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Are you searching for a DataHawk vs Jungle Scout comparison?

You can consider reading this article! Here I will compare these two e-commerce companions.

After researching DataHawk and Jungle Scout for more than six months, I have compiled a detailed and fact-checked comparison of both these tools.

DataHawk and Jungle Scout, both are necessary tools for Amazon and Walmart sellers offering a variety of services that can enhance the selling experience.

We will look at some key comparisons of these e-commerce tools that can help you decide which is better for your needs.

DataHawk and Jungle Scout (Overview)

What is DataHawk?


DataHawk is a cloud-based eCommerce analytics and optimization platform for Amazon and Walmart sellers, vendors, brands, and agencies.

The purpose of this tool is to assist users in making data-driven decisions that can enhance their profit margins and performance.

The platform provides proactive notifications known as Insights, which are based on automatic data exploration and highlight anomalies or findings in your data.

DataHawk's capabilities extend to various business domains, including ads, products, SEO performance, and market analysis.

It also offers a Review Analysis tool that allows users to track and set up custom review alerts for their Amazon listings.

Today, it is relied upon by a range of businesses, from SMBs to Inc 500 eCommerce companies and Fortune 500 brands, for piloting their Amazon business, product development, and market research.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a leading all-in-one platform that assists entrepreneurs in finding, launching, and selling products on Amazon and beyond.

It has many tools and features for users, including product research, keyword research, supplier sourcing, listing optimization, inventory management, and sales analytics.

It was originally built to tackle product research, and it continues to excel in this area, offering advanced product research tools to guide users to their first private-label product or their next bestseller.

The platform is also equipped with a robust browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox browsers, allowing users to evaluate new opportunities, forecast product sales, and even request reviews from customers.

In addition to its core functionalities, Jungle Scout is also committed to giving back to the community.

It has initiatives such as the Jungle Scholar program, which supports students pursuing business, entrepreneurship, or computer science, and a special discount for active duty military and veterans.

DataHawk vs Jungle Scout (Features Comparison)

Product Metrics Monitoring


DataHawk's Product Monitoring tool allows you to track daily changes in product metrics, listings information, and BSR data for Amazon and Walmart.

You can respond timely and effectively to changes in bestseller ranks, keyword ranks, price, reviews, star ratings, sellers, Buy Box, and listings data by tracking and getting alerts on your product's performance.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout's Browser Extension provides key insights, including product demand, competitive data, and profit projections directly from Amazon for the product page or search results page you’re viewing.

It helps you validate your product ideas by providing an opportunity score and historical sales, historical pricing, and monthly sales estimates instantly.

Keyword Rank Tracker


DataHawk's Keyword Rank Tracking tool provides up-to-date ranking data to monitor daily changes in the organic search performance of any product and improve the visibility of your products.

It allows you to examine changes in any keywords' rank history on Amazon and Walmart to increase organic traffic and identify which keywords rank in the top position on the search results page.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker tools help you conduct keyword research and track keyword rankings.

Keyword Scout provides keyword ideas, search volume, and competition data, while Rank Tracker allows you to monitor keyword rankings and analyze their performance over time.

Sales Rank Tracker


DataHawk's Sales Rank Tracker enables you to track daily changes in BSR or sales rank across multiple Amazon and Walmart categories to gauge the sales performance of any product and analyze its competitive dynamics.

The tool assists with rank monitoring, market analysis, and browsing the top 100 best-selling products.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout's Home Dashboard provides high-level metrics such as total sales, total profit, units sold, ROI, net margin, and average sales price, allowing you to quickly see the performance of your business in real time.

It also tracks the performance of PPC campaigns and provides alerts for critical changes such as shifts in BSR or new sellers added to your listing.

Sales Estimation


DataHawk's Sales Estimator tool uses AI-computed sales estimates to provide you with the maximum and minimum monthly sales estimates for any Amazon product.

By analyzing historical Amazon sales data and creating a model that links BSR to a quantity sold, it can assist you in making sharper sales decisions.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout's AccuSales™ algorithm analyzes over 1 billion data points daily to provide accurate real-time data, including historical sales, historical pricing, and monthly sales estimates for products on Amazon.

It helps sellers to determine if a product is a worthwhile investment and takes the guesswork out of product research.

Additional Offerings of DataHawk and Jungle Scout

Here, I am going to present some additional perks and offerings of DataHawk and Jungle Scout that make both tools stand out from other competitors;

Some Additional Offerings by DataHawk

1. Market Intelligence

DataHawk Market Intelligence

DataHawk's Market Intelligence tool provides sellers with insights into market trends, competitive dynamics, and consumer behavior.

This feature allows you to analyze market data, track market trends, and understand consumer behavior to make strategic decisions.

By understanding the market dynamics, you can identify opportunities and threats and strategize to improve your product's market position.

2. DataHawk Intelligence

DataHawk Intelligence

DataHawk Intelligence is an AI-backed tool that optimizes your business performance on Amazon and Walmart.

It provides actionable knowledge for any product via Alerts and Insights, helping you to enhance productivity, manage your listings, and maximize your selling potential.

  • AI-Backed Insights

DataHawk Intelligence offers automated insights from notifications that analyze your data to detect irregularities and suggest optimization opportunities.

These insights come in three forms:

  • Anomalies: This helps you anticipate potential risks by spotting irregularities in your data before they become a threat. It allows you to proactively address issues and mitigate risks.
  • Findings: These are actionable recommendations for different business segments such as Organic Search Optimization, Ads Campaign Recommendations, and more.
  • Good Practices: This feature provides tips, tricks, and quick wins to help your operations reach their maximum potential.
  • AI Content and Email Alerts

DataHawk Intelligence also offers tools to manage your listings effectively:

  • AI Copywriter: This tool enables you to quickly generate Amazon product listings that are optimized for SEO. It combines GPT's latest technology with DataHawk's Amazon keyword suggestions to streamline the copywriting process.
  • Preset or Custom Alerts: You can activate preset alerts such as lost buy box, new seller appearance, etc., or customize and set up your own alerts. These alerts keep you informed about any Amazon or Walmart product changes, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.

3. DataHawk Connections

DataHawk Connections

DataHawk Connections is a feature that allows you to sync your marketplace data from Amazon and Walmart to your Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

This feature can streamline your data management process, provide a single view of your data, and create an in-house advantage for your business.

  • Stop the Copy Paste Grind with DataHawk Connections

DataHawk Connections eliminates the need for manual data copying and pasting by automatically syncing your marketplace data to your BI tools.

This allows users to create custom dashboards or use pre-built ones, providing a comprehensive and customizable view of their business operations.

  • Data Ownership

With DataHawk Connections, you can access, export, and analyze your Amazon and Walmart product data, SEO, finance, sales, and ads data.

This helps in monitoring relevant changes and your performance, giving you full ownership and control over your data.

  • Create Your In-House Advantage with DataHawk Connections

DataHawk Connections works by allowing you to select Amazon and Walmart products of interest, receive your personalized database credentials, extract and connect your DataHawk data, and start analyzing historical trends and insights.

This process creates an in-house advantage by providing you with personalized and actionable insights.

  • Rethink the Way You Sync with DataHawk Connections

DataHawk Connections allows you to rethink the way you sync by facilitating secure data integrations and providing the aggregated Amazon and Walmart data you need to optimize performance.

This feature offers three key benefits:

  • Data Integration: Automate your business data sync from Amazon and Walmart to any BI tools.
  • Data Ownership: Store and analyze your eCommerce data on-demand for daily business needs.
  • Data Customization: Customize your KPIs and dashboards to measure your business performance.
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards within DataHawk Connections

After extracting, cleaning, and modeling your data, DataHawk Connections allows you to utilize its pre-built Google Sheets templates curated to accommodate your various business needs.

These templates include the Operations Dashboard, Search Dashboard, Best Sellers Rank Dashboard, Profit & Loss Dashboard, Advertising Dashboard, and Content Dashboard.

4. DataHawk Integrations

DataHawk Integrations

DataHawk offers a range of integrations that allow you to seamlessly connect your Amazon and Walmart seller data to your Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

These integrations supercharge your growth by providing you with actionable insights to skyrocket your sales.

  • Native Integrations by DataHawk

DataHawk's native integrations are easy to set up and work right out of the box. They include:

  1. Power BI: This integration allows you to turn your eCommerce data into an opportunity by leveraging visualization tools to generate strong insights.
  2. Google Sheets: With this integration, you can pull your eCommerce data into custom spreadsheets to get automatically refreshed metrics, saving time and money on optimization.
  3. Metabase: This integration allows you to convert your marketplace data into customizable reports and interactive dashboards to make smarter data-driven decisions.
  4. Snowflake: With Snowflake, you can make critical eCommerce decisions by leveraging its multi-cluster shared data architecture that makes deciphering data easy.
  5. Excel: This integration allows you to unlock the value of data the classic way with Microsoft Excel. You can export data to format, organize, customize, or simplify with Excel.
  6. Data Studio: With Data Studio, you can export your eCommerce data to a BI tool with friendly UX and integrated tooling to explore your marketplace data like never before.
  7. Sisense: This integration allows you to convert your eCommerce data to true power with Sisense to infuse it and create dashboards that go beyond the basics.

👉 Explore More DataHawk Integration

Some Additional Offerings by Jungle Scout

1. Browser Extension

Jungle Scout - Add to chrome

The Jungle Scout Browser Extension is a powerful tool that integrates with your web browser, either Chrome or Firefox, to provide real-time data and insights directly from Amazon.

The extension is meant to assist Amazon sellers in assessing new opportunities, projecting product sales, and requesting reviews.

One of its standout features is the provision of real-time sales data, furnishing critical insights on product demand, competition, and profit forecasts directly from Amazon.

This functionality draws on Jungle Scout's AccuSales™ algorithm, which scrutinizes over a billion data points daily to deliver the most precise real-time information.

Furthermore, it swiftly supplies historical sales data, pricing trends, and monthly sales estimates. This capability eradicates guesswork from product research, providing clear guidance on the viability of a potential investment.

2. Product Database

Jungle Scout Product Database

The Product Database by Jungle Scout is a searchable catalog of 475 million products pulled directly from Amazon.

With the Product Database, you can generate product ideas in seconds and discover products that match your specific search criteria. You can sort by categories, estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and more to quickly reveal profitable opportunities.

The tool also helps you uncover Amazon's potential by narrowing down the search for a winning idea. Product Database points you toward promising opportunities, such as products with high competition and low ratings or products with underperforming listings.

Additionally, Jungle Scout's FBA Profit Calculator helps you keep track of overhead costs and Amazon seller fees. By factoring these calculations into your research, you can confidently invest in the right opportunity.

3. Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

The Jungle Scout Inventory Manager is a data-driven tool that assists Amazon sellers in managing their inventory. It predicts the quantity and timing of stock orders to enhance sales and prevent stockouts and fees.

This tool offers real-time updates on your Amazon FBA inventory, enabling quick decisions on stock reordering. It classifies your products into categories like Reorder Now, Reorder Soon, Overstock, and In Stock.

It also calculates the reorder date and quantity, along with projected costs and profits. A standout feature of the Inventory Manager is its demand forecasting technology. This feature allows you to examine crucial inventory metrics such as revenue, cost, profit, average daily sales, and average profit per unit.

Beyond inventory management, the Inventory Manager also sends alerts about remaining stocks and restocking needs. This real-time inventory management can help prevent stock shortages and potential sales loss.

4. Academy by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy is a comprehensive and actionable training program for selling on Amazon, integrated into your Jungle Scout account.

It offers over 130 videos covering every aspect of the seller journey, from product research to managing your business, with guidance from Amazon professionals.

The Academy's training is designed by Jungle Scout founder and CEO Greg Mercer, an 8-figure Amazon seller and winner of Best Amazon Expert by Seller Awards.

The program is tailored for both beginners and experienced sellers, providing bite-sized tutorials and on-demand content with interactive modules.

In addition to the video lessons, Jungle Scout Academy offers live Q&A sessions where you can ask experts your toughest questions, join jumpstart sessions for new sellers, and participate in community forums and monthly livestream training.

5. Opportunity Finder

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

The Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder uses the power of keywords to unlock promising product niches, providing users with in-depth data on sales performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights.

The Opportunity Finder offers preset categories and filters to guide users toward successful products.

One of the key features of the Opportunity Finder is its ability to provide historical data on average units sold, average price, search volume, seasonal trends, reviews, and supplier details to evaluate product performance and market viability.

The tool also has a feature to spot seasonality, showing which niches exhibit seasonal spikes with designated tags like trending and more.

Apart from this, the Opportunity Finder includes a proprietary algorithm called the Niche Score. This measures product demand, competition, and listing quality to predict a keyword’s success on Amazon.

Another feature allows users to identify the top 25 products in each opportunity niche. These products can be added directly to the Product Tracker to streamline product research and assess the market to create a winning strategy.

6. Listing Builder with AI

Jungle Scout listing builder

Jungle Scout's Listing Builder is a feature that optimizes their product listings for better visibility and ranking on Amazon's search results. This tool uses artificial intelligence to generate a compelling listing with just a click of a button.

It uses relevant keywords from your Keyword Bank to automatically generate a title, description, and list of features for your product.

The Listing Builder also provides an instant rating for your listing through its AI-driven Listing Optimization Score.

This real-time grade measures various aspects of your product listing, including the title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more.

With Jungle Scout Listing Builder you can import existing keyword lists or apply advanced filters to identify high-ranking keywords.

The Listing Builder is designed to easily move your listing data between your Seller Central account and Jungle Scout. With just one click, you can pull your listings into Jungle Scout for testing and optimization. After making updates, you can re-sync them directly into Seller Central.

DataHawk vs. Jungle Scout Pricing

DataHawkJungle Scout
Pricing PlansRookie: $15/month, Starter: $39/month, Growth: $79/month, Pro: $159/monthBasic: $49/month or $349/year, Suite: $69/month or $589/year, Professional: $129/month or $999/year
Free Plan/TrialFree Plan available with limited features.No Free Trial, but offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

When I look at the pricing plans for both DataHawk and Jungle Scout, I see that both tools offer a variety of options to cater to different needs and budgets. DataHawk's plans start at a lower price point with the Rookie plan at $15 per month.

On the other hand, Jungle Scout's plans start at a higher price point with the Basic plan at $49 per month or $349 per year.

In terms of affordability, if I were just starting out or had a limited budget, I would find DataHawk's Rookie plan to be the more affordable option. However, it's important for me to consider the features I need for my business.

My Opinion: Which Can be a Better Option For You?

After an extensive comparison of DataHawk and Jungle Scout, it's clear that both tools offer unique strengths.

DataHawk shines with its powerful analytics and optimization capabilities, while Jungle Scout excels in product research. Your choice should be based on your specific needs, budget, and business goals.

For me, DataHawk's affordability and powerful analytics make it a slightly more appealing choice. However, Jungle Scout's comprehensive suite of tools and features cannot be overlooked, especially for those who prioritize product research.

In the end, the decision is yours. Consider your business needs, evaluate the features of both tools, and choose the one that aligns best with your goals.

Remember my words, the right tool can significantly enhance your e-commerce experience and contribute to your success.

If you're ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level, don't hesitate to try out DataHawk or Jungle Scout today. Your journey to success starts with a single step.

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