Searching for PiPiADS Pricing Plans? We have got your back. Discover the best plans and how you can try this amazing ads spy tool totally free right here, right now!

Competitive research is equally important as your product research. Plus, when it comes to platforms such as TikTok, finding trendy products or ads manually is not something one can even think of.

PiPiADS is the solution.

A bright ad spy tool that is all in favor of finding the winning products on TikTok. PiPiADS also has a gigantic Ads library that will help you find the best products, stores and trending ads in one go.

But what about the pricing? Does it offer a free plan? Does it have a lifetime membership? Stay tuned as we explore PiPiADS pricing & features in detail.

What is PiPiADS? How can you Find Profitable Products on TikTok? 

PiPiADS Reviews

PiPiADS is a top-notch ad spy tool that can help you discover potential hot-selling products to grow your dropshipping or FBA business prolifically. The tool makes available the data of “TikTok winning products & TikTok dropshipping ads.” Users can easily access the latest shop data and analyze the TikTok advertisers.

Being amongst the first few sellers to discover trending products can help you earn and grow at a great speed. PiPiADS displays the trending products and Tiktok's top ads for you to choose from. The tool has the biggest TikTok ads library with the most ad examples and references. You can boost your own performance by getting powerful competitive insights from your competitors and top TikTok advertisers. 

The platform regularly updates and adds trending ads. Check out a few of the ad examples you will find on PiPiADS:

  • Dropshipping ads
  • Cash on delivery ads
  • App & Gaming ads
  • Brand ads
  • Affiliate ads
  • Local ads

Additionally, getting started with PiPiADS is a hassle-free process, just enter your email and create a free account; Yes, no credit card is required.

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PiPiADS Features 2024: What can you expect with each PiPiADS pricing plan?

Now that you are well aware of PiPiADS basics, it is time to learn about the features which you will be getting from its various plans. Their limits and usage per day varies depending on your plan.

  • Ads per query: This number determines the number of ads you will be able to view for each search query. The numbers range from 12 ads per query to 5000 ads per query.
  • Ad details per day: This defines the number of detailed ads you can see daily. The details include an ad pop-up box and an ad detail page.
  • Product per query: The product search results which will be displayed for each query can be counted in this section. The free plan provides 8 products per search query.
  • Product details per day: This number denotes the number of times you will be able to view the product details in a day.
  • Advertisers per query: This defines the number of advertisers which will be displayed per day, which can be 5, 50, 1000 or 3000.
  • Advertiser details per day: This stands for the number of detailed views you will get for the above-mentioned advertisers.
  • Products and Stores: You can even see Winning products, Top products, New products and Top stores for a specific duration. The number will vary depending on the plans you choose.
  • Search (Per Day): This limit denotes how many individual searches users will get for a day. For the free plan, it is up to 10 times a day, whereas for the rest of the plans, there is no limit to your daily searches, aka unlimited.
  • Not to see viewed ads: This lets you eliminate the ads that you have already come across or have already seen. The feature is only available with the free plan.
  • Block advertiser: You can even block advertisers which you don't wish to see. This feature is also available with the Pro Plan only.
  • Users at a time: This indicates the number of users that can use the account at one time. The free plan allows one user at a time, but for teams, you must opt for the Pro Plan.

Apart from all these exclusive features, you will also get Categories (Per Day), Country/Region specific searches, CTA Button and Ecom Platforms. Users can even download products, as well as ads. This is up to 10 times for the free plan, whereas unlimited for the other plans.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans 2024

PiPiads Pricing Plan

Now jumping to the main topic, the PiPiADS pricing plans 2024. PiPiADS offers some really amazing offers which are quite affordable as compared to other competitors.

Along with that, PiPiADS has an entirely free plan for people to access its tools. But if you want to see the true potential of PiPiADS, you should definitely go for the $1 trial that lets you access all the premium features for 3 days straight.

Let's discuss all the paid plans (Check the next section for the free one) offered by PiPiADS:

PiPiADS Starter Plan

PiPiADS Starter Plan

The plan is excellent for people just starting with TikTok ads and dropshipping. Along with 1 person usage, you can access 200 ads per query, 50 ad details per day, 50 product details per day, 50 advertisers per query, and 50 advertiser details per day. Search unlimited winning products from top stores.

PiPiADS Starter Plans
  • Monthly: $77/ Month
  • Annual: $54/ Month ($649/Year)
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Once you have established yourself, the VIP plan is all you need. You get 2000 ads per query, 200 ad details per day, 200 product details per day, 1000 advertisers per query, and 200 advertiser details daily. Search for unlimited winning products, 2000 top products, 2000 new products and 2000 top stores.

  • Monthly: $155/ Month
  • Annual: $116/ Month ($1393/Year)


PiPiADS Pro Plan

Lastly, the PRO Plan is the best deal for businesses wishing to expand and grow quickly. Users will be able to get 5000 ads per query, 1000 ad details per day, 1000 product details per day, 3000 advertisers per query, and up to 1000 advertiser details per day. You will also get a 5 personal Multi-user interface, which is super beneficial for big teams and businesses.

PiPiADS Pro Plans
  • Monthly: $263/ Month
  • Annual: $181/ Month ($2167/Year)

PiPiADS Enterprise Plan

A special plan that allows you to customize the number of users and the tools and features used as per your requirements. Connect with the official for more details.

PiPiADS Free Plan 2024: Does PiPiADS Offer a Free Plan?

One of the best features of PiPiADS is that it has a free plan, you can get started without having to pay any cash. It is as simple as that.

Additionally, the Free plan is not all bad. You do get minimum access to the premium features. This includes:

  • 12 Ads per query
  • 8 Products per query
  • 8 Product details per day
  • 5 Advertisers per query
  • 5 Advertiser details per day
  • 10 Winning Product
  • Up to 10 times Search (Per Day)
  • Up to 10 times Categories (Per Day)
  • Up to 10 times Download Ads/product

You only get 1 user access per free account. However, you will be missing out on ad details per day, top products and stores, CTA Button and a few other features. For them and much better benefits, you can upgrade your membership at any point of time.

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How to Try PiPiADS Premium Features for Free

You can certainly try the PiPiADS premium features hassle-free with the PiPiADS trial. You can try all the plans with their exclusive features for $1. Yes, that is just a dollar more than no money. You will experience the best of PiPiADS: finding the best products and TikTok ads for merely nothing. The 3-day trial will let you experience all the tool's features and will allow you to decide whether PiPiADS are profitable for your business.

PiPiADS Free Trial

PiPiADS does offer an almost free trial, i.e. it only costs you $1 to get access to the premium features offered by PiPiADS. This trial is only available for two pricing plans including the Starter and VIP plan, whereas the Pro plan does not offer a trial.

PiPiADS Free Trial

The PiPiADS trial is only available for a span of 3 days and offers access to all the features included in your chosen plan.

Some of the features accessible to users under the PiPiADS trial period are as follows:

  • Ads Query and Search
  • Ad Details
  • Product Details
  • Advertiser search for a query
  • Advertiser Details
  • Unlimited Winning Products (Extensive database)

It is worth mentioning that PiPiADS free trial is available for plans that have got user seat access to a single seat, i.e. the trial is not available for PiPiADS pro plan with 5 user seat access.

How to activate PiPiADS free trial?

Starting off with PiPiADS, youโ€™ll be getting a free plan which will give you a basic overview of the key features and user interface. Here is a simple 4-step guide to starting your PiPiADS free trial.

1.Click on the exclusive link and you will be directed to PiPiADS official website.

2.Complete the signup process by clicking on Sign up in the upper right corner.

3.You now have access to PiPiADS free plan and that too forever, yes a PiPiADS free forever plan, but it does have certain limitations.

4.You now have access to PiPiADS free plan and that too forever, yes a PiPiADS free forever plan, but it does have certain limitations.

So, what are you waiting for get access to the PiPiADS trial and start your TikTok ad spying journey on the go.

PiPiADS Free Plan Vs. $1 Trial

Here is a small analysis on what are the common differences one could see between the free plan and the $1 trial.

PiPiADS Free PlanPiPiADS $1 Trial
12 Ads per query200 to 2000 Ads per query (depends on the plan)
0 ad details50 to 200 ad details per day
No access to Top products, new products, and Top storesAccess to top products, new products, and top stores
Country/Region, CTA button, Ecom Platform filter not availableUnlimited access to Country/Region, CTA button, and Ecom Platform filter.
10 Winning ProductsUnlimited Winning Products

How to save flat 30% on PiPiADS Pricing Plans?

Though the monthly pricing plans are affordable, you can still save up to 30% extra. The trick is super simple, just purchase their yearly plans, and the monthly rate will be reduced by 30%. It is a great deal when you see it from the long-term perspective.

Plus, once you go through with the payment, you will have access to the tool's premium features for a year long.

Follow the steps to avail of the offer:

  1. Click on the “Activate Deal” button below
  2. Go to the official site of PiPiADS
  3. Go to the pricing section
  4. And select Paid Annually and choose your pricing plan

Make the subscription purchase, and Boom! There you have it, premium features at a discounted price.

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Top FAQs on PiPiADS Pricing Plans 2024

Does PiPiADS issue a refund?

No, PiPiADS does not have a money-back guarantee, which means customers are not liable for a refund. They have clearly stated on their official site that their subscription is a “digital product service,” Thus, refunds are not supported.

How can you upgrade your PiPiADS membership?

You can easily upgrade your membership by choosing a high-tier plan. Your current membership's remaining duration will immediately be added to the new plan at a predetermined conversion rate.

When can you cancel your membership?

The control of cancellation is totally in your hands. You can cancel your subscription by visiting your account from the Subscription & Invoice page. After cancellation, your membership will be terminated, and you will not be charged anymore. This means you can enjoy the $1 3-day trial, and if you don't like the experience, you can easily opt-out.

Is PiPiADS free?

Yes, PiPiADS offers a free plan, which is free for a lifetime. However, the features supported by the free plan are limited. You can use their $1 trial to access their premium features.ย 

How to use the PiPiADS Chrome Extension?

PPSPY is the PiPiADS chrome extension, which you can install for free from the Chrome Web Store. You can easily extract valuable product data right from your browse page with ease.

Conclusion: Which PiPiADS Pricing Plan should you Buy?

PiPiADS sure is a great tool if you wish to nail the dropshipping market or sail effortlessly through the TikTok ads section. You will be able to access one of the biggest TikTok libraries. See the trendy products and number of advertisers, all this will help you identify your success in the market.

Now that you are well aware of PiPiADS pricing, you can make sure to choose the right plan. You can always try the tool for $1 with their free trial and also access the free because you have nothing to lose that way. So get started and grow your business prolifically.

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