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As an Amazon seller, you can understand the significance of having the right tools for your business. Epinium and ZonGuru are two prominent platforms tailored for Amazon sellers. They offer solutions ranging from performance monitoring to AI-powered optimization.

Epinium has a strong presence in the market with a sizable customer base. It provides advanced tools and data-driven insights, empowering sellers to make smart business decisions.

ZonGuru, on the other hand, is also noteworthy, offering features like keyword research tools and precise inventory management.

So, which platform, Epinium or ZonGuru, suits your business best?

Here, I will be comparing them, with the aim to guide you in choosing the right platform for your Amazon selling journey.

Quick Overview: Epinium vs ZonGuru

 PricingStarting from 79€/monthStarting from $39/month
Unique Features– Offers Amazon SEO & PPC Software
– Identify and correct your Amazon SEO and PPC
– Provides software to optimize all Amazon ad types
– Offers a suite of product research tools, listing optimization tools, a business dashboard, and a Review Automator tool.
– Provides weekly live training sessions
– A large library of tool tutorials and breakdowns of Amazon's selling strategy
Rating3.8/5 (Trustpilot)4/5 (Trustpilot)
Refund PolicyClaim within 48 hoursRefunds are available upon contacting

What is Epinium?


Epinium is a leading Amazon Software for SEO audits, Amazon Ads, FBA Stock Forecast, and much more.

Epinium uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to create, launch, and optimize Amazon Ads. It also offers a file-less SEO audit and optimization.

Epinium is particularly beneficial for Amazon sellers as it allows them to scan, identify, and correct their Amazon SEO and PPC, saving 80% of the time and increasing sales.

The platform also provides software and resources that brands and agencies need to boost their sales on Amazon.

Epinium's software is designed to integrate with Vendor Central, optimize SEO, automate PPC campaigns with AI, and provide accurate analytics.

The platform also offers a mass editing feature that allows users to quickly and easily modify and add content to their listings.

What is ZonGuru?


ZonGuru is an all-in-one FBA tool suite designed with one goal in mind: to scale your business using field-tested, data-centric methods developed for sellers, by sellers.

It offers a range of data-centric tools to help Amazon sellers scale their FBA businesses the right way.

ZonGuru offers a variety of features including a Review Automator, which automates review requests in compliance with Amazon's terms of service.

It also offers an inventory management tool called “My Products” that provides automated alerts to inform sellers when it's time to restock, and it keeps track of the business's finances.

ZonGuru's software suite includes five different product research and validation tools designed to move users through the crucial first steps of niche selection, validation, and product sourcing.

Epinium vs ZonGuru (Key Offerings)

Stay tuned, as I am going to present key offerings of both these tools. Epinium and ZonGuru offer unique features and solutions that set them apart from other Amazon tools;

Key Offerings of Epinium

1. Amazon PPC Software with AI

Epinium's Amazon PPC Software with AI

Epinium's Amazon PPC software uses AI to create, launch, and optimize Amazon Ads.

The AI algorithms in Epinium are capable of automating daily actions, such as setting the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) goals and desired daily budget.

Once these parameters are set, Epinium takes care of the rest, optimizing the ads to maximize profitability and reduce costs.

Epinium's AI also helps to reduce costs by making every euro count. It does this by automatically reducing bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory.

This feature allows users to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) based on traffic, spending, and performance.

2. Listing Optimization with AI

Epinium Listing Optimization with AI

This feature uses ChatGPT to quickly optimize Amazon listings in any language. This helps sellers enhance their listings with the right patterns and relevant keywords, leading to increased visibility and conversion rates.

The platform allows users to select multiple products and choose fields to optimize, such as titles, bullet points, or descriptions.

After approving the proposed changes, users can upload updates to Amazon instantly. Epinium's AI optimizes individual product listings in multiple languages using the most relevant keywords for each market.

It utilizes over 30 product data sources for multi-language optimization in one click and rapid optimization. The AI generates a perfect copy automatically in a matter of seconds and for any language.

It also uses more than 10 data sources to find the most relevant and effective keywords for your products, ensuring that your listings are always up-to-date and optimized for maximum visibility and conversion.

3. Amazon Seo Tool

Epinium's Amazon SEO Tool

Epinium's Amazon SEO Tool is a comprehensive solution to enhance a brand's positioning, visibility, and organic sales on Amazon.

It provides a range of features and capabilities that allow brands and agencies to optimize their Amazon product listings and improve their Amazon search engine optimization performance.

The tool is based on the criteria imposed by Amazon called “Retail Readiness”. It offers the ability to audit your accounts and all your ASINs, providing actionable insights to enhance your Amazon SEO performance.

Essentially, it acts as your own Amazon SEO consultant, guiding you through the process of improving your listing.

The tool also offers a powerful Amazon keyword generator, which suggests keywords based on Amazon Advertising Campaigns. These keywords are given a value and ordered from highest to lowest volume of impressions, clicks, and conversions, making it one of the best SEO practices on Amazon.

Epinium's Amazon SEO Tool also allows for massive Amazon product listing optimization. This feature enables users to make massive modifications without having to rely on file uploading.

It also allows for the optimization of all editable fields: titles, bullet points, descriptions, and backend search terms. Users can play with filters in the Amazon listing optimization tool to optimize according to their criteria.

Another unique feature of this Amazon SEO tool is its ability to detect unpublished changes on Amazon. Epinium detects those changes in titles, bullet points, descriptions, and search terms that Amazon has rejected so that you can re-upload them or open a joint ticket.

4. Amazon Monitoring Dashboard

Epinium Amazon Monitoring Dashboard

Amazon Monitoring Dashboard provides essential insights into Amazon Seller and Vendor accounts. It offers access to important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) without the need for downloading reports, making it an integral part of your daily routine.

The dashboard is designed to help users follow up, measure, and control all Amazon-related activities. It detects unpublished changes on Amazon, providing an ASIN list and direct access to open an incident for resolving issues.

Users can monitor Amazon KPIs by Account, Country, Brand, or ASIN, and the dashboard features metrics such as Revenues, Revenue source, Best Seller Rank, TACoS, Sessions, and Conversion rate.

The dashboard also detects changes in the number of sessions for your products and monitors the conversion rate of your detail pages. It identifies products that have lost the Buy Box and provides a comparison between your ASIN and the Buy Box winner.

Additionally, the dashboard allows users to check the evolution of sales and the best-seller rank of a product, considering the competition. Users can extract monitoring data in graphical or CSV format for reporting and sharing with their team or end customers.

5. Amazon Advertising Analytics

Epinium Amazon Advertising Analytics

Amazon Advertising Analytics by Epinium is a tool that provides insights into your Amazon Ads performance.

It stores all historical data, unlike Amazon Ads which only provides data for the last two months, allowing you to strategize based on past results.

The tool allows you to monitor and report results through graphs and customized dashboards, eliminating the need for downloading reports from Amazon Ads.

It's particularly useful for large brands, consultants, and Amazon agencies that need to analyze results based on objectives, budgets, metrics, and performance.

Epinium's Analytics section presents campaign information for all the seller accounts and countries you select in tables and graphs. You can sort and filter the information for easy analysis, and apply filters such as date range, sellers to display, and markets.

The tool visualizes different Amazon campaign metrics such as cost, impressions, clicks, orders, units, ACOS, ROAS, CPC, CTR, and conversion rate. You can select a maximum of two simultaneous metrics and download an image of the graph.

It also offers sections to track all KPIs, detect the keywords and product segmentations that have the best performance, and visualize the products advertised with the most orders.

6. Amazon FBA Stock Management

Epinium Amazon FBA Stock Management

This tool aids in Amazon FBA forecasting, enabling efficient stock replenishment and cost-saving. It generates a stock forecast tailored to your account's demand, minimizing marketplace storage costs.

The tool allows you to select the seller account for forecasting, and if the stock is shared across multiple countries, you can use the “Shared Stock” feature.

You can set the forecast period based on your shipping frequency and adjust the forecast margin in the “Increment” section. The tool also maintains a safety stock on Amazon, either only for products with sales or for all products.

You can view products with surplus stock or those without stock to be sent. Once the forecast is complete, you can download a CSV report, which the tool prepares for uploading stock to Amazon.

7. Dynamic Search Terms

Dynamic Search Terms by Epinium

Dynamic Search Terms by Epinium helps customers find your product on Amazon by using Amazon search terms.

This tool obtains the search terms by which your products are displayed on Amazon and processes them for analysis.

To start using this functionality, the only requirement is to have active campaigns with products for at least 24 hours.

This tool is part of Epinium's suite of automation tools that have been proven to deliver great results for brands and agencies on Amazon Ads.

Key Offerings of ZonGuru

1. Niche Finder

ZonGuru Niche Finder

ZonGuru's Niche Finder assists Amazon sellers in identifying profitable FBA products. Users can enter a keyword, apply a preset filter, or create a custom filter to generate a list of potential products.

Niche Finder operates in two modes: Easy and Advanced. Easy Mode generates profitable product niches with a single click. Advanced Mode, on the other hand, allows users to refine their search results using customizable filters.

The key difference between the two modes is that Advanced Mode enables filter application, while Easy Mode selects from category stories.

The tool also incorporates advanced filtering options such as Revenue Filter, Competition Filter, Demand Filter, and Keyword Filtering.

These filters help users to exclude financially unviable results, avoid highly competitive niches, ensure high-demand results, and discard irrelevant product niches.

Niche Finder also sends regular product suggestions and potential sourcing options directly to users' inboxes.

These suggestions include essential details like Buyer Demand, Revenue Potential, and Launch Budget, aiding users in assessing the opportunity.

2. Love Hate Tool

ZonGuru Love-Hate

ZonGuru's Love-Hate tool helps Amazon sellers differentiate their products using customer reviews.

It creates word clouds from 1- and 5-star reviews for any Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), highlighting common words and phrases. This feature enables sellers to understand what customers love and dislike about a product.

The tool simplifies the review analysis process by providing necessary information in seconds upon entering an ASIN. It generates word clouds from both positive and negative reviews, and users can click on any word to read all reviews containing it.

Love-Hate also aids in product design inspiration. Users can search a term and browse product photos from Google and Pinterest. A notes field is included for jotting down ideas.

3. Listing Optimizer

ZonGuru Listing Optimizer

ZonGuru's Listing Optimizer is an AI-powered tool that optimizes Amazon product listings. It uses ChatGPT-4 AI to identify the best keywords for any Amazon category and can auto-generate or rewrite listings using this data.

Users can also provide guidance on tone, branding, and more to ensure the AI creates a listing that aligns with their product or brand.

The tool features an Optimization and Listing Strength scoring system, providing immediate feedback on how well a listing satisfies Amazon’s algorithm, its competitiveness, and areas for improvement.

Listing Optimizer also integrates with ZonGuru’s keyword research tool, Keywords on Fire. This allows users to get auto-recommended keywords or import their own keyword lists. The tool sorts these keywords based on potential performance.

Users can then auto-generate or manually edit each listing bullet point and watch their listing score improve in real time.

The tool also offers advanced language and tonality upgrades, negative keyword matching, and a listing copying functionality.

Additional features of the Listing Optimizer include AI ‘Power' Prompting, which allows users to give the AI specific instructions around tone, brand personality, format, product details, and more.

4. ZonGuru Chrome Extension

ZonGuru Chrome Extension

The ZonGuru Chrome Extension is a comprehensive product research tool that provides a 360-degree view of any live product niche on Amazon.

It includes a built-in Profit Calculator that allows users to see any product's FBA profit potential and validate their ideas.

The ZonGuru Chrome Extension provides a rating that evaluates the viability of a product niche based on four proprietary metrics: Buyer Demand, Investment Sweet Spot, Revenue Potential, and Competition Opportunity.

In addition to these features, the extension provides access to a wealth of data to validate any product idea, including keyword search volume, monthly sales, listing ranking, and review ratings.

To use the ZonGuru Chrome Extension, you simply need to install it, run a search on Amazon, and the tool will provide a comprehensive analysis of the product or niche you're interested in.

The extension is compatible with all the markets ZonGuru integrates with, including the US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AU, and IN. The data is displayed in the currency relevant to the marketplace being searched.

5. Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard by ZonGuru

The Business Dashboard by ZonGuru aids Amazon sellers in managing and scaling their businesses. It serves as a central hub, providing access to a wealth of data that enables users to make the right decisions and implement effective growth strategies.

The dashboard offers a variety of crucial metrics for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers, including revenue and potential, advertising cost, inventory status, and customer reviews.

The revenue and potential metric provides a detailed breakdown of every line item, facilitating easy budget management.

The advertising cost metric offers insights into sponsored and product ad spend, as well as Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) and Advertising Cost of Total Sales (ACOTS).

The inventory metric alerts users when it's time to restock their supply, while the reviews metric provides insights into customer feedback on their products.

A unique feature of the Business Dashboard is the “Product Pulse Events” tool. This tool marks any changes made to a listing on the Business Dashboard sales graph, enabling users to easily determine the impact of their business decisions on sales and whether any strategy revisions are necessary.

The dashboard also includes a “Business Valuation widget”, which provides users with an accurate estimation of their business's worth over any chosen trading period. This information can be a powerful asset for any business owner.

6. Email Automator

ZonGuru Email Automator

ZonGuru Email Automator tool allows users to create and send customized follow-up emails to their customers, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

The tool is designed with a “set it and forget it” philosophy, meaning once you've set up your email and chosen when you want it to be sent, the tool takes care of the rest.

The Email Automator also offers advanced customization options. For instance, you can attach a Facebook Pixel ID to your email, allowing you to track conversions from Facebook ads.

Additionally, the tool offers numerous dayparting options, enabling you to send your emails at the most effective times of the day.

It allows you to create your own email templates from scratch or use a pre-designed template from the ZonGuru library, which you can then customize to suit your needs.

Moreover, the Email Automator tool is great for building customer relationships, increasing customer engagement, and improving customer satisfaction.

The Email Automator also alerts you when new Seller Feedback and Product Reviews come in, allowing you to monitor responses and provide even better customer service.

7. Sales Spy by ZonGuru

Sales Spy by ZonGuru

Sales Spy provides comprehensive and detailed sales data for Amazon FBA products. It allows users to quickly validate potential products by providing a year's worth of historical sales data at their fingertips.

This data includes trend data, BSR (Best Sellers Rank), and revenue data charted over any date range within a year.

Sales Spy also offers a feature called “Product Pulse Events”. This feature marks any changes made to a listing directly on the relevant Sales Spy graphs, allowing users to see how these changes affect sales.

Another key feature of Sales Spy is its ability to provide a broader market perspective. Users can bulk add numerous ASINs from Niche Finder or Chrome Extension to discover market trends that might not be visible otherwise.

Sales Spy also supports multiple markets, making it a useful tool for users looking to expand into markets outside of the US. It can grab data from multiple markets, including the UK and Australia.

The tool is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Users simply need to input an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), and the tool will provide a year's worth of sales data in seconds.

Epinium vs ZonGuru (Subscription Plans)

1) Epinium Pricing

Guru79€/month (Annual Billing)Two Seller accounts – One user, Multiple Countries, Seller Dashboard, Ads, Catalog Monitoring, SEO Optimization via API, ChatGPT for SEO, SEO Change History, FBA Logistic Forecast, Historical Amazon Ads Analytics, Manual Campaign Creation, Maximum Integration of 2000 ASINs per Market, and more.
Business299€/month (Annual Billing + % Investment Ads)Guru Functions Included Plus: Amazon Ads Automation with AI, Unlimited Campaign Creation with AI, Migration of Manual Campaigns to AI.
EnterpriseRequest Personalised QuoteMultiple Seller/Vendor Accounts, Unlimited Accounts, Vendor Central Integration, Vendor Dashboard, Ads, Brand Analytics, SEO Vendor Optimization via API, Vendor Central Stock Control, CRM Access, Multi-User with Manager/Client Role, Custom Branding, and more.

2) ZonGuru Pricing

Researcher$29 / month ($348 Billed Annually)Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, Easy Source, Keywords on Fire, and Listing Optimizer.
Seller (1-20 SKUs)$49 / month ($588 Billed Annually)All Researcher tools plus Business Dashboard, My Products, My Orders, Keyword Tracker, Product Pulse, IP Monitor, Email Automator, and Review Automator.
Enterprise SolutionsCustom PricingSpecifically Tailored to Agencies, Agency Training & Certification, Sub-Account View for Each Brand, Internal Admin Dashboard, Marketplace Performance Reporting, Dedicated Customer Support Agents, and Dedicated Slack Channel.

Epinium vs ZonGuru: Which tool is affordable?

When comparing the pricing of Epinium and ZonGuru, it's clear that ZonGuru offers a more affordable entry-level plan with the Researcher plan priced at $29 per month when billed annually.

This is significantly lower than Epinium's entry-level Guru plan which is priced at 79€ per month when billed annually.

However, it's important to note that the features offered in each plan differ, and the best value for money will depend on the specific needs of the Amazon seller.

For sellers who require more advanced features such as Amazon Ads Automation with AI, Epinium's Business plan may offer better value despite its higher price point.

For large businesses and agencies, both Epinium and ZonGuru offer custom pricing, so the cost will depend on the specific requirements of the business.

Final Note from My Side

I just want to express that both Epinium and ZonGuru offer valuable tools for Amazon sellers, but there are key differences to consider.

For private-label sellers, I recommend ZonGuru. Its advanced tools for keyword research, inventory management, and advertising budgets provide the necessary resources for creating and promoting unique branded products.

However, it's important to note that ZonGuru may be better suited for wholesale or arbitrage business models.

With additional features like cross-border e-commerce support and account management agencies, ZonGuru offers more comprehensive tools for large-scale operations.

On the other hand, Epinium focuses on customer experiences and data-driven insights also make them a compelling choice for sellers looking to optimize their product listings and boost conversion rates.

Ultimately, the choice between Epinium and ZonGuru will depend on your specific needs, budget, and business model.

Consider the recommended tool for private-label sellers and weigh the pricing plans and key features to make the perfect decision that aligns with your goals as an Amazon seller.

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