & Cons

  • 5-day challenge available for new sellers.
  • Offers one to one mentorship.
  • Photo enhancer available.
  • AI based PPC software.
  • Experienced product validator team.
  • 7-days free trial.
  • Free Amazon training.
  • Fewer pricing options.

AMZScout Pros & Cons

  • Provides accurate insights.
  • Beginner-friendly seller tool.
  • Step by step how to sell on Amazon course available.
  • Helpful customer service time.
  • Free Amazon FBA calculator available.
  • Offers monthly product and sales reports.
  • Complex pricing.

Top FAQs on Zonbase Vs AMZScout 2023

Is AMZScout better or Zonbase?

Zonbase offers more features as compared to AMZScout, but when it comes to pricing, AMZScout is more affordable.

Is Helium 10 better or Zonbase?

Helium 10 is a lot better than Zonbase, because it offers more features, and even comes with a free forever plan.

Is AMZScout accurate?

Yes, AMZScout uses its very own AI to grab real-time information from the marketplace.

What is the best Zonbase alternative?

The best alternative to ZonBase is AMZScout, however sellers can even try Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and Helium 10 once.

Is AMZScout free?

No, AMZScout is not available for free, instead it offers user a 10-day money back guarantee if they are not happy with the services offered.

Is Zonbase free?

No, Zonbase is not available  for free, instead it offers user a 7-day money back guarantee if they are not happy with the features offered.

Comparison Wrap-up: Zonbase Vs AMZScout, which tool is much better for seller's growth on Amazon in 2023?

One of the major concerns Amazon sellers have with using Amazon seller tools is affordability, because many think that these tools are LEGIT EXPENSIVE, but in reality, both Zonbase and AMZScout are absolute affordable Amazon seller tools. And given the feature both the tools provide to their users, the pricing is just so cheap.

Lastly, above we have already made sure to share the winner according to features, pricing, and chrome extension usability. But, if we had to choose just one out of AMZScout and Zonbase, we would definitely pick the one that would best match our budget. And when it's about you, we would recommend the same, know your business, look out for how much you can spend, and then only pick the best Amazon seller tool for selling journey!

Happy selling!

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