The success of any best-selling product lies in its ability to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant to its target audience. To do this, businesses must be well-informed about the latest market trends, customer demands, and competitor strategies. Apart from that, you should have done extensive product research and must have powerful insights into your own business ongoing. 

This is where market intelligence and research tools come in. The robust intelligence technology helps you analyze products, prices, competitors and marketing strategies. The comprehensive view of the market allows businesses to make informed decisions that will benefit their business and ultimately lead to success.

CaptainBI is a smart business management and product research tool that is quite new to the market. And compared to its competitors, it offers some pretty solid features that will make you think twice before opting for anything else. But will CaptainBI be worth your dollars? Let's find out all about it in this in-depth CaptainBi review 2024.

CaptainBI Review – What is CaptainBI? 

CaptainBI Reviews

CaptainBI is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that offers a variety of features to help you get valuable performance insights and earn maximum profits. The advanced software helps sellers get business sales and profit analytics, check FBA inventory status, and manage advertising campaigns. You can view all the crucial data in creative graphs, detailed reports and customizable dashboards.

The web app even has a set of smart seller tools that come in handy for market research and analysis. CaptainBI makes growing your business much “easier, faster and smarter.” You will see your profit and loss report, manage your inventory, analyze your sales data, review sponsored ads, and use the Sellers toolbox.

The software has amazing customer reviews, which shows how productively it can impact your FBA business. Compared to other similar competitors, CaptainBI offers a lot at very affordable prices. It supports 17 top-level marketplaces and has a very user-friendly interface. Additionally, you get a 90-day free trial without even having to register your credit card. 

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Key Features of CaptainBI – How Can Your FBA Business Benefit from CaptainBI?

CaptainBI is an innovative SaaS that enables businesses to generate insights, do research and make data-driven decisions. CaptainBI helps maximize profits and grow your business with the help of its powerful features. Let's learn about all of them in detail. 

1. Sales Analytics Tool

Sales Analytics Tool

One of the most important for an FBA seller is to manage the sales metrics and analyze them so the business can prosper. The Sales analysis tool helps you do precisely that. You will be able to see “profits, costs, products, orders, refunds, and more.” You can view valuable data for multiple seller accounts and collect information from all supported marketplaces. Managing your product expenses, such as the shipping cost, becomes much easier.

  • Get an overview of your sales analytics from all marketplaces. 
  • Track and analyze real-time sales data.
  • Manage your orders in a much more understandable manner.
  • Get to know all the necessary information about refunds.
  • Learn and analyze valuable insights by any product's ASIN
  • Also, get your product's status and related expenses

2. Profit Report Tools

Profit Report Tools

This collection of tools helps break down the complex profits and expenses insights and presents them to you in a very easy-to-understand format. This way, you get to learn about all the profits accurately. Not only that, it calculates earnings for all your available seller accounts and product ASINs. You get the best overview as well as deeper insights with an attractive graphical representation, organized dashboard, and financial analysis.

The reports include all the valuable information such as “Amazon fees, FBA fees, refunds, historical COGs, promotional costs, etc.” The reports are also customizable for better profitability management. 

  • Get all crucial data insights for the connected Amazon accounts in just one glance. 
  • Customize your in-depth profit reports and export them with ease. 
  • Differentiate profit and cost metrics based on ASIN.
  • View your data more flexibly by parent ASIN, child ASIN or SKU
  • Estimate additional costs to get a much clear picture.
  • Manage and change your setting to increase your functionality.

3. FBA Inventory Tool

FBA Inventory Tool

This tool helps you manage your inventory by keeping you aware of the stock status along with making future predictions to prevent any stockouts. This makes it totally worthwhile, as the estimations are based on solid insights and past performance. So you can kick out your guesswork and rely on trusted AI for inventory management. You can stay ahead in the game by already knowing about the “data of inventory cost, replenishment, redundancy, LTSF.” You will be able to see the FBA cash flow and inventory status.

  • It keeps you aware of the inventory status and prevents stockouts.
  • You can reduce the inventory-storage fees by being aware of the status and reordering stocks at the proper time. 
  • Its intelligence analyzes your inventory value and tells you how much stock you should order. 
  • The tool also calculates other inventory metrics such as sales, costs, refunds and average value.

4. Sponsored Ads Tool

Sponsored Ads Tool

Managing your PPC advertising is another headache for sellers. The Sponsored Ads Tools helps you manage your advertising campaigns with a bullet-proof strategy so that you can get maximum returns. It makes the performance and sales data available in the best possible manner so that analysis can be quick.

With the automated bidding tool, you can do ad management with a budget, time range, and bidding, increase conversion and decrease the advertising cost of sales with intelligence and other bidding strategies.

  • Efficiently manage the sponsored ads data insights for multiple stores.
  • You can view more than 19 crucial metrics for the ad campaigns. 
  • Increase your return on investment as the tools help provide powerful automated bidding strategies.

Besides these amazing features, CaptainBI also has one more special weapon, the Sellers Tool Box. The box contains six other tools that are a must for all sellers. Let us learn more about them and how you can make them for your business growth.

CaptainBI Seller Tool Box – Is CaptainBI the Best Seller Tool Suites? 

The sellers' tool set contains tools for product research, product monitoring, keyword research, competitive analysis and much more. All these combine to give you precise product reviews so that you can optimize your ranking accordingly. 

CaptainBI Seller Tool Box

1. Keyword Research Tool

The tool lets you search for the most-potential winning keywords and also lets you see its search volume, search trends, best sale period, listings and sales. Do comprehensive keyword research and bring out all the information you need. And using these profitable keywords, you can optimize your listing and search for hot-selling products

2. Product Research Tool

Get to search the hot-selling products from its real-time Amazon database. Filter your search results based on your needs, niche, and preferences with the help of its advanced filters. Expand your search spectrum by including categories such as estimated monthly sales revenue; best sales rank gross profit, review rating, and more. Find winning opportunities and ace the Amazon market

3. Product Monitoring Tool

Do advanced competitive research within seconds with the help of this product monitoring tool. Spy on individual products to extract essential insights. Know the buy box price, best sale rank, reviews, keyword ranking, number of sellers and more. Track their real-time changes and do your analysis. 

4. ASIN Reverse Lookup Tool

Spy on your competitor's keyword strategy and optimize your own listings to always stay on the top. With ASIN Lookup, know what keyword your competitors are ranking for and increase your conversion rate. Also, learn about the variants of a particular ASIN. 

5. Store Monitoring Tool

Track your competitor's product dynamics to understand their strategy and rank higher. You will get to monitor a store and get the analysis report. Know about their latest product launches and how it has been performing. Learn about these critical factors and boost your profits by making changes in your personal strategy. 

6. Review Analyze Tool

Take your market research to the next level, analyzing product reviews for enhanced sales. Learn the demands of potential customers and their dislikes to influence your future launchings. Type in the product ASIN to know about reviews with ratings, verified purchases, variations, reviewers, etc.

With this tool, you can find the best products based on an analysis of product reviews, review ratings, verified purchases, variations, reviewers and much more. This can help you get an idea about the variant products so that you can prepare to restock accordingly. This tool can help you to conduct a better survey of the product by listing the details of the reviews that can help you to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the particular product that tell you the areas in which you can improve your product.

Why do you need CaptainBI?

If you are running one or multiple businesses on Amazon, you need CaptainBI and here is why.

CaptainBI will help you to consolidate your data from multiple stores in one place. With this tool, you can conduct product research, competitor research, keyword research for multiple stores and along with that, you can keep track of all the profits from all your Amazon stores in the currency you prefer! CaptainBI is easy to use, and the useful and intuitive functions make the tool an essential part of your arsenal as a seller on Amazon or a seller online.

If you are an online seller with multiple stores, you can understand the complexity of managing aspects like inventory, relevant keywords, marketing and a variety of other aspects that have a direct effect on your store's performance. All this is made easy with CaptainBI, that brings together the various aspects of business management for ease and comfort. 

If that wasn't enough, you could do all of that for free with their mind-blowing 90-day free trial that gives you access to the powerful functions of this amazing tool. While there is a price difference when compared to similar products, the functionality and ease of use make up for it and the generous free trial for 90 days with premium features is more than compelling when talking about trying the tool.

Captain BI Knowledge Base: An Answer to all your questions

Captain BI provides an extensive knowledge base for its new users. There are many articles that cover a variety of topics starting from Account Health. They have articles covering the most basic to the complex queries that are asked by the users. This is a great way to learn about the various features of the amazing tool. The detailed knowledge base provides step-by-step guides for various features of CaptainBI. This article is easy and help new users to completely understand the full potential that the tool has.

Another great thing about these guides is that they come in two different languages English and Vietnamese. These Knowledge base even provides tips and tricks that can help sellers to get the most out of the tool. There are 49 articles in English and 17 articles in Vietnamese that you can refer to in case you need help with the tool.

CaptainBI Pricing Plans – Is CaptainBI Worth its Value?

CaptainBI Pricing Plans

Well, CaptainBI does have a lot of helpful benefits that will be useful for any level of FBA business management. And you can carry on with product research as well as competitive analysis in the same place. So you can say it is efficient and productive, but what if I tell you it is also cost-effective? 

CaptainBI's pricing plans are not that expensive. But that is not what got me hooked to the web app in the first place. It is its 90-day free trial. Yes, you read it right, the toolset is all yours to try it out free of cost for 90 days, and you won't even have to register your credit card. Now, if that is not news, I don't know what is!

But what about the pricing plans? You can purchase the subscription to this premium marketing and business intelligence toolset in 4 packs. And each pack has a monthly offer and a yearly offer, which offers 2 Months Free on annual billing. 

Starter: This particular pack is suitable for Amazon startup teams. A monthly subscription will cost $59, and an annual subscription will cost $590. 

Advanced: The Advanced plan should be good for all the expanding and growing business types. You can make it yours for $89 a month or $890 a year.

Professional: When you have established a full-fledged business, you might need more tools to manage your business professionally and skillfully. The Professional pack helps you do that for a monthly price of $179 and $1790 for the annual subscription. 

Enterprise: For mature sellers that wish to expand their business on a larger scale and manage it better, the Enterprise plan becomes an excellent deal. The monthly subscription is available for $379, whereas the yearly subscription will cost you $3790.

CaptainBI FeaturesStarterAdvancedProfessionalEnterprise
Multiple MarketplacesYesYesYesYes
Order Limit10000/month30000/month70000/monthUnlimited
Unlimited Access to 5 Tool SuitesYesYesYesYes
Team AccountsYesYesYesYes
Buy Monitor MonitorUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Review Monitor100/month200/month400/month1000/month
90 Day Free TrialYesYesYesYes

Top FAQs on CaptainBI Review

Does CaptainBi offer a free trial?

Yes, CaptainBi offers a 90-day free trial on all its pricing plans, and you can access it without even registering your credit card.

How many marketplaces does CaptainBI support? 

CaptainBi supports 17 marketplaces, including the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, India, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

What do you get with CaptainBI?

The features of CaptainBi are Sales analytics, Profits reports, FBA inventory management, Ads optimization and a powerful Sellers toolbox.

Is Helium 10 better than CaptainBI?

Helium 10 offers a lot of productive tools and useful features that are useful for FBA sellers. It provides a vast database, high accuracy, market research, better optimization and a lot more. Whereas, CaptainBI, on the other hand, offers total value for its worth. It is more appropriate when it comes to business management and organization. And for a more elaborated version of the topic, refer to our Helium 10 Vs. Captain BI 2024

Final Verdict: CaptainBI Review – Should you really go for this tool?

CaptainBI is a business intelligence software that collects critical data insights and presents them in a very chic way. Sales analysis lets you view the important things you would have normally missed doing manual analysis. You not only get to see the valuable data but can analyze it as well in the form of reports, graphs and dashboards. This becomes a quick, efficient and accurate way to tally the insights.

Increase the Return on Investment with proper campaign management and data visibility. Inventory management supported by intelligence gives you the most accurate estimates. You can also make profitable business decisions now that all the data insights are under one roof. 

The Sellers tool set has a robust set of tools that make research and optimization a child's play. These features have helped thousands of sellers grow their profits as well as their business. CaptainBI pricing plans are also very affordable and reasonable, another reason why its popularity is growing rapidly.

If you are still unsure, you can check out the product in its potential as a 90-day free trial. From our end, the SaaS is a pure goldmine and is definitely worth a shot. 

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