Are you worried about creating Amazon Listings and need to create optimized ones? Then this review is all you require!

Creating Amazon listings is a time-consuming affair, but it is a critical page as it informs customers about the products. It contains images of the product, videos, product descriptions and also the customer reviews from the ones who purchased it earlier.

But as sellers on the Amazon marketplace are growing, so is the competition. Amazon's A9 Algorithm is something the Sellers consider a nice one to rank their products higher. This search algorithm quickly reads the user's query and analyzes the data on the marketplace, and offers users the best possible product accordingly.

Therefore listing optimization comes to the scene where you optimize your listings and make your products rank higher on the Amazon search engine. And to help you with all of that, the market has various AI Amazon listing and optimization tools which are powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence to provide you with desired Amazon product descriptions and listings which will rank your products higher. One such tool is which we are going to review today.

What is – Review in a Nutshell Reviews is a unique and all-in-one Amazon listing and optimization tool that will power your Amazon selling business. It can generate creative and optimized Amazon listings for your products which will make them higher on the Amazon search engine. You can generate product descriptions almost in seconds! will provide you with all the content you require about your product with just minimal input, and you can then scan and edit it quickly to make it accordingly. You don't have to look around for inspiration or any kind of writer's block, as the tool will provide you with accurate and precise product descriptions which will blow your mind.

Perci will give you an initial edge as the generated content on which you can make changes and instill your creativity to it to make it a perfect product description. It will properly name and define your product's features and lessen your burden. The tool claims to save 50% of your time, which can go into writing Amazon listings or paying nothing! Logo Discount – Flat 50% OFF for First Month


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How does Work?

The working of this Amazon listing tool is just very simple. With minimal effort, the tool provides you with a product description that can help you have the edge over your competitors.

Step 1: Enter a Few Details about your product.

Amazon Listing Generator

Step 2: Then, the AI of this tool will generate the required listing in just a few seconds. Listing

Step 3: After the AI output is generated, you can edit it accordingly and give it a more creative look making it rank higher on the Amazon search engine. 

Who should Use

In our recommendation, is clearly for Amazon sellers who find Amazon listings tricky and will like to get a tool that helps them with it. The tool is simply fantastic and can save you time and create effective listings.

1. for Sellers 

Amazon sellers can easily generate professional quality listings, which can help them generate great sales. It can power your listings and can help you to write more compelling ones that boost your revenue.

2. for Agencies 

Content teams can use this AI tool to double their listing in no time. You can easily handle many listings with great ease if you have

3. for Copywriters 

Copywriters can use Perci just like their assistant and make themselves 5x more productive. The tool will also remove writer's block at times and will, relieve you from the hard, boring part of every listing and make you write compelling listing copies. Pricing Plans – Does Offer a Free Trial? Pricing Plans offers Three Pricing plans – Starter, Pro and Business. Let's explore what you get with these pricing plans. Starter Plan

The Starter Plan costs $59/month. In this plan, you get 10 listings/per month, along with $6 per listing. Plus, you also get features like unlimited rewrites, unlimited seats, SEO optimization & bullet control. This plan is best for beginners. Pro Plan

Next, you have the Pro Plan, which costs $99/month. This plan includes all the features of the Starter Plan along with 20 listings/month and $5 per listing. You also get a listing export feature as well which makes this plan ideal for specialists. Business Plan

The Business Plan is ideal for teams as it comes with all features of the Pro Plan and costs $199/month. Plus, you also get features like 50 listings/month and $4 per listing. Along with this, you also get priority support and Bulk generation.

If you subscribe to any of the annual subscriptions, you can save up to 10%!

How to Optimize your Listings Manually?

By optimizing your listings, you can rank higher on search engines. But it can be a tricky affair as too much optimization can backfire. What's highly crucial is that you need to understand how you are presenting your products and also the competition on the market.

You have to consider various factors when optimizing your listings, such as optimizing them for keywords, having quality photos with good lighting, writing optimized headings and descriptions, and more. Let's have a quick look at these crucial factors that can help you optimize your listings.

Basically, when we talk of optimization, it compromises two parts; optimizing for potential keywords and optimizing for quality images, titles, and descriptions to deliver higher conversion rates.

Moreover, if you only think of optimization, you need to also think about other factors like product quality, its features and also what customers think about the product. All of this has to come together to make your product sales increase. After all, your optimization efforts should result in an increase in the sale of your product.

Optimizing your listings consists of 5-6 key parameters, which you need to ensure are correctly done. Let's have a quick look at them in brief.

1. Good Keyword Research

By performing good keyword research, you can get all the relevant keywords that buyers are looking for. You can put these keywords in your product description and make your products rank higher. You can get a detailed list of keywords associated with what you have typed and its stats.

Keyword tools also offer you the ability to track related products and offers you to search for long-tail keywords. As you are done with deciding what keywords you want to target, next is to optimize your listing.

2. High-Quality Product Images

Ensure that you only upload high-quality product images and ones that describe all the details of your product clearly. This is extremely helpful as potential buyers can check out the product images clearly, which can compel them to buy it easily. Make sure you upload clear and close shots of your products, and the product must be easily recognizable. You can upload main pictures on a clear, white background.

3. Clear Product Title

You should make your Product Tittle as relevant as possible and precise as well. Your listing should contain at least 80 characters, and the character limit ranges from 100-150 characters. Now that's because Amazon takes into account your first 5 words to make the URL for the product. So make sure that your product title is relevant and not long.

4. Product Description

Amazon product description is something crucial for your sales. A fantastic product description can be a make-or-break deal when we talk about the sale of your product. A clear product description can provide buyers with all the essential details about the product through which they can decide whether the product is liable for a purchase. Make sure you keep your description clear and short.

Provide factual and accurate information about the product and also highlight all of its key features. Include the color, size and appearance description. You can also give a page break and write concise paragraphs.

5. Features of the Product

You usually see the product features in bullet form. These are the key highlights of your product and should be described quite clearly. Top Amazon sellers only put in 5 bullet points in features. Your product features should contain all the features that distinguish it from its competitors.

Make sure you keep it interesting and convincing enough so that the buyers can purchase easily. You can include call-to-action words in these points. Also, list the top 2 important features of your product in the top 2 bullet points. Don't use special characters or HTML tags. Not too many bullet points.

6. Product Ratings

Your rating is something that is entirely in your hand. To increase and maintain a product rating, it is crucial that along with maintaining the quality of your products, you also need to provide good quality customer service and respond quickly to any problems or customer issues.

If you have a product rating of 4-5 stars, this means that your products are performing really well. Make sure you accumulate as many reviews as possible and have a balance to get a good rating. You can also track the negative reviews and their patterns. Also, check out the critical issues about what your customers complain about. And then offer a solution to it. You can also gather customer feedback via email marketing campaigns to help you figure out your buyers' opinions.

7. Managing Product Reviews

It is pretty clear that online reviews value substantially as that is an excellent element on which buyers rely. Good product reviews compel buyers to purchase, and negative ones can impact the sales of your product. So as explained earlier, these reviews can make your product a great hit.

Make sure you keep a close watch on your product reviews and monitor them. For this, you can use Amazon's reviewer program to fetch a few initial thoughts. You can also request your buyers for reviews by opting for Amazon's request a review.

Who Created Coupon was created by Britton, who has been a professional copywriter for 8 years. He wrote thousands of Amazon listings himself, after which he developed Perci to help sellers develop listings that sell. You don't require a professional copywriter when you have this platform to your rescue.

Also, the tool is already loved by 450+ users, which include agencies and copywriters and sellers. With 5000+ listings generated and 3250 hours saved, this tool is going to provide you with all that you require to focus more on your business. Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials Real Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Is a legit tool?

Yes. is a legit tool that helps Amazon Sellers generate creative product descriptions and also helps them with optimizing them. The tool is made by an experienced guy who knows what the Amazon seller's requirements are, and the tool delivers precisely on that front.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes. When you initially sign up for the platform, you are awarded 2 free trial credits to start. So through this, you can check out the various features of the tool and get accustomed to it before you choose any of its pricing plans. 

Is really beneficial for Amazon sellers?

Amazon Sellers who find it very difficult to list products on this Ecommerce platform can use to generate product reviews and listing optimization. This is beneficial in a way as this AI tool will provide you with all the information about your product just as you enter a few details about your product. You can then capitalize on the output offered by it and create your own product listing, which can boost your sales.

Final Verdict: Is this AI Amazon Listing Generator really Beneficial? 

So now, when we are at the end of this review, it's time to share our final thoughts on the tool. First of all, we really liked the simplicity of the tool. It has an easy-to-use interface, and you can in just 3 simple steps, you can generate a product listing with the bare minimum input.

We also found that the accuracy of this tool is good, as the output offered does require a few finishing touches before you finally publish your listing on Amazon. Overall the tool is highly beneficial for Sellers as well as copywriters.

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