This DataHawk 14-day trial is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of how DataHawk can enhance your business operations. What’s even better? No credit card is required, making it a risk-free opportunity for all the users.

To start the DataHawk free trial, you need to request a demo and complete a questionnaire. The team at DataHawk will review your application and may reject it if they feel your business is not a good match.

Core Insights

  • The DataHawk Free Trial is accessible by requesting a demo and completing a questionnaire.
  • The process can be challenging as the DataHawk team may reject your application if they feel your Amazon business is incompatible with their services.
  • Having an existing business is crucial before applying for the DataHawk Free Trial. 
  • The duration of the DataHawk Free Trial is 14 days. 
  • No credit card information is required to get started. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Start DataHawk Free Trial

Follow these simple steps to sign up for the DataHawk Free Trial:

STEP 1: Visit the DataHawk website

Go to the DataHawk website and look for the option to request a demo.

DataHawk Free Trial

STEP 2: Request a demo

Fill out the demo request form with your name, email, company name, and other relevant information.

Request a demo by DataHawk

STEP 3: Complete the questionnaire

After requesting a demo, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will provide more information about your business and its needs.

Complete the questionnaire by DataHawk

STEP 4: Wait for approval

The DataHawk team will review your application and determine if your business is compatible with their platform. If approved, you will be granted access to the 14-day free trial.

STEP 5: Set up your account

Once you have access to the DataHawk Free Trial, set up your account and start exploring the platform's features.

What features do I get in the DataHawk Free Trial?

Below are the range of features you can access during the DataHawk Free Trial:

  • Automated Data Collection: This feature allows you to automate the process of collecting data from various sources. It saves time and ensures that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Managed Database: With this feature, DataHawk takes care of managing your database. This means you don't have to worry about the technical aspects of database management, allowing you to focus on analyzing the data and making informed decisions.
  • Analytics: DataHawk provides analytics tools that help you understand your data better.
  • Storage: DataHawk provides storage for all the data collected. This feature ensures that your data is safe, secure, and easily accessible whenever you need it.
  • Integrations: DataHawk can be integrated with other software, making it easier for you to manage all your data in one place.
  • Anomaly Detection: This feature helps you identify any unusual patterns or outliers in your data. It can be particularly useful in identifying potential issues before they become major problems.
  • Customizable Dashboards: DataHawk allows you to create customized dashboards. This means you can set up your dashboard to display the data and metrics that are most important to you.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: This feature allows you to track the ranking of specific keywords. It can be particularly useful for improving your SEO strategy.
  • SEO Analytics: DataHawk provides SEO insights that can help you improve your website's visibility and ranking on search engines.

What did I learn from the DataHawk Free Trial?

During my 14-day DataHawk Free Trial, I had the opportunity to explore various features of DataHawk and gain valuable insights into my Amazon business. Throughout the trial, I discovered several useful features, such as automated data collection, storage, and managed databases. These tools allowed me to better understand my business's performance and identify areas for improvement. However, I did encounter some limitations, such as the short 14-day trial period, which might not be enough for some busy professionals.

All-in-all, my experience with the DataHawk Free Trial was insightful and educational. I learned about the platform's capabilities and how it could potentially benefit my business.

Top DataHawk Alternatives that offer a Free Trial

If you're looking for popular alternatives to DataHawk that offer a free trial, here are two of the most popular options: Helium 10 and JungleScout.

Helium 10: Helium 10 is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to give entrepreneurs and businesses an edge in the e-commerce marketplace, particularly on Amazon. It offers over 30 tools, ranging from data-driven keyword research to functional account maintenance and protection.

JungleScout: JungleScout is another powerful platform that offers a range of tools to help you find, launch, and sell products on Amazon and beyond. It provides sellers with advanced, up-to-date tools, features, and accurate data so you can make informed decisions about your Amazon business.

Top FAQs about DataHawk Free Trial

How do I request the DataHawk Free Trial?

To request the DataHawk Free Trial, you need to sign up for a demo and complete a questionnaire. Their team will then review your application to provide you access to the free trial or reject your request if they feel it's incompatible with your business.

What is the duration of the DataHawk Free Trial?

The DataHawk Free Trial lasts for 14 days.

What features are available during the DataHawk Free Trial?

The DataHawk Free Trial offers all the features available with the paid subscription, including automated data collection, storage, and managed database.

Are there any limitations or issues with the DataHawk Free Trial?

Some limitations include the short 14-day trial period, which might not be enough for busy professionals, and the possibility of being rejected for the trial if the DataHawk team feels your business is not a good match for their services.

Do I need to provide my credit card information for the DataHawk Free Trial?

No, you don't need to provide your credit card information to access the DataHawk Free Trial.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss the chance to sign up for the DataHawk Free Trial and access the platform’s features without spending a penny from your pocket. During the free trial period, users get the chance to access to a complete suite of tools designed to enhance your Amazon business, from automated data collection to insightful analytics. Also, there is no need to provide your credit card details which make it even easier to sign up for the trial.

My final thoughts? It's a must-try for any serious Amazon seller. Also the businesses should be aware that acceptance for the trial is not guaranteed and should ensure they have a clear need for the platform's features before applying.

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