Are you dreaming of launching a profitable online store but unsure where to begin? Look no further than Sellvia – the ultimate ecommerce solution for entrepreneurs. With a 14-day Sellvia free trial, you can experience the power of Sellvia's comprehensive platform without any upfront costs.

Get access to a complete catalog of trending products, high-converting product pages, and lightning-fast US shipping. Plus, their expert team will guide you every step of the way, from store setup to marketing strategies.

Ready to kickstart your eCom journey with Sellvia's free trial?

Core Insights on Sellvia Free Trial

  • Sellvia offers a 14-day free trial for both the Sellvia and Sellvia PRO plans.
  • To start the free trial, go to, select a plan, and enter your payment details (you won't be charged until after the trial ends).
  • The free trial gives you full access to the features of the selected plan for 14 days.
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime during or after the trial period to avoid being charged.
  • The Sellvia PRO plan includes a free custom-built ecommerce store in addition to the dropshipping features.

Quick Look at Sellvia


Sellvia is a comprehensive ecommerce ecosystem that provides an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a successful online business. At its core, Sellvia is a dropshipping platform that allows you to create an online store without holding any inventory.

The company has a complete catalog of trending products stored in its US-based fulfillment center, ensuring fast shipping times of 1-3 business days across the country. With Sellvia, you can easily import high-quality product images, descriptions, and reviews to your store with just a few clicks.

How to Start Your Sellvia Free Trial?

Embarking on your Sellvia free trial is a straightforward process. Here's how to get started:

Sellvia Free Trial
  • Select “Sellvia” for existing online stores or “Sellvia PRO” for a custom store setup.
Sellvia PRO
  • Enter your email address and payment card details. Rest assured, you won't be charged until the free trial period ends.
Sellvia Payment Details
  • Click “COMPLETE ORDER” to finalize your registration.
Sellvia checkout process
  • Check your email for notifications from Sellvia, which will include account access information.
  • If you're on the basic plan, you'll receive the plugin to install via your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Congratulations! You now have access to the Sellvia free trial and can explore its full range of features.
  • Remember, you can cancel the free trial at any time within the 14-day period to avoid charges.

Get a Free Sellvia Consultation: Step-by-Step Guide

If you're considering Sellvia but have some lingering questions or need personalized guidance, the company offers free consultations to help you make an informed decision. Here's how to request a free consultation:

  • Visit the Sellvia website and navigate to the “Contact Us” page.
Free Sellvia Consultation
  • Scroll down to the “Request a Free Consultation” section.
  • Fill out the consultation request form with your name, email address, and a brief message explaining your needs or queries.
Request a Sellvia Free Consultation
  • Select the most convenient time slot for your consultation call.
Select the most convenient time slot for your sellvia consultation call
  • Enter your contact details and click on “Schedule Event” to complete the process.
Schedule Event for your Sellvia consultation
  • Within 24 hours, a Sellvia representative will reach out to you via email to confirm your consultation appointment. During the call, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your ecommerce goals, ask questions about Sellvia's services, and receive tailored advice from their experts.

These free consultations are an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of Sellvia's offerings and determine if their platform aligns with your business objectives.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of this valuable resource and get the guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Tools and Features Available with the Sellvia Free Trial

With the Sellvia 14-day free trial, you get full access to the following tools and features:

FeatureSellvia Free TrialSellvia Pro
Trial Duration14 days14 days
1-3 Day Order Processing
Unlimited Product Imports
Unlimited Orders from Sellvia
High-Converting Product Pages
Shipment from California Warehouse
Free Technical Support
Free Turnkey Ecommerce StoreX
Professional DesignX
Personal ManagerX
Free Domain NameX
Free HostingX
Free Personal ConsultationsX
Niche ResearchX
On-Site SEOX
Email Marketing IntegrationX
Payment Gateway Setup HelpX

Sellvia Pricing Plans After the Free Trial

Once your Sellvia 14-day free trial comes to an end, you have several pricing options to continue growing your ecommerce business. Here's a quick breakdown:

PlanMonthly CostYearly CostFeatures
Sellvia$39 USDNot listedUnlimited product imports, unlimited orders, fast US shipping, free technical support
Sellvia PRONot listed$399 USDIncludes all Sellvia features plus a turnkey ecommerce store, professional design, personal manager, free domain, free hosting, and more

Choose the plan that best fits your business needs and continue to enjoy the benefits of fast shipping, a vast product catalog, and dedicated support from Sellvia.

How to Cancel Sellvia Free Trial After 14 Days?

After signing up for the 14-day Sellvia free trial, you have two options to cancel before getting charged:

Option 1: Cancel via Your Sellvia Account

  • Log into your Sellvia account.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • In the Subscription panel, click the “Cancel” link in the top right corner.
  • Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

Option 2: Cancel by Contacting Support

Send an email to [email protected] requesting to cancel your free trial.

Ensure you receive a written confirmation from Sellvia support that your trial has been successfully canceled.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Sellvia Free Trial

Sellvia's 14-day free trial is a golden opportunity to explore the platform's capabilities and kickstart your ecommerce journey. To ensure you make the most of this trial period, follow these tips:

  • Explore the Product Catalog: Browse through Sellvia's extensive catalog to find products that align with your niche and target audience.
  • Import Best-Selling Products: Take advantage of Sellvia's data-driven insights and import top-selling products to increase your chances of success.
  • Customize Your Store: Utilize Sellvia's store customization tools to create a unique and branded online presence.
  • Test the Order Fulfillment Process: Place a test order to experience Sellvia's fast and efficient order fulfillment process.
  • Access Marketing Materials: Use Sellvia's pre-designed marketing assets to promote your products and drive traffic to your store.
  • Attend Training Sessions: Participate in Sellvia's ecommerce training sessions to gain valuable insights and strategies.
  • Seek Expert Guidance: Schedule a free consultation with Sellvia's experts to receive personalized advice and support.
  • Analyze Your Store's Performance: Monitor your store's analytics to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

By following these tips, you'll be well-equipped to evaluate Sellvia's capabilities and determine if it's the right ecommerce solution for your business goals.

Top FAQs Related to Sellvia Free Trial 2024

How long is the Sellvia Free Trial available for?

Sellvia offers a 14-day free trial for its Sellvia ($39/month) and Sellvia PRO ($399/year) plans. During the trial, you get full access to all the features and tools included in the respective plan.

Can I Cancel the Free Trial by Sellvia?

Yes, you can cancel the Sellvia free trial anytime during the 14-day period to avoid being charged after it ends. Simply log into your account and click “Cancel Subscription“.

Can I Upgrade or Change Plans during the Trial?

You can upgrade from Sellvia to Sellvia PRO anytime during the free trial. However, this will end your remaining trial days for the original plan.

Do I Need to Provide Credit Card details to Start the Sellvia Free Trial?

Yes, credit card details are required but you won't be charged until the trial period ends.

What happens after the Sellvia Free Trial ends?

If not canceled, you will be automatically subscribed to the monthly plan at $39.

End Note

So, what are you waiting for? Sellvia's 14-day free trial is your golden ticket to exploring the world of ecommerce without any risk or commitment. With access to powerful tools, trending products, and expert support, you'll have everything you need to launch your own successful online store. And if you decide it's not for you, no worries – you can walk away without spending a dime.

Sign up for Sellvia's free trial today and take the first step towards financial freedom and entrepreneurial success.

The world of ecommerce is calling – are you ready to answer?

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