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ZonGuru has been the talk of the town, but whispers of new and innovative ZonGuru alternatives are getting louder. For a tool that has set the bar high, the alternatives are trying to make it through the high as well, in this article, we'll be covering some of the best ZonGuru alternatives that can turn out to be your resort in this Amazon-selling journey!!

As an Amazon seller, it is crucial to increase your sales and find the most profitable products on Amazon. But it's difficult to find the top products on Amazon to run your business. ZonGuru is an all-in-one suite that helps Amazon sellers with business tracking, listing optimization, competitor analysis, product niche research, product sourcing, and many more.

As ZonGuru is completely new software on the market, many sellers are curious about the product. So, we have listed down the other similar tools that work in a similar manner like ZonGuru.

So, without any further ado let’s get started with the Best ZonGuru Alternatives and how they are different compared to ZonGuru. Here in this guide, we will compare the top tools based on their key, features, pricing, pros, and cons that will help you to decide which tool suits your business needs!

What is ZonGuru?

ZonGuru review

ZonGuru is a complete Amazon sellers tool specially designed for Amazon brands and agencies to boost their product rankings and generate product ideas to run a 7-figure Amazon FBA business. ZonGuru combines all the best functionality from its competitors into one user-friendly interface, at a very reasonable cost.

ZonGuru offers advanced product research tools that help Amazon sellers find new products, optimize product listings, automate emails, keyword tracker, review automator, and IP monitor which will maximize your sales and scale your Amazon business.

ZonGuru is an easy-to-use tool for Amazon sellers as it provides very accurate data for both new and experienced sellers. Using this tool, sellers can boost their sales and find new areas of improvement. 

Benefits of using ZonGuru

  • ZonGuru's suite of product research tools helps you to find your next best-selling product easily and quickly.
  • Helps you to maximize your sales by showing you exactly where to put the best keywords and images to drive sales.
  • ZonGuru's simple user interface helps you to get accurate data and lets you see how well your business is performing.
  • Helps you to easily track your competitor's performance and also identify high-performing keywords.
  • Helps you to optimize your product listings on Amazon product pages.

ZonGuru Features

ZonGuru offers a whole range of features that help you optimize your business and maximize your Amazon sales. So, let’s have a quick glance at ZonGuru’s features below:

Niche Finder

The Niche Finder helps you to find your next best-selling FBA product with the hottest keywords and accurate sales data. This tool's advanced mode offers the most powerful product research tool on the market with 18 customizable filters.

ZonGuru niche finder

Now you can get ideas for winning niches with regular product suggestions, which include buyer demand, revenue potential, launch budget, and many more!


With the Love/Hate feature, you can get a detailed list of phrases from both positive and negative reviews. Now you can get attention-grabbing ideas that your customers will love as they will help you to generate words from every 1-5 star review for any ASIN.

Listing Optimizer

With the listing optimizer, you can optimize your listings to rank on the 1st page of Amazon! This tool, helps you to compare your listing with your competitors where you can see their search volume, revenue, and optimization score! It will also sort the most potential keywords for your listing!

IP Monitor

With the IP monitor feature, you can easily track whether anyone is using your product photos and you can protect your brand images. This tool provides a powerful algorithm that easily detects if anyone is using your product images. Moreover, IP Monitor currently covers 9 markets, including North America, Europe, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and many more!

ZonGuru Chrome Extension

Zonguru Chrome Extension

ZonGuru's Chrome Extension gives you the data you need to evaluate a niche's potential quickly and easily. This Chrome extension helps you to validate your product ideas which include keyword search volume, monthly sales, listing ranking, and review ratings.

With their inbuilt profit calculator, you can have an idea what is the profit potential of any product using various metrics.

Easy Source

With this feature, you can find the right manufacturer for your product manufacturing needs! With their filtering options, you can look for a supplier to ship your products. You can get a list of the best-trusted suppliers using this Easy source Chrome extension.

Business Dashboard

ZonGuru Business Dashboard

With the Business Dashboard, you can get easy access to all the data you need to scale your business fast! This makes you make an informed decision with metrics such as revenue and potential, advertising cost, inventory, reviews, and more. Now you can see the sales graph, dive into the total number of individual products, and also have an accurate picture of your business worth.

Email Automator

With Email Automator, now you can create customized follow-up emails. With this email Automator tool, you can have better customer engagement. Moreover, you can also attach a Facebook pixel ID and send the email at any time of the day!

Sales Spy

With the sales spy feature, you can spy on your competitor's performance and discover market trends easily! Moreover, it also supports multiple markets which include the UK and Australia. It also helps you to spy on your competitor's sales data!

Keywords On Fire

With the Keywords on Fire tool, you can browse the most relevant and powerful keywords that your customers are searching for on Amazon to maximize your reach and scale your business to the next level!

Zonguru Keywords on Fire

Using this tool, you can get essential data points which include search volume, top keyword listing, PPC Bid, Competitors' Position, and more! Moreover, Keywords on Fire is integrated with their listing optimization tool that allows you to quickly apply those keywords to maximize reach and boost your conversion.

Keyword Tracker

With the Keyword Tracking feature, you can track the hottest performing keywords and trendy keywords over the last 30 days! Moreover, you can attach your own keywords and track their performance to see which are hot keywords!

Review Automator

With the Review Automator feature, you can request reviews directly from Amazon's own review request system. Get 5-star reviews that are 100% reliable by using Amazon's own email templates and are 100% compliant with Amazon's terms of service.

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ZonGuru Free Trial & Pricing Plans

ZonGuru Pricing Plan

Now the question comes, Is there any ZonGuru free trial available? The answer is YES!

ZonGuru offers you to try for FREE and this will help you to make a better decision about whether this tool is a good choice for your business requirements. If you start with a 7-day free trial you can have a basic idea of what this tool offers. Once your trial period is over you can upgrade to ZonGuru's paid plans.

ZonGuru offers 2 pricing plans which are Researcher and Seller Plan. The Researcher Plan is designed for beginners to find the perfect product whereas the Seller Plan is designed for Amazon sellers to grow their business.

The best part is, now you can get the latest special offers which are Keywords on Fire at $19/mo and Chrome Extension at $9/mo. ZonGuru also offers a custom Enterprise solution designed for agencies and large businesses! So, let's see what are you getting with each pricing plan:

ZonGuru Researcher Plan ($24/mo)

The ZonGuru Researcher Plan, priced at $24 per month, is designed for Amazon sellers looking to find winning products. This plan includes a variety of essential tools, such as the Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, Keywords on Fire, and Listing Optimizer.

The ZonGuru Research Plan is best suitable for Amazon sellers who tend to work more toward the research part. At a price of only $24/month, this plan is quite an excellent thing to look forward to.

ZonGuru Seller Plan ($38/mo)

The ZonGuru Seller Plan, priced at $38 per month, is tailored for Amazon sellers aiming to grow and scale their businesses. The seller plan gives access to all the features that were offered in the research plan along with some other features including the business dashboard, my products, my orders, keyword tracker, product pulse, IP monitor, email automator, and much more.

ZonGuru Enterprise Solution (Custom)

The ZonGuru Enterprise Plan is a custom solution specifically designed for agencies and large businesses, offering customized pricing to meet their unique needs. This plan is tailored to agencies, providing agency training and certification to ensure a thorough understanding of the platform's features.

ZonGuru Enterprise Solution

With sub-account views for each brand, agencies can easily manage multiple clients and their respective Amazon businesses. The Enterprise Plan includes an internal admin dashboard for efficient account management and marketplace performance reporting to keep track of clients' progress.

To ensure seamless communication and support, dedicated customer support agents and a dedicated Slack channel are available for Enterprise Plan users. With its customized pricing and features, the ZonGuru Enterprise Plan is an ideal choice for agencies and large businesses looking to manage and grow their clients' Amazon businesses effectively.

ZonGuru Pros & Cons

ZonGuru offers an extensive range of features, but there are some positive and negative points that you must consider. Here are the ZonGuru Pros and Cons below:


  • Offers automation and detailed data insight to grow your Amazon business
  • Includes tools to boost your sales and conversion rate
  • The Chrome Extension is completely free with a ZonGuru subscription
  • It supports nine marketplaces which include Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and more
  • Email Automator helps you to follow up on your client base
  • Offers a 7-day free trial with every plan
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Gives access to all important business metrics


  • Expensive compared to other tools
  • Provides a limited trial period
  • The data sometimes is not accurate
  • There are limited subscription plans available

Reasons To Consider ZonGuru Alternatives

ZonGuru is an amazing tool for Amazon sellers but still, there are some areas that need to be improved. Some customers may find that it doesn't fulfill their specific needs.

For Amazon sellers, the strategy is quite limited compared to its competitors. Moreover, it is more expensive than JungleScout. The researcher plan offers limited features with a limited trial period of 7 days.

Some experienced sellers have claimed that the data is not so accurate, and the ZonGuru review Automator tool comes with the higher pricing plans only.

ZonGuru has limited capabilities with high pricing which is one of the biggest drawbacks for new sellers who are looking to earn revenue by selling goods. Another drawback is, there is no option to exclude SKUs from ZonGuru's review request feature.

So, let’s jump into the top alternatives to ZonGuru….!

Top 4 ZonGuru Alternatives

Struggling to find out the top alternatives to ZonGuru? There are various tools in the market, but here we have listed the best alternatives that you must consider to grow and scale your business to the next level!

1. Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the best alternatives to ZonGuru that helps to grow business for Amazon FBA and Wlamrt Sellers. This tool gives you access to 30+ tools which include product research, keyword research, listing optimization, operations, analytics, and marketing tools to take your business to the next level!

The best part is, that there is a free Helium 10 Chrome extension that helps you to explore products and unlock product insights for a good selling opportunity! It is a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers with constant updates, a user-friendly interface, and clean and robust features.

Helium 10 has helped 2 million sellers grow their business and has generated $4 billion monthly seller GMV with 2 billion+ data points processed daily.

Helium 10's new insights dashboard accelerates decision-making through the centralization of data, insights, and action for sellers and brands.

Plus there are some add-ons which are Market Tracker 360 for competitive digital analytics, Adtomic to create manage, and optimize campaigns, Elite plan for top-tier sellers, and Enterprise custom solution for agencies and large businesses.

This tool provides live chat support, email, and phone support as well as video tutorials to solve your queries.

Helium 10 Key Features

Helium 10 is a comprehensive platform that helps you to get important data about the market, competition, price, and sales for data-driven actions. Here are the key features:

Product Research Tool

Helium 10 Product Research Tools

Helium 10's Product Research Tools help Amazon sellers quickly find profitable products in high-converting niches, avoid saturated markets, and gauge consumer demand. These Amazon product research tools offered by Helium 10 include Chrome Extension, Black Box, and Xray.

Reverse Product Lookup: With Cerebro's reverse lookup feature, sellers can see which keywords competing products are ranking for, enabling them to optimize their listings

Listing Optimizer: Helium 10's Listing Optimization Tools allow sellers to enhance each component of their product listings, maximizing sales and boosting their ranking within search results.

Amazon Product Research: Sellers can discover profitable products and analyze market trends using Helium 10's Amazon Product Research tools.

Amazon Trends Finder: The Black Box tool from Helium 10 helps sellers find trending products with advanced filtering capabilities and data accuracy.

Keyword Processor: Helium 10's Amazon Keyword Planner assists sellers in improving their keyword targeting and collecting traffic-driving keywords.

Keyword Index Checker

Helium 10 Cerebro

Using Cerebro by Helium 10, sellers can perform reverse ASIN searches to reveal the keywords their products are currently ranking for.

Product Rank Tracking: Helium 10's analytics tools enable sellers to track their product's ranking and monitor its performance.

Hijacker & Product Monitoring: Helium 10's account maintenance and protection tools help sellers protect their listings and maintain their accounts.

Financial Analytics: Sellers can gain insights into their business's financial performance and make data-driven decisions using Helium 10's analytics tools.

Email Automation: Helium 10's email automation tools help sellers streamline their email marketing efforts and engage with their customers.

Helium 10 Free Tools

  • Free Amazon Keyword Tool to maximize incoming traffic with effective Amazon SEO functionalities.
  • PPC Audit for a free evaluation of your PPC campaigns.
  • Chrome Extension for powerful research capabilities to analyze product visibility and boost selling opportunities.
  • Amazon Anomaly Tracker to discover and understand the problem on Amazon to streamline your operations.
  • Amazon Sales Estimator to predict average monthly sales volume.
  • Amazon Trending Products to discover the best-selling products on Amazon.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 offers 3 pricing plans and a free plan which are:

  • The Starter Plan costs $29/mo which provides you with tools to get started
  • The Platinum Plan costs $79/mo and is designed for growing businesses
  • Diamond Plan costs $229/mo which is perfect for expert Amazon sellers to scale their business
Helium 10

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  • Accelerate the Growth of Your Business, Brand or Agency
  • Streamline your operations with 30+ tools & solutions
  • Trusted by 2 million+ businesses

20% OFF


Helium 10 Pros and Cons


  • A User-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate
  • Offers a full range of tools for market research and running a business on Amazon.
  • Affordable pricing plans available
  • Free Chrome extension to explore products directly on Amazon
  • Fast and responsive support
  • Helps to increase SEO performance and convert more leads on Amazon
  • Enables you to research products on Amazon in multiple countries


  • Price is a little bit expensive for small business
  • Logs out if multiple devices are signed in

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Review

Securing its spot at #2, the Jungle Scout is one of the top ZonGuru alternatives that give you vital insights for your eCommerce business. Jungle Scout supports more than 600,000 entrepreneurs and major brands worldwide and assisted $50 billion in Amazon sales annually with data-driven insights which include seller insights, advertising data, and other consumer trends.

This Amazon research tool helps you discover the most winning products on Amazon, research trending keywords, estimate sales, and spy on competitors with the most profitable products to sell and grow your business.

Jungle Scout provides entrepreneurs and brands with the resources and data they need to build successful businesses on Amazon and focus on growth, challenges, and strategies for their successful eCommerce business. This platform provides a risk-free 7-day money-back guarantee which is somewhat equivalent to getting a free trial.

With this tool, you can track keywords, research trending keywords, discover how your competitor's products are performing over time, and take your business to new heights. Jungle Scout helps you to:

  • Find and track winning products
  • Discover high-value keywords
  • Source suppliers for products
  • Create and optimize product listings
  • Learn from experts in exclusive video tutorials

Jungle Scout Features

Jungle Scout offers a wide range of features to launch, build, and grow your Amazon business which is as follows:

Browser Extension: It provides a robust browser extension for Amazon that helps you evaluate new opportunities, product demand, and competitive data for either Chrome or Firefox.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review

Product Tracker: This feature helps you to track how your products are performing over time and pick the best-selling product on Amazon. It allows you to track real-time sales, revenue, and BSR of a group of products.

Opportunity Finder: It allows you to find the most profitable niches by searching for high and low-competitive keywords. It helps you to easily discover product opportunities with search volume, average price, and vendor details for a better overview of a specific keyword.

Product Database: With the product database tool, you can easily organize, explore, and evaluate product ideas that match your specific search criteria. It also uncovers profitable opportunities for winning product ideas.

Supplier Database: It helps you to get instant access to high-quality manufacturers and global suppliers to source your product. Moreover, it also allows you to find a reliable supplier for any product in terms of brand, company, or any supplier name!

Training Program: Jungle Scout provides an expert training program for selling on Amazon. This learning hub includes over 130 videos to scale your Amazon business to the next level!

Inventory Manager: Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager provides you with data-driven insights for your Amazon business. With this tool, you can predict the amount of stock you should order as well as estimated costs and profits!

Promotions: Jungle Scout helps you promote your products on Amazon to rank higher on Amazon search engine pages. Moreover, you can also boost your product listings with positive customer reviews.

Keyword Scout Jungle Scout

Keyword Scout: Keyword Scout helps you to uncover the highest-ranking keywords that your customers are looking for on Amazon! It also helps you to figure out the search volumes and optimize your listings using advanced filtering options.

Rank Tracker: With the rank tracker tool, you can easily monitor keyword rankings for multiple keywords at the same time. You can also uncover the keyword data that is influencing your ranking strategy! This rank tracker tool, allows you to analyze ranking trends over the last 30 days.

Listing Builder: Jungle Scout's listing builder tool helps you optimize your listings for better ranking on Amazon! With the use of AI assistance, it will generate product titles, descriptions, and features that will increase your sales.

Review Automation: Using the review automation tool, you can automate your review request which will save you the time of manually requesting reviews. Now you can automatically send review requests to all new orders! You can also customize your review request for your customers.

Jungle Scout Keyword Research

Sales Analytics: With this tool, you can easily track Amazon sales data in real time. You can also view the sales and profit data to analyze the progress of your business. You can also view and measure PPC sales and expenses for a certain period.

Advertising Analytics: The Advertising Analytics tool helps you to analyze your advertising profitability and view the success of your PPC campaigns. You can also figure out the performance of your ads, and view the key advertising metrics for a better understanding of your Amazon ad strategy.

Instant Notifications: Jungle Scout’s Alerts keep you updated with Amazon product changes which include product titles, categories, and pricing. You will get notifications if review ratings change, or get deleted. It also allows you to track your competitors' listing changes with daily emails.

Category Trends: This helps you to see and track the top product trends for any category or subcategory on Amazon. This tool provides you with a deep insight into a product in a specific category and visualizes its performance metrics such as price, review, and ratings. You can also track low-ranking and high-ranking products as per market demand.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout pricing plans

Jungle Scout offers 3 subscription plans that help you to build and scale your eCommerce business. Here are the plans for better understanding:

  • The Basic Plan costs $29/mo and includes full access to a browser extension, single-user license, and more
  • Suite Plan costs $49/mo and includes all the basic features plus advanced seller features, PPC analysis, review automation, and more
  • Professional Plan costs $84/mo and includes all the suite features and includes listing builder with AI, 6 users included, track up to 1000 ASINs, and more

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons


  • JungleScout is super easy to use and get started
  • Enables you to find trending products, niches, and opportunities
  • Awesome set of tools to research and analyze products/niches/markets.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Guides sellers in a very beginner-friendly manner
  • A user-friendly tool for Amazon sellers


  • Limited free trial period

3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch Review

Another ZonGuru alternative on our list is Viral Launch, it is considered as an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers with advanced features that include product research, competitor tracking, keyword research, Amazon PPC advertising, keyword tracking, and many more.

Viral Launch is one of the best competitive intelligence tools that help you discover what your competitors are doing. Moreover, you can also figure out profitable opportunities, track your business progress, and optimize your product listings.

Viral Launch gives your brand the seller tools needed to scale on Amazon and drive over $8 billion in sales. With their kinetic PPC suite, you can save time and build profits by automating your PPC campaigns.

This tool includes various tools for Amazon FBA sellers that help them to launch, research, grow, and optimize an Amazon FBA store. It helps you to identify the top-ranking keywords for your listings to rank higher, launch a product and boost your sales quickly, discover high-value products, optimize business using split testing, and more!

Viral Launch offers the seller tools for Amazon:

  • Product Research tool helps you to find the most valuable product ideas with accurate sales estimates, trends, insights, and more.
  • Competitor Tracking helps you to monitor your top competitors and have a better overview of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keyword Research enables you to identify the most crucial keywords for your product with the use of this automated keyword research tool.
  • The advertising & PPC tool helps you to drive successful results with better ad tracking, product targeting suggestions, bid suggestions, and more.
  • Keyword Tracking enhances your keyword strategy with better tracking and identifying better opportunities to improve your ranking on Amazon.

Viral Launch Features

Well, now we will have a complete overview of Viral Launch features to get you a better understanding of what this tool offers you:

Product Discovery: Product finder helps you to find product opportunities faster to sell on Amazon. It provides you with accurate sales estimates and historical data from Amazon's full catalog. Now you can filter or a personalized list of high-potential products that match your exact business goals.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence: With this tool, you can get a simple 5-star validation of your product ideas. It helps you to understand the market with sales, price, and review data and take advantage of profitable opportunities! It helps you to calculate the estimated Amazon sales and profits.

Keyword Research: Viral Launch offers the most relevant keyword research tool for Amazon with reverse market lookups, Amazon search volume data, historical search volume trends, and more. Now you can target and filter your keywords based on search volumes to see the most important keywords first.

Competitor Analysis: Using this advanced reverse ASIN lookup tool, you can have detailed insights into your competitors' performance on Amazon. It gives you a top-performing keyword list where you can track and analyze the search volume, keyword rank, and important keywords of your competitors to drive sales.

Listing Analyzer: This tool is the industry-leading keyword optimization tool for Amazon where you can discover, and track the most important keywords to improve your listing.

Keyword Manager: With the use of keyword manager, you can track the most important keyword analytics in their easy-to-use dashboard! You can uncover the top-ranking keywords, search volume, and keyword score. Plus, you can also add, edit or remove keywords for better organic rankings.

Viral Launch Listing Builder

Listing Builder: This tool helps you to build an SEO-optimized listing for better visibility on Amazon. It lets you track used words, and discover important metrics and also integrates with other listing tools.

Kinetic PPC: It is the only PPC tool for Amazon sellers to maximize their profits and develop a comprehensive strategy for improvements in organic rankings. It also helps you to see how your campaigns are performing to drive more profits and sales.

Split Testing: This tool is known as Listing Dojo which helps you to create your listing to increase your sales and profitability. It also helps you to quickly identify the profitable options for your listing. Plus, you can also optimize listing prices, images, descriptions, and titles to increase your conversions and sales.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch offers 3 pricing plans which include:

  • Essential Plan costs $69/mo and offers Amazon product filtering, keyword search volume, browser research extension, and more
  • Pro Plan costs $99/mo and offers competitor monitoring, SEO & listing optimization, rank tracking alerts, and more
  • Pro Plus Ads Plan costs $199/m and offers a robust Amazon advertising platform, detailed advertising analytics, 24/7 campaign monitoring, organic+ PPC keyword tracking, and more
viral launch logo

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Use our exclusive Viral Launch discount code and get 15% discount on subscription plans + get 2 months free.

15% OFF

Viral Launch Pros and Cons


  • Combines multiple helpful tools in one platform
  • Provides easy-to-use Chrome extension for product research
  • Very supportive and responsible customer team
  • Well-designed and intuitive platform
  • Helps you to collect and analyze data
  • Offers 14 days free trial option
  • Easy to set up campaigns


  • Pricing may be expensive for beginners
  • The learning curve may be steep for newbies

4. ZonBase

Zonbase reviews

Similar to other ZonGuru alternatives in our list, the ZonBase helps you to find winning products using tools such as keyword analysis, listing optimization, reverse ASIN, keyword finder, and more!

This is a web-based cloud software that helps you to do proper keyword research and provides everything needed to track competitors' sales trends and helps you to scale your business and increase your sales.

ZonBase is a stunning product research tool specially designed for Amazon sellers to get the most relevant and accurate data insights of a product to rank on Amazon search result pages. Moreover, it allows you to filter your searches which include high and low-competitive products on Amazon.

With their built-in Search API, you can easily find the most recent products on Amazon which increase your sales and revenue!

ZonBase is a highly effective tool for building and growing one's Amazon business empire and helps you to discover the hottest products on Amazon! It is the all-in-one one-stop shop for serious Amazon sellers who need the most powerful, and accurate tools to dominate the Amazon marketplace.

ZonBase Features

Here are the ZonBase key features and benefits that you must consider:

  • Product Research features include tools such as ZonRearch, Chrome Extension, Product Validator, Zon Scanner, and more.
  • Sales Optimization features include tools such as keywords, Reverse ASIN, ZoneTracker, Sales Estimator, PageOne
  • Listing Optimizer features include tools such as Listify, Listing Optimizer, Photo Enhancer, and Listify AI.
  • Profits include Profits dashboard, Inventory Forecasting, Bestsellers, and Stores Manager.
  • ZonPPC feature includes a PPC dashboard, Ads Manager, PPC reports, Change Log, and PPC Autopilot.
  • Zon Repricer feature includes a Repricer dashboard, Product Master, Strategy List, and Repricer History.

ZonBase Pricing

ZonBase Pricing

ZonBase offers 4 pricing plans for Amazon sellers. Here are the features that each plan is offering:

  • Standard Plan costs $30/mo and includes 10/day ZonResearch, 10/day Keyword Base, 10/day Reverse Keywords, 40/day ZonTracker, ZonPPC, and more
  • Legendary Plan costs $67/mo and includes 250/day Chrome Extension, 250/day Keyword Base, 1000/day ZonTracker, 1000/day ZonTracker,250/day Hot Products, and many more
  • Diamond Plan costs $200/mo and includes Amazon FBA Master Class Course, Weekly QnA Session with Amazon Expert, 1000/day Chrome Extension, 1000/day ZonResearch, 5000/day ZonTracker, 5000/day Sales Estimator, and many more
  • Plus Plan costs $1997/mo and includes product listing optimization, product launch, product photo enhancement, PPC+ account management, customer support, and many more.

Zonbase Pros and Cons


  • Offers 7 days free trial to explore all the features 
  • Provides 13 features to manage your Amazon business
  • Helps you to get more sales and make more money
  • Includes free Amazon training
  • ZonBase Chrome extension helps you to speed up your research
  • The sales estimator helps you to see the average number of products sold per month
  • Affordable pricing options are available
  • 24/7 customer support team


  • The pricing plans are limited

FAQs On ZonGuru Alternatives

Does ZonBase offer a free trial?

Yes, ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial for all users. In this way, you can easily understand whether this tool is good for your business needs or not.

What marketplaces does ZonBase support?

Currently, Zonbase supports various marketplaces which include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Is Chrome Extension access included with all Helium 10 plans?

Yes, but the access is limited with the free plan. On the other hand, the Starter plan and other plans also include full access to all the tools in the Chrome Extension for both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces.

Does Viral Launch have a Chrome Extension?

Yes, of course! Viral Launch offers a Market Intelligence Chrome extension included in every plan that helps you to review accurate sales estimates and market data while browsing the Amazon eCommerce platform.

Does Viral Launch offer a free trial?

Yes, Viral Launch offers a 14-day free trial option. To understand paid plans, it is recommended to get started with the free plan.

What marketplaces are supported by Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout supports various marketplaces which include the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Whereas, some features of Jungle Scout are currently limited to the U.S. market.

Final Verdict on ZonGuru Alternatives

Hope, this article on ZonGuru alternatives has helped you to choose the best Amazon sellers tool for yourself! ZonGuru is an amazing tool for Amazon sellers as it offers various tools for both new and experienced sellers. But there are some alternatives to ZonGuru that you must consider.

If you are looking for the best alternative to ZonGuru then Helium 10 is a good choice! In case, you are tight on pocket then the Zonbase free trial might be the right way you can start with! We will highly recommend you get started with Jungle Scout and Viral Launch if you are looking for premium features to launch your product on the Amazon marketplace!

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Wish you Good Luck!

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