Are you looking for an in-depth comparison of Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI? If so, you have just landed at the right place.

The market has several Amazon selling tools, and when there are plenty of options, well, there is bound to have confusion when you have to choose the right one. Especially when the claims made by them are huge, it is vital to verify those and see whether they are really offering those features which can really benefit you.

One such tools are Helium 10 and Captain BI, which offer a similar set of features. These two Amazon FBA tools provide the best tools to make your Amazon business successful. 

So when they are so neck and neck, you need to see what differences they have and then decide which one to go with. And that's precisely what we have for you in our Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI comparison, which is going to help you choose the best one from them. So without wasting any more time, let's begin!

Key Differences Upfront: Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI 

Next is what we call the ultimate battle of both tools. Make sure you read them to make better inferences between the two.

  • Helium 10 supports 21 marketplaces, whereas Captain BI supports 17 of them. 
  • Helium 10 offers a robust and effective Chrome Extension which is extremely popular among Amazon Sellers. But you don't get any Captain BI Chrome Extension. 
  • You get a forever free trial with limitations of using tools in Helium 10, whereas you get a complete 90-day free trial which is safe and risk-free if you choose Captain BI. 
  • In terms of accuracy, after using both tools, we did find that Helium 10 offers better accuracy than Captain BI.
  • Helium 10 is equally good for Walmart Sellers, but in Captain BI, you don't get this feature. 
  • Helium 10 offers more in-depth features compared to Captain BI.
  • Talking about the pricing, both tools are equally affordable in their own way. You should decide which features you want and then choose the right one. 
  • Helium 10 offers an exclusive FBA course which is known as Freedom Ticket, which is an excellent resource for learning more about the tool and also how you can start your Amazon selling business. At the same time, you don't get any such learning material from Captain BI.
  • Customer Support offered by Captain BI is fairly limited, whereas Helium 10 offers good customer support.
  • Helium 10 also offers many free tools for Amazon sellers, which are quite beneficial. You don't get any such tools with Captain BI.

What is Helium 10? – Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 is a robust and Advanced Amazon FBA tool that offers all the tools required by Amazon and Walmart sellers to scale their business and earn significant revenue. The tool is highly accurate, with its features being top-notch. It has got a hell of reviews on the internet, which describe the tool's features and shows its increasing popularity.

The tool offers a plethora of features right, from product research to its launch and also a few free tools as well which are undoubtedly helpful for many Amazon sellers. Even though many say that the tool is only for PRO Amazon sellers, even beginners can choose to get along with it as it is easy to use. Users also get detailed videos and Helium 10 Resources about each of its features, and they can learn from it how to use the tool more efficiently.

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon FBA tool that solves many Amazon sellers' problems related to Amazon Niche Selection, Competitor Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Email Automation, Inventory Management and a whole lot more! Before wasting any time, let's check out all of the Helium 10 features.

Helium 10 Features at a Glance

We have tried our best to explain Helium 10 features to the best of our knowledge, as there are plenty of them. Do read them as it can help you to make a quick decision about the tool.

1. Product Research

Helium 10 Product Research

#1. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 offers a Chrome Extension for Amazon sellers through which they can check out key metrics about the product without visiting Amazon. This extension is going to help Amazon sellers to launch their products quickly as they get robust product and keyword research features directly on their browsers.

You can use all the key features of Helium 10 on its Chrome Extension as you don't have to login into the Helium 10 account frequently. The various Helium 10 tools that you can use are – Xray, Demand Analyzer, Supplier Finder, Sales Estimator, Profitability Calculator, Review Insights ASIN Grabber, and Inventory Levels. This Browser Extension is also among the most dependable Amazon FBA Extension on the market.

#2. Black Box

With this tool, you can easily find winning products from the Amazon marketplace. You can easily find the products in high demand and are low in the competition, which you can include in your listings and get good revenue. To help you sort enormous amounts of data, it also offers unique filters which help you to get good product inspiration and also give you precise data. 

#3. Trendster

You might have an idea about the name of this tool. Well, this tool is all about finding the trending products which you can sell and increase your revenue. It also allows you to determine product seasonality with historical data and determine which products you can sell. You can use this feature from the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

#4. Xray

It is also known as the Helium 10 Product Analysis tool, through which you get Amazon market insights right on your browser. The tool offers you access to over 450 million ASINs along with advanced sorting features through which you can have a close eye on your competitors.

2. Keyword Research

Helium 10 Keyword Research

#1. Cerebro 

With this tool, you can get critical insight into your competitors' keywords and for which their products are ranking. And then, you can use those keywords in your listings to get an edge over them. This keyword insight provided by Cerebro is beneficial for you to launch new products successfully.

#2. Magnet 

This tool is helpful for users as with a single keyword; you can generate a comprehensive list of all the relevant keywords associated with it. You also get a magical “Helium 10 Magnet Score,” which is a unique score that is based on the ratio of search volume to the competing products. This tool is also helpful for boosting your listings almost instantly.

#3. Misspellinator

This is another unique tool by Helium 10. In this tool, you first have to enter the correct keyword and then it will provide you with all the misspelled words which customers are searching for. You can use these words as keywords in your listings to give customers exactly what they are looking for.

3. Listing Optimization

Helium 10 Listing Optimization

#1. Frankenstein

With this tool, you can filter out the best possible keywords from a long list. You can easily filter out the irrelevant keywords and get precise ones which will save you time and increase and enable you to rank higher on the Amazon search engine.

#2. Scribbles

This tool is all about optimizing your listings with correct and relevant keywords in a single click. Scribbles will automatically provide you with the “used keywords” as soon as you enter the keyword in the title, description and bullet points.

#3. Index Checker 

This tool will remove your manual work of finding out indexed products. This tool will confirm keyword ranking on Amazon and save you time. You can enter up to 1000 characters of search terms, and this tool will display whether or not they are indexed or not.

#4. Listing Analyzer

This is a Free Chrome Extension by Helium 10 through which you can measure the power of your listing! It is capable of analyzing up to 10 Amazon product listings in a single click. Even you can compare your listings with your competitors' listings.

#5. Audience 

This tool is best for getting feedback from your customers. This tool will let you gather valuable feedback from your customers through which you can make a better-informed decision about a product. You can create polls, questions or even other options to get feedback from your customers.

#6. Listing Builder 

This tool is an all-in-one listing builder and optimizing tool. You can sync your listing directly to your Amazon Seller Central in a single click. Sellers can easily update and sync changes to their listings and get a better conversion rate in less time. It is also helpful to manage your listings seamlessly and maximize profit.

4. Operations 

Helium 10 Operations

#1. Inventory Management 

This is an all-in-one tool from Helium 10 that lessens your inventory burden. This tool is seamlessly integrated with all the other tools of Helium 10 and offers automatic updates, which make your inventory stay updated. It provides a centralization platform for all your products, whether you ship to Amazon or from your warehouse. It will also help you to stay away from stockout situations and also from over-ordering.

#2. Refund Genie 

As the name goes, this tool is going to help you with Refund requests and also allows you to get your money back fast by automating the complicated FBA reimbursement process for any damaged or lost inventory.

#3. Alerts

This feature enables sellers to protect their listings through an easy-to-use dashboard. The tool automatically imports your ASINs into itself and monitors them in real-time 24/7. You can receive instant alerts of fraud or any hijacking activity, which can have an enormous impact on your listings.

#4. Inventory Protector

Inventory Protector is a tool that is going to enable you to fight abusive discount offers spammers and protect your stock from getting by limiting the maximum purchase number.

#5. Seller Assistant

This feature is helpful for building your brand reputation as it can boost your Amazon Review Probability with just 1 click. With this tool, you can achieve targeted follow-ups and even request a review from a single reviewer for any recent order he/she might have purchased.

#6. Follow-Up

This is an automated email marketing tool that is going to help you to know how the customer experience is. With this tool, you can create automated email sequences, build email templates, follow-up and much more, which is also going to instill a sense of trust among the customers.

5. Analytics 

Helium 10 Analytics

#1. Profits 

This is a powerful sales tracker from Helium 10, which is going to provide you with all the data required for assessing the proper financial health of your business. You can check out Gross Revenue from sales, Net Profit, Estimated Cost and a whole lot more. With this information, you can know which products are making you money and which ones to remove.

#2. Market Tracker

This is all about assessing where you stand in the market with respect to how your competitors are performing. You can check out your performance relative to your market and then move ahead. 

#3. Keyword Tracker 

This feature is helpful for tracking keywords which your product is ranking for. It provides you with critical data like keyword ranking, % changes, trends, monthly searches and a whole lot more. This is beneficial for you to see how you stand against your competitors with respect to the keyword's visibility.

#4. Market Tracker 360

This tool easily integrates with other Helium 10 tools to enable sellers to optimize their product listings to achieve more sales. It makes you informed of your current standing in the market and how you can improve it. This data is highly accurate, and you can rely on it to optimize your listings and get more revenue.

6. Marketing 

Helium 10 Marketing

#1. Adtomic 

This tool from Helium 10 is going to help you with your advertising-related activities. It is a PPC software through which you can achieve higher advertising ROI and also check the effectiveness of your campaign. It provides you with good insights on how you can increase your advertising ROI by offering you Critical data. It also offers three different templates and custom bid algorithms that can help your PPC campaign grow effectively.

#2. Portals 

This tool is going to help you develop perfectly optimized landing pages. By doing this, you can drive external traffic from your customer funnel to your product page. This tool easily integrates with Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook and more.

#3. Refersion

This tool is an affiliate marketing tool and the only one to integrate with Amazon. With this tool, you can find new customers, drive more traffic and earn more revenue! Refersion allows you to connect with top-performing affiliates, which can help you to drive more sales.

6. Free Tools by Helium 10 

Helium 10 also offers numerous Free Tools like Amazon Keyword Research, PPC Audit, Chrome Extension, URL Builder, QR Code Generator and Amazon Anomaly Tracker, which are equally accurate and beneficial as the other tools offered by it. These Free tools are also an excellent opportunity for the sellers to check out Helium 10 and learn about its features and the accuracy and flexibility it offers.

What is Captain BI? – Captain BI Review

CaptainBI Reviews

Captain BI is another business intelligence tool for Amazon sellers that offer them valuable insights like sales analytics, profit analytics and intelligence seller tools all in one platform. The tool began its journey in 2016 and since then has over 200,000+ customers and 300+ Amazon Top Brands. Even though it is a team of 100+ people, it offers quality and profitable services to its customers and has now become a SaaS company which is based in the United States and Hong Kong.

The tool offers you features through which you can analyze your Sales data, Revenues, Profits, Costs and Refunds for multiple marketplaces, Seller accounts and products. You can also check out which product ASIN is performing well depending on the orders placed or the profit the product is making in a particular period.

You can rely on Captain BI if you are looking for a proper Amazon FBA tool. Captain BI also helps you with features for Inventory Management and provides you with Information about the correct time to restock and also the right time to reorder them. You can also calculate reimbursements for your inventory loss and other inventory data like refunds, long-term storage fees, average sales and more.

Captain BI Features at a Glance

Now we shall have a quick look at some of the features offered by Captain BI for Amazon sellers.

1. Seller Tool Box

Seller Tool Box

Captain BI offers numerous tools for Amazon sellers through which they can carry out their Amazon business more efficiently and get good revenue from it. Let's check out a few of them.

#1. Product Research Tool

As the name goes, you can find winning products with this tool. The tool provides hot products with valuable Information that is gathered from the Amazon market. It will provide you with details like price distribution, price & review distribution, review rating distribution, and more. To help you with the massive product data, you also get filters like the product category, estimated monthly sales revenue, best sale rank, gross profit, reviews and more to help you find the hot winning products.

#2. Keyword Research Tool

With this tool of Captain BI, you can find all the profitable keywords to make your listings richer and showcase your products to a larger audience, thereby increasing your sales. You can do comprehensive keyword research, which will let you find all the relevant keywords and other valuable data like keyword search volume, keyword search trends, best sale season for the keyword and a whole lot more.

#3. Product Monitoring Tool

You can easily monitor your products using this tool. You can spy on your products to fetch more data like Best Sale Rank, Reviews, Amount of Sellers, Keyword ranking and more. This tool also records the changes in product real-time. You can monitor changes in trends like pricing of products, buy box price, review count, and review rating, which can help you to devise your strategy accordingly.

#4. ASIN Reverse Lookup Tool

This powerful feature is going to let you discover your competitor's keyword strategy. You can check out which keywords they are ranking for and then optimize your listing to bring in changes and have the edge over them. You just have to enter an ASIN, and the tool will show you traffic keywords for it and also the keyword trends. You can also view all relevant variants of the ASIN.

#5. Store Monitoring Tool

This tool is more of a spy tool through which you can have a close eye on your competitors. You can check out all the new products they have launched, the review rating of their products, and the feedback status. As you start monitoring them, the tool will provide you with valuable Information about the store's dynamics, along with an analysis report. It will provide you with real-time insights about the changes being made by your competitor and will notify you via email so that you can take immediate action and boost your sale.

#6. Review Analyze Tool

You can analyze the product reviews just by typing the ASIN of the product. You can check out product review ratings, verified purchases, variations, contents and a whole lot more. By adequately analyzing these essential aspects, you can know how the product variants are performing and then decide whether to restock or not. Sellers can check out key details like reviews through which they can learn the pros and cons of selling the product.

2. Sales Analytics Tools

Sales Analytics Tools

The first feature of Captain BI is the Sales Analytics tools that it offers to make Amazon's business easy. It provides accurate data for sales which you can view by single or multiple seller accounts. Plus, you can also view data related to orders, revenue, profit, cost and a whole lot more. You can accumulate all of this data under one platform and make an informed decision about your business and check out its profitability. 

The tool offers you Information on key metrics like orders, sales, revenue cost, profit by seller accounts, and units sold, and you can even set a custom date range to look out for sales trends. The tool also is unique as it gathers data of all the connected Amazon accounts and presents it to you concerning the default currency.

You get critical Information on:

With this tool, you can track detailed sales of each marketplace in real time. Even you can monitor the sales of multiple marketplaces in a single platform by using the sales metric trends to analyze the sales data.

#2. Orders

You can check out all metrics about each order, like its price, order date, buyer information, items, shipping status and more. And with a single click, you can label the review orders, and they will not be calculated into your profit by which you can make your profit/revenue calculations accurate.

#3. ASIN Analytics 

You can analyze specific ASINs by various metrics like sales, traffic, Inventory and performance. Even you can explore with a single click and get direct entry on several tool pages through which you can analyze the ASINs.

#4. Product Manager 

With this tool, you can launch or even discontinue a product easily. This helps in quickly managing your product cost and also the shipping cost through which you can calculate accurate profit data. 

#5. Refunds 

This tool will also offer you details of your refunds. It will also showcase the reason for the refund, refund processing progress, refund to buyer comments and more. In short, you can better understand your refunds and know all about them.

3. Profit Report Tools

Profit Report Tools

Captain BI also offers good profit tools which can easily integrate to cover all your expenses and revenues to deliver you real profits instantly. With this feature, you can easily find and calculate costs and profits for your seller account or ASIN.

With this tool, you can view the following:

#1. Profit & Loss Reports

This feature enables you to have a good glance at your profit and losses. It offers vital inputs on Amazon Fees, FBA fees, promotional costs, refunds, and more to give you a proper analysis of your profits and also the losses through which you can have an appropriate judgment about your business.

#2. Customize Profit Reports

You can also generate profit reports for multiple marketplaces for a particular period. You can get the Information as per monthly profit, various marketplaces, view by different currencies and more. You can also export this data efficiently.

#3. ASIN Profit & Fees

This feature enables you to make an informed decision about your profit as you can visualize the profitability of each ASIN. You get a complete breakdown of each cost metric, which allows you to distinguish between each of the cost metrics and then you can make your decisions accordingly. Even you can view the data according to parent ASIN, Child ASIN or SKU.

#4. Additional Costs 

You can generate the cost automatically using this feature which will be based on the settings you apply and will be calculated as a part of the profit report. Plus, you can also create additional costs at your own ease, through which you can classify and also accumulate the frequency of the expenses as they come.

#5. Settings 

You can also set the cost settings for various fulfillment, which is helpful in case you wish to modify the cost of a refund. You can even change the FBA storage cost to calculate profits accurately.

4. FBA Inventory Tools

FBA Inventory Tools

This Captain BI tool is going to solve all your concerns related to your Inventory. It brings out a clear picture of your FBA inventory through which you can easily assess when is the right time to restock. You can also make sound decisions to reduce inventory storage fees. This tool quickly analyzes your Inventory and automatically tells you the right time to when and how much you should restock your Inventory. You can analyze your inventory data such as costs, sales, average sales and even refunds.

5. Advertising Ad Tools

Advertising Ad Tools

Captain BI also offers Sponsored Ad reports through which you can manage all sponsored ads for multiple stores from a single platform. The tool will allow you to check for more than 19 metrics for the campaign. This is helpful for you to check out the performance of the campaign. Plus, the tool is also offering an Automatic Bidding tool which is helpful for ads management.

Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI: Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 offers a forever free trial, which is great news for the sellers to check out the various tools it offers. Then comes the Three Pricing plans of Helium 10 – Starter, Platinum and Diamond. 

Helium 10 Starter Plan

The Starter Plan costs just $39/month and is going to offer you only a few features of the tool. You get features like you can connect up to 2 Tokens Walmart + Amazon. Plus, features like Black Box, Xray, Trendster and more are also available in a limited manner. 

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

Next, you have the Platinum Plan, which costs $99/month and is going to give you more features than you get in the Starter plan. It offers you access to the Amazon PPC Academy, along with Xray for Walmart and a whole lot more. 

Helium 10 Diamond Plan

Lastly, you have the Diamond Plan, which costs $249/month and is going to offer you all the features that Helium 10 has to offer. This Plan is perfect for expert sellers who are willing to expand their business. 

Captain BI Pricing Plans

Captain BI Pricing

The best thing which we really like about Captain BI is that it offers a complete 90-day free trial, which is just an enormous time period to check out the tool for Free and know its worth for your business.

But when we talk about its pricing, well, it is certainly a bit more expensive than Helium 10. Let's have a quick look at what you get in the pricing plans.

Captain BI offers Four Pricing Plans – Starter, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

Captain BI Starter Plan – $59/month

The starter plan is best for Amazon's startup team. It gives you Unlimited access to the 5 tool suites, an Order Limit of 10000/Month, Credits: of 20.00, an Unlimited Buy Box, a Review Monitor: of 100 / Month and a whole lot more.

Captain BI Advanced Plan – $89/month

This Plan gives you all features of the Starter Plan along with an Order Limit: of 30000/Month, Credits: of 50.00, Review Monitor: of 200/Month and more. 

Captain BI Professional Plan – $179/month

With this Plan, you get a whole new level of services through which you can manage your business more efficiently. In this Plan, you get an Order Limit: of 70000/Month, Credits: of 100.00, a Review Monitor: of 400/Month and more.

Captain BI Enterprise Plan – $379/month

This Plan is suitable for Large-scale and mature sellers. This Plan offers you: Order Limit: Unlimited, Credits: 250.00, Review Monitor: 1000/Month and more.

If you go for the Annual Subscription of Captain BI, you get an extra 2 months of subscription Free, irrespective of the Plan you choose.

Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI: Pros & Cons

Helium 10 Pros & Cons

  • All-in-one Tool for all Amazon FBA Business Requirements.
  • Top Notch Features for Listing Optimization, Advertising, Product Research and more.
  • Highly Accurate Data.
  • Tools like Magnet, Refersion, and Adtomic are one of a kind.
  • Offers Best Amazon Course Access ā€“ Freedom Ticket.
  • Forever Free Trial available.
  • It offers very little information about Suppliers.

Captain BI Pros & Cons

  • It has decent data accuracy.
  • Provides good features like ASIN Analytics, Profit & Loss Reporting, Inventory Management and more.
  • Offers 90-day free trial.
  • Full money-back guarantee.
  • Not as accurate as Helium 10.

Top FAQs on Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI 2024

What is the pricing of Helium 10?

Helium 10 offers three pricing plans – Starter, Platinum and Diamond. The Starter plan costs 39/month or $29/month if you subscribe for the Annual Subscription. The Platinum Plan would cost $99/month or $84/month if you subscribed annually. The Diamond Plan costs $249/month or $209/month for the annual subscription.

How much does Captain BI cost?

Captain BI offers Four Pricing Plans – Starter, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise. The starter plan costs $59/month and $590/year. The Advanced Plan costs $89 per month and $890 per month. Professional Plan costs $179/month and $1790/year. Finally, you have the Enterprise Plan that costs $379/month and $3790/year.

Is there any Helium 10 free trial?

Yes. Helium 10 has got a forever Free trial with many limitations regarding the uses of each tool offered by it. We recommend you go for any of the paid plans if you wish to expand your business by getting the most out of this tool.

Does Captain BI offer a Chrome Extension?

No. You don't get a Captain AI Chrome Extension.

How many marketplaces are supported by Captain BI?

Captain BI currently supports the marketplaces of the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

Are there any Helium 10 coupon codes?

Yes. You can grab great savings using our exclusive Helium 10 Coupon Codes right from thisĀ link.

Which are the top Captain BI alternatives?

There are many alternatives to Captain BI, like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, AMZ Watcher, Helium 10, AMZ Scout, and many more.

Is Helium 10 free?

No. Helium 10 is not free. Though it offers a forever free trial, it has got three pricing plans.

Does Captain BI support multiple seller accounts?

Yes, Captain BI does support multiple seller accounts.

Does Captain BI offer money back guarantee?

Yes. You can cancel the Captain BI subscription at any time, as there are no long-term commitments required for monthly plans. Also, if you do cancel it within theĀ 90-dayĀ window of you making the payment, you are eligible for the full money-back guarantee that the tool offers.

Final Verdict: Which one is better, Helium 10 or Captain BI?

We have made a complete in-depth comparison of both tools, and clearly, Helium 10 comes out on top in terms of the features and data accuracy it offers. It has a separate fan base among Amazon sellers. Helium 10 comes along with a few exclusive tools that no other Amazon tool is currently offering. Even it has got features for Walmart selling and the Freedom Ticket Course, which is an excellent learning platform.

As far as Captain BI is concerned, it does offer a few core features which can be helpful for sellers who are beginning their Amazon FBA journey. It does come with a 90-day free trial, which is great, but it lacks a few features that Helium 10 is offering.

We hope that this honest comparison of Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI will help you to choose the right tool that will boost your Amazon FBA business.

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