Looking for a detailed Zonguru review? I have got you covered. Well, we have got several Amazon seller tools in the market, but searching for the best one for your Amazon selling operations can be a challenging task in itself.

Some of the Amazon seller suites are good in terms of delivering better features for Amazon product research, listing optimization, inventory management, etc. Zonguru has almost all of the major parameters covered for Amazon selling operations.

But before we dive into this detailed review, let me give you a brief on what are some of the common parameters that are much needed for your Amazon selling operations; these parameters basically include keyword research, listing optimization, inventory management, business metrics, etc. So, let's explore all these major aspects and compare the features ZonGuru offers.

So, let's get started!!

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Zonguru Review 2024: A Detailed Review of ZonGuru

As an Amazon seller, one has to undergo several things, and being able to manage all of them in a single place can be really helpful in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

ZonGuru overview

Overview of ZonGuru for Amazon Selling:

Compared to most of the Amazon seller suites available in this ecosystem, it won't be wrong to say that ZonGuru is a newcomer, but the features, subscription module, and easy-to-use user interface make ZonGuru an excellent choice to get along with it. Some of the categories that are explored under ZonGuru are:

  • Product Research: ZonGuru offers multiple features for product research which include Niche Finder, Chrome extension, Sales spy, Love-Hate, and Easy source.
  • Listing Optimization: You can also explore features like Keywords on Fire, Keywords spotlight, and Listing Optimizer.
  • Business Metrics: ZonGuru also offers some excellent features in terms of undergoing and analyzing the business metrics, including the Business Dashboard, My Products and My Orders.
  • Monitoring & Alerts: Another major aspect worth mentioning is the monitoring and alerts option; these options basically include Keyword Tracker, Product Pulse and IP Monitor.
  • Customer Engagement: You can also get along with some excellent features and tools for customer engagement, such as the Email Automator and Review Automator.

After getting along with an overview of some of the key features offered by ZonGuru, let's take a detailed analysis of the ZonGuru features and try to understand what these tools are and how they can help in upscaling your Amazon selling operations.

Zonguru Features

As I have already mentioned above, ZonGuru lets you explore some of the key aspects of Amazon selling operations. So, let's get along with them and undergo a detailed analysis of it.

Product Research in ZonGuru

Product research can be considered one of the important aspects one must undergo for upscaling Amazon selling operations. Different Amazon seller suites offer different features and tools under the product research category; here are some of the key features that are offered by Zonguru.

Zonguru Niche Finder

Zonguru Niche Finder

The Zonguru Niche finder lets you explore the search for hot selling products and explore different categories starting from the Easy mode and the Advanced mode; the easy mode basically lets you get along with performing product research under any niche using a few simple clicks, whereas the advanced mode focuses on the delivering more detailed research for products under different filters, the advanced mode can hence help in better targeting over certain category and take further steps likewise. In addition to the Easy and Advanced modes, you can also get along with some additional tools like Feeling lucky, which enables you to get along with analysis along random niches and categories where you might be a bit lost. And another one is Reliable Data, where it is assured that the results provided to you is backed by the best data.

Chrome Extension by Zonguru

The ZonGuru chrome extension can let you get along with multiple features, including buyer demand, investment sweet spot, revenue potential, competition opportunity, profit calculator, and much more. The analysis across some critical parameters such as buyer demand and revenue potential can help better understand which product is best suited for Amazon selling operations. In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that having a chrome extension can help improve things in terms of getting on board with an opportunity on the go.

Zonguru Sales Spy

As the name suggests Sales spy helps keep an eye over the sales that are being performed, this, as a result, can help in making a better analysis under parameters such as price, sales, revenue, estimated profit, rating and some other options for the chart or deleting the product from the list.


Zonguru Love Hate tool

You might have already got an idea of what this feature might be focusing on; the Love-Hate feature enables the Amazon sellers to get along with the product review analysis (using ASIN), and these product reviews consist of all the ratings from 1 to 5 stars, these tools and features can help in making better decisions for making all the needed changes. In addition to all this, what even makes it better is the use of word clouds; all this can help in making things better for analyzing and understanding which product is performing on what basis and making your selling strategies likewise.

Easy Source

The easy source can help determine the best supplier for a certain product (selling that product). ZonGuru's easy resource offers this one-of-a-kind partnership with the leading suppliers on Alibaba. The easy source option lets you explore around some of the deals in terms of getting along with the origin of the supplier (Suppliers from a specific region/country), Verified Sellers, and suppliers that have got the products under the category of ready-to-ship.

Zonguru Listing Optimization

In addition to all the features and tools being listed, listing optimization can be considered an important factor for Amazon selling operations. Listing optimization can work by making things better for your product to be listed at the top of the search result on Amazon. As a result, this can help improve the revenue generated using your Amazon selling operations. Here are some of the key features that are offered by ZonGuru under the listing optimization:

Keywords on Fire

Zonguru Keywords on Fire

As the name suggests, this feature enables you to get along with some of the keywords that might not be discovered yet and have huge potential for the product being listed. The Keyword on Fire tool basically enables you to work across some important parameters such as Search Volume, Dollars from Keywords (the monthly revenue generated for the top 25 listings), PPC Bid and Competitor Position.

Keywords Spotlight

Well, most Amazon sellers are not even aware of the backend of the products being listed, and this is where, as an Amazon seller, you can take leverage of that, the backend of these keywords can help you in understanding what keywords are being used by a certain Amazon seller on a specific product, this, as a result, can help in making things better in terms of keyword optimization as well, hence increasing the chances of a certain product being listed on the 1st page while increasing the overall sales and revenue.

Listing Optimizer

The listing optimization can be considered as one of the important aspects while considering Amazon selling; the better the listing optimization, the better the chances are for a certain product being listed on a certain keyword, and if your product gets listed on the first page of a certain keyword for selling, it won't be wrong to say that it unlocks a huge potential for your product being sold more when compared to your competitors.

Zonguru Business Metrics

Another key feature that is worth mentioning over here is the Business Metrics. The following feature lets you get an organized view of some of the important metrics for your business management. You can get along with some of the important parameters such as revenue and potential, your marketing cost and much more. Here are some of the key features that the Business Metrics section offers for your Amazon selling practices:

Business Dashboard

Zonguru Business Dashboard

One of the key features which are offered by ZonGuru is the business dashboard, as it lets you explore some of the important key features such as revenue & potential, advertising cost, inventory, and reviews. You can also get along with the product pulse events, which lets you get an overview in the form of graphs; this, as a result, can help you in correctly analyzing different parameters such as net margin, net profit and business value. The business dashboard also lets you get along with control over your sale strategies, the business dashboard also lets you get along with the process of analyzing stats such as ACOS and ACOTS.

My Products

The My Products section lets you get along with analyzing under different sections such as Tracking your Inventory and getting regular alerts while getting along with the filter options for market and performance. The overall analysis of certain products can help you in making strategies likewise, you can also get along with certain stats such as the number of products being sold last month and how much supply is available in terms of days.

My Orders

The My Orders feature can help you with managing different things at a single place. As an Amazon seller using Amazon seller central can sometimes be confusing for moving on with multiple parameters, and this is where, ZonGuru offers some excellent filtering options for the marketplace, managing customer reviews (actions for responding customer reviews on Amazon or messaging option through mail), and getting along with the order status whether the product is pending or already shipped. All this data combined can help you with multiple things for your Amazon selling operations.

Monitoring & Alerts in Zonguru

The monitoring and alerts can be called the foundation of delivering the best to your customers, as you can get along with the monitoring process and understand how things are going in your selling operations, whereas getting regular updates/alerts on how things are going can help in making changes likewise. Here are some of the key aspects that are worth mentioning:

Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker in Zonguru

The keyword tracker can basically help you in getting an overall analysis of how things are getting along for keywords on a certain ASIN. This analysis can help you in understanding what the keywords that are being listed on a certain ASIN are. You can also get along with some of the crucial information for tracking top performers (keywords). In addition to all this, you can also get along with other data such as search volume, 30-day trend, position, pages, page change, or delete the product from the listing. So basically, giving your product analysis of how things are to be done.

Product Pulse

The Product Pulse enables you to get alerts on any important changes in 15 different parameters; these parameters include change in product listing, prices, dimensions or even the product images. You can enable emails and getting alerts on change in number of sellers, status, title, rating, etc.

IP Monitor

One of the common issues that a seller has to deal with is intellectual property issues. ZonGuru alerts you if someone uses the images that were originally yours, so basically, keep an eye on any copyright issues. In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that ZonGuru also lets you get along with the security level of low, medium, and high categories.

Zonguru Customer Engagement

Amazon customers are one of the greatest marketing opportunities for sellers. They represent a highly desirable audience and are likely to become return customers. Plus, they tend to be loyal. With that in mind, creating a customer-friendly experience on Amazon is important. You want to make it easy for customers to find and buy your products and leave positive feedback. As an Amazon seller suite, ZonGuru offers some excellent features for customer engagement, and these include:

Email Automator

The Email Automator by ZonGuru also offers some excellent features in terms of delivering a great customer experience, as you can get along with the process of delivering customized follow-up emails and much more. As a result, this can help deliver a better customer experience overall.

Review Automator

Another important aspect that is worth mentioning over here is the Review Automator, as customers always look after reviews and maybe giving satisfactory responses to the customer reviews can help in increasing the overall experience and maybe converting the negative ones into 2 to 3 stars.

Zonguru Pricing Plans | Save 40% with Zonguru Coupons

ZonGuru Pricing Plans

Unlike other Amazon seller tools, ZonGuru offers three plans which are categorized under a certain category. As I have already mentioned earlier, ZonGuru offers different features that can help in multiple aspects, including the research part, selling operations and management as well. So, by considering all of these features, it is worth mentioning that, ZonGuru has categorized its subscription module under different categories, which are as follows:

  • Researcher: The Research Plan costs around $24/month and can help you in multiple aspects such as product monitor and keyword optimization using different features and tools. The researcher options let you get along with multiple features and tools like Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales spy, Love-Hate, Keywords on fire, Listing optimizer, and more.  
  • Seller: The Seller plan costs around $38/month and gives you access to all the features that were offered in the Researcher plan; in addition to all those features and tools, you also get access to other important features such as the Business dashboard, My products, My orders, Keyword Tracker, Product Pulse, IP Monitor, Email and Review Automator.
  • Enterprise Solutions: The Enterprise solutions plan is tailored in such a way that you get around with some of the additional features, which include Agency training and certification, marketplace performing report, dedicated slack channel, internal admin dashboard, and sub-account view for each brand. To get along with the enterprise solutions plan, you need to contact the ZonGuru team, you can also book a demo using the “Book a demo” on their pricing plan option.

Top FAQs on Zonguru Review

What are the marketplaces that are supported by ZonGuru?

Like most of the top-tier Amazon seller tools in the market, ZonGuru supports all the primary locations for performing the operations; these marketplaces include North America, Europe, and Australia. ZonGuru is also working on delivering its services to other marketplaces, including India and Japan.

Does ZonGuru offers free Trial?

ZonGuru offers a 7-day free trial, the ZonGuru free trial can help make things better for understanding the user interface, along with other key features that can be used for sales tracking, keyword research, listing optimization and much more.

What is an easy resource in ZonGuru?

The easy resource by ZonGuru is one of a kind feature that helps get along with reliable suppliers over Alibaba. As a result, this can help get the best suppliers under different parameters while delivering better customer value and making you a reliable seller on Amazon.

Conclusion: Is ZonGuru worth your time and money?

Yes, as an Amazon seller, you can try ZonGuru as it offers an easy-to-use interface and explores some of the important aspects of Amazon's selling operation, such as product listings, monthly sales, sales tracking, and much more. Some of the key factors that make ZonGuru an excellent choice includes its pricing plan as well; if we compare the ZonGuru pricing plans with some of the top-tier Amazon seller suites, it can be said that ZonGuru offers quite an affordable price option as per the features that it delivers, so choosing ZonGuru for different aspects such as performing research or exploring multiple aspects of Amazon selling can be an excellent choice overall.

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