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Trying to decide between SellerMetrics and Epinium? They're both top tools for Amazon sellers.

Do you know? There are approximately 9.5 million Amazon sellers worldwide. Around 73% of these sellers utilize FBA to sell their products.

To outrank this huge number and stand out in Amazon selling you need one of the best Amazon seller tools available in the market.

For your assistance, we have come up with a thorough comparison of two top-notch Amazon seller tools i.e. SellerMetrics and Epinium with the aim of assisting you in making the right purchase based on your needs and preferences.

SellerMetrics offers a proprietary software solution and has generated over $600 million in sales, demonstrating its ability to drive significant revenue for clients.

While Epinium helped 500 worldwide brands invoice more than 30M€. Impressively, In 2024, the company's net sales increased by 13% to $143.1 billion, compared to $127.1 billion in 2022.

AMZMojo research team will uncover the features, USP, and pricing of SellerMetrics and Epinium in the upcoming sections.

Comparing SellerMetrics vs Epinium

Starting Pricing$79.99/month€79/month
Unique Features– Advanced algorithms for bid automation – Sponsored Ranker feature – Dayparting function– Amazon Ads optimization and SEO audits – Analytics with filters, metrics, charts, and tables – Listing Optimization with AI
Rating3.8/5 (Trustpilot)3.8/5 (Trustpilot)
Refund PolicyNo Refunds AvailableClaim within 48 hours

SellerMetrics Overview


SellerMetrics is a tech-enabled Amazon PPC agency that helps brands grow their presence on Amazon by benefiting data-driven strategies to increase profits, brand awareness, and value on Amazon.

The tool is designed to make data-backed decisions using proprietary software, which has been developed since 2020 to provide the most data-driven solutions for Amazon brands.

This proprietary software allows SellerMetrics to analyze the full picture of the Amazon marketplace, understanding how different advertising strategies can affect organic growth and market share.

SellerMetrics believes in integrating Amazon advertising strategies with overall operations for the best results. This includes understanding the product and staying current on operations.

The tool also offers ongoing calls to understand operations and make timely changes to achieve client goals.

SellerMetrics comes with a wide range of features including bid automation, keyword/ASIN harvesting, advanced analytics reporting, multiple user management, day parting, and manual bulk adjustments.

Epinium Overview


Epinium is a leading Amazon SEO & PPC software for Amazon Sellers and Agencies. The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create, launch, and optimize Amazon Ads, which can increase sales and maximize product profitability.

Epinium offers a range of features including SEO audit and optimization, monitoring of the most relevant KPIs with ASIN, FBA stock forecast, and the ability to manage all accounts in all countries from a single user.

The platform also offers a unique feature of integrating with ChatGPT, an advanced AI, which assists in creating high-converting Amazon listings in any language within seconds.

Epinium's AI capabilities also extend to Amazon Ads management. Sellers can set their ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) goals and desired daily budget, and Epinium takes care of the rest.

The platform automatically lowers bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory, thus maximizing ROI based on traffic, spending, and performance.

Noteworthily, It is trusted by thousands of brands and agencies across various countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and India.

Comparing SellerMetrics vs Epinium Across Key Features

Main Offerings of SellerMetrics

SellerMetrics offers a wide range of services to help Amazon sellers optimize their advertising campaigns and improve their product rankings. It includes:

Advanced Automatic Bidding

Advanced Automatic Bidding by SellerMetrics

SellerMetrics uses advanced algorithms to automate bidding 24/7, ensuring that your bids are fully optimized according to your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) goals.

The automatic bidding system is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is capable of creating, launching, and optimizing your Amazon Ads.

The system also features multiple automatic budget management settings that help maximize your return on investment (ROI) based on traffic, spending, and performance.

In addition to automating your bids, the system provides a global dashboard for your Amazon business. This dashboard allows you to monitor your business by account, country, brand, or ASIN, and it features key metrics such as revenue source (organic vs. ads), Best Seller Rank, and conversion rate.

Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking with SellerMetrics

The platform features a Sponsored Ranker tool that focuses on ensuring your Sponsored keyword ranking is #1.

The tool also includes a feature that analyzes the performance of your keywords in campaigns every 24 hours. It checks if you are using the words with the most potential in titles and bullets.

The tool automatically adds the best keywords to your backend, even if you haven’t used them in your listing yet. This ensures that your products always have top-performing keywords.

Single Keywords Campaigns

Single Keywords Campaigns by SellerMetrics

SellerMetrics' Single Keywords Campaigns feature simplifies the process of launching new campaigns by allowing you to create a set of Sponsored Product Campaigns complete with automation rules with just a single click.

This feature is particularly useful for Amazon sellers who want to focus on specific keywords and optimize their ad spend efficiently.

By creating a campaign with a single keyword, you can closely monitor the performance of that keyword and make necessary adjustments to bids and targeting.

This approach allows for more precise control over your advertising efforts and helps you identify high-performing keywords that can drive better results for your Amazon business.


Dayparting by SellerMetrics

The Dayparting feature in SellerMetrics allows Amazon Sellers to efficiently allocate their ad spend by selecting the enabled date and time of their campaign.

This feature help seller to strategically place their ads and utilize the budget more effectively by running ads during specific times when their target audience is most likely to be active and engaged.

By using dayparting, an Amazon seller can focus advertising efforts on the most relevant and high-converting times, potentially leading to better results and a higher return on investment (ROI). This targeted approach can help you optimize their ad spend and improve the overall performance of Amazon advertising campaigns.

Support for All Amazon Advertising Types

Amazon Ads support by SellerMetrics

SellerMetrics supports all types of ads including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, and Sponsored Displays.

Sponsored Products: These are cost-per-click ads that promote individual product listings on Amazon and other platforms.

They appear in related shopping results and product pages and are generated from your product listings.

They offer automatic targeting and you can control your costs by setting your own budget and deciding how much to bid per click.

Sponsored Brands: These are also cost-per-click ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products.

They appear in relevant shopping results and help drive the discovery of your brand among customers shopping for similar products.

Sponsored Brands give you more creative control compared to other Amazon advertising product types. They offer three Ad Format types: Product Collection, Store Spotlight, and Video. They also provide the option of keywords and product targeting.

Sponsored Brands Video: It is a type of Sponsored Brands ad that uses video to increase visibility and drive brand awareness in desktop and mobile shopping results on Amazon.

They target shoppers through keywords, categories, and products, and allow them to easily access your Brand Stores or Product Detail Pages through cost-per-click ads.

Sponsored Displays: These are ads that appear on the Amazon product listing page as small rectangular or square banners under the listing bullet points.

They show the main product image of the ASIN you are advertising for. There are two types of targeting options for Sponsored Displays: Views remarketing, which is more automatic, and Product targeting, which is manual and requires you to provide the list of ASIN/Bid information into the campaign.

Each of the above-mentioned advertising types serves a unique purpose and can be used strategically depending on your specific goals and the lifecycle of your product.

Amazon PPC Services

SellerMetrics also offers Amazon PPC Management Services, where their team of qualified ad managers take care of your Amazon Advertising.

This service includes an initial call, account audit, onboarding, and alignment call, campaigns restructure, SellerMetrics software setup, data gathering, scaling up, and ongoing optimization and collaboration.

Google Ads for Amazon Sellers

SellerMetrics offers a service called Google Ads for Amazon Sellers, which aims to drive Google Ads traffic to Amazon, with the goal of increasing product ranking, growing market share, improving ROI, and building an email list.

Google Ads for Amazon Sellers by SellerMetrics

The process involves several steps:

  • Step 1: Setting up Amazon Attribution

    This step involves creating specialized Amazon Attribution campaigns to track individual keywords with precision and granularity.
  • Step 2: Creating Landing Pages

    The SellerMetrics team creates custom landing pages using LandingCube, emphasizing the benefits of your products to amplify your brand. These landing pages are designed to collect emails from off-Amazon traffic, allowing you to build an email list and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.
  • Step 3: Setting up Google AdWords Campaigns

    Google AdWords is used as an external traffic source to drive traffic to the custom landing pages created in the previous step. The team at SellerMetrics optimizes this traffic source to ensure you maximize your ROI.
  • Step 4: Monitoring Rankings and Tracking KPIs

    SellerMetrics tracks key performance indicators such as keyword ranking, conversion rates, and emails captured. This data helps in understanding the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns and making necessary adjustments to improve your Amazon presence.

Main Offerings of Epinium

Epinium offers a suite of tools that can boost sales and maximize the profitability of your products on Amazon. Some Key offerings of Epinium include:

Amazon Ads Optimization

Epinium's Amazon Ads Optimization tool uses advanced AI algorithms to automate the creation, launch, and optimization of Amazon Ads.

One of the key features of Epinium's tool is its automatic budget management settings. The tool can also automatically reduce bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory, ensuring that your advertising budget is used efficiently.

In addition to ad optimization, Epinium also offers a feature for Amazon listing optimization. This feature uses AI to generate titles, bullets, and descriptions in multiple languages, all optimized with the keywords that your customers are searching for in each market.

This can help improve your organic positioning on Amazon and boost your Amazon Ads results.

Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization by Epinium

Epinium's advanced AI algorithm generates titles, bullets, and descriptions in multiple languages, all optimized with the keywords your customers are searching for in each market.

This helps to improve your organic positioning on Amazon and boost your Amazon Ads results.

Amazon KPI Monitoring

Amazon KPI Monitoring by Epinium

Amazon KPI Monitoring provided by Epinium is a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to manage your Amazon business accounts across different countries from a single platform.

It can identify trends and report on positive or negative deviations of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The dashboard provides a range of metrics that can assist you in understanding the profitability of your Amazon Vendor account. These metrics include:

  • Revenue sell-out Amazon Vendor: This metric provides information about the total revenue generated from your Amazon Vendor account.
  • Revenue source: This metric breaks down your revenue into Organic vs. Ads, segmented by the type of advertising.
  • Best Seller Rank: This metric tracks the evolution of your SEO positioning by country.
  • Advertising investment versus total revenues: This metric compares your advertising spend with your total revenues.
  • Sessions to your listings: This metric tracks the number of user sessions on your product listings.
  • Conversion rate: This metric calculates the percentage of users who access your product page and make a purchase.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit by Epinium

Epinium's SEO audit tool enhances the organic visibility of your Amazon account, leading to increased sales.

This is achieved by scanning all your ASINs and identifying potential SEO improvements. The audit is based on the criteria set by Amazon, known as “Retail Readiness”.

FBA Stock Forecast Tool

The FBA Stock Forecast Tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze your sales data and generate accurate stock forecasts based on demand and other factors.

By providing insights into the optimal inventory levels for each product, the tool helps you avoid stockouts and overstocking, ensuring that you maintain the right balance of inventory to meet customer demand.

Amazon Backend Keywords Automatic Optimization

Epinium is the only Amazon Vendor Software that analyses the performance of your keywords in campaigns every 24 hours.

It checks if you are using the words with the most potential in titles and bullets, and automatically adds relevant keywords to your backend.

Comparing Pricing of SellerMetrics and Epinium

Beginner/Pro Plan$79.99/month (Beginner Plan)€59/month (Pro Plan)
Scale/Guru Plan$119.99/month (Scale Plan)€99/month (Guru Plan)
Professional/Business Plan$139.99/month + 2% of ad spend (Professional Plan)€349/month + % Ads investment (Business Plan)
Enterprise PlanCustom Pricing for over $200,000 monthly ad spends and unlimited Amazon accounts.Customized pricing with Unlimited Accounts, Vendor Central Integration, Vendor Dashboard, Ads, Brand Analytics, and SEO Vendor Optimization via API.
Free TrialA 14-day free trial is available for all plans.14-day free trial available for Pro, Guru, and Business plans.
Key FeaturesBid Automation, Keyword/ASIN Harvesting, Advanced Analytics Reporting, Multiple User Management, Day Parting, Manual Bulk Adjustments and more.Depends on the plan, but can include Unlimited Campaign Creation, Migration Campaigns to IA, API Access, and more.
Start SellerMetrics Free TrialGet 25% Off on Epinium

Both SellerMetrics and Epinium offer a 14-day free trial, but the features and pricing vary significantly between the two. SellerMetrics' pricing is based on your monthly Amazon PPC ad spend and the number of Amazon accounts you want to link.

On the other hand, Epinium's pricing is more traditional, with set prices for each plan and additional features available in higher-tier plans.

Consider the features each plan offers and how they align with your business goals before making any decision.

SellerMetrics vs Epinium: Which is the Best Tool for You?

At AMZMojo, we understand that the best tool can supercharge your Amazon Selling business and the wrong tool can screw up the whole process.

We have done a comparative analysis of SellerMetrics and Epinium and found that both offer valuable PPC optimization and campaign management solutions, albeit with different approaches.

SellerMetrics employs a data-driven strategy, utilizing its proprietary software to analyze and implement effective strategies.

Conversely, Epinium leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to create, launch, and optimize Amazon Ads.

When it comes to SEO tools, Epinium provides SEO audit and optimization, enabling users to conduct an audit of their Amazon accounts and optimize their listings.

While SellerMetrics does not explicitly mention SEO tools, their data-driven approach and deep understanding of Amazon selling dynamics suggest that they may also offer some form of SEO optimization.

As for pricing and plans, both tools present different plans with a 14-day free trial option. SellerMetrics provides four pricing plans based on the monthly Amazon PPC ad spend which we have discussed above in detail.

Epinium, on the other hand, comes with three main plans and also supports Amazon sellers by providing consultancy on a monthly fee basis.

After our comparative analysis, we believe that both SellerMetrics and Epinium are superb tools that offer a number of features to assist Amazon sellers and agencies in optimizing their PPC campaigns and boosting their sales.

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