PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review 2023: Free Dropshipping & Shopify Spy Tool

PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

PiPiADS has been quite an excellent tool in the market which can help you in making things much better for dropshipping and performing better in-depth analysis for marketing and similar analysis.

Unlike most ad spying tools, PiPiADS offer a Chrome extension that helps you explore different parameters of marketing, dropshipping, and much more; these basically include the number of products that your competitor Shopify website has, the best-selling products, the pixels, and understanding the in-depth marketing strategy that your competitors might be having.

Since you might have got a small overview of PPSPY, let's get started with this PiPiADS Chrome extension review that can help you make your way around why you should use this and how it can help you in your dropshipping, marketing, and competitive analysis. From my personal experience so far, it is worth mentioning that the data is quite helpful and has helped me overall in order to upscale my dropshipping business.

Why Should I Use PPSPY? – PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review

One of the major reasons behind using the PiPiADS Chrome Extension is the amount of data that you can see for performing a good level of analysis; this analysis includes data like the total number of products, when they were launched, the price of the product, the best selling products and even the live sales on certain sites.

In addition to all the things that I just mentioned above, the PiPiADS extension is free to use and offers almost all the features that can help you in your dropshipping business; you can also check out if any live sales are taking place using the live sales section, now let's take a deeper dive and understand which feature can be used for what aspect of your dropshipping business?

PiPiADS Reviews

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Features Offered by PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

PPSPY basically offers 5 different options, including the shop, products, live sales, apps, and reviews. In addition to that, you can also check out their social media accounts to see if they have mentioned any. Let's take a better overview of the features offered by PPSPY:

1. Widget

PPSPY Widget

PPSPY widget basically shows you the store name along with the total products and options to explore options like shop, products, live sales, apps, and reviews. All these options can be seen in the widget. After you have successfully logged in and installed chrome, a “P” will be seen on the screen whenever you surf around any Shopify site; by clicking on the icon, a menu will be collapsed with all the features that I just mentioned above.

2. Shop Section

PPSPY Shop Selection

The shop basically gives you a complete overview of the store while covering all the important aspects like the Shop URL, first product, the newest product, theme, and currency that the shop use. Whereas if you scroll down on this menu, you can also explore some of the other important parameters as well, which include Pixel info, best-selling products, product launches, etc.

If we look into the information that is offered in the Shop section, you can extract some important data and make strategies accordingly.

For example, the store which is mentioned below has only got a Facebook pixel in the Pixel info; now, if you have been into dropshipping and have been performing marketing operations for your dropshipping, the pixel info will give you an analysis of which platform is currently used by your competitor, and this can basically help you in understanding and analyzing which social media platforms are being used by them. The below-mentioned image can give a hint that the website is only targeting its audience using Facebook ads.

3. Products

PPSPY Product

What I really liked about this section or menu segment was the categorization based on best-selling products, newly added products, and all products. In addition to all these sections, you can also explore some other data as well, which includes the price of the product, the last sale on that certain product, and created at date. This can help you understand what the latest products launched along with the launch date, this way were, you can make better strategies based on how active your competitors are.

4. Live Sales

PPSPY Live Sales

Live sales can help you in analyzing how the product has been performing overall in terms of sales; this, as a result, can help you make things better in terms of strategy since you already have got data on the social media platforms that competitors have been using, you can work on those parameters and work accordingly. The live sales also give you the option to download and export the raw sales and raw data of the live sales being made; you can also add this data to PPSPY's sales tracking as well.

5. Apps


The apps section can help you in having a look around the Shopify apps that are being used by your competitor; this, as a result, can help you analyze and use similar apps that can be beneficial in your dropshipping operations. As you can see in the image below that the site has been using 3 different apps for landing page builder, product reviews, and email & social campaigns.

6. Review

PPSPY Review

The review section can show you how certain product has been performing in customers' eyes; you can use these product reviews to understand what changes and improvements can be made; in simple words, you can learn from the mistakes that others make.

Languages Offered by PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

PPSPY also offers different languages, so whatever location you are from, PPSPY covers almost all the important geo-locations. Some of the languages that are offered by PPSPY include:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Espanol
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Morocco
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese and more.

How to Get PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension?

All you need to do is get a PiPiADS account, and after you are done with the process of signing up for it, you can see a button showing the Shopify tool. You can click on it to download the tool in your browser; I was basically using a Chrome extension that was pretty easy to access and was working all set.

PiPiADS Reviews

Well, basically, all the extensions, whether you are using chrome, etc., work pretty fine and give access to all the features. You can make your way around all these parameters and work accordingly as per your marketing needs and everything else.

What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is a Tiktok ad spy tool and has proven to be a great asset in terms of finding trending products and controlling ad campaigns. It is perfect for those who perform dropshipping and marketing across Tiktok ads.

There are many applications out there, like AdSpy, that perform similar functions on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, but PiPiADS focuses mainly on TikTok. In my opinion, if you are involved in dropshipping, managing ads, or monitoring your competitors' ad strategies on TikTok, PiPiADS can be an excellent tool.

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PiPiADS Pricing Plans – Does PiPiADS Offer Free Trial?

With PiPiADS, there is a pro plan that costs about $2167 per annum. Other options are available, but this was the one that I felt was the most economical. Here is what you will get if you decide to go with the yearly pro plan: 3000 ads to conduct research, 1000 advertisers per day (with a 10-user/multi-user plan), all filters available, 5000 creatives, 1000 view ads daily (also with a 10 user/multi-user plan), and excellent sales support with access to sales consultants who can help out in many ways.

PiPiADS Pricing Plan

PiPiADS Starter Plan

The PiPiADS Starter Package is estimated at $77/month and allows access to various characteristics, such as the number of ads per query, the particulars of ads in a single day, and an unlimited number of successful products. Therefore, if you are a newcomer and do not have much expertise in studying and assessing advertising campaigns on TikTok, you can use some of these tools to give yourself a boost in the realm of TikTok Ads analysis.


The VIP package is priced at approximately $155/month and provides more capabilities like a search query for an advertisement, the number of products, etc. The PiPiADS starter plan supplies 200 ad searches each day, while the VIP plan gives 1000 ad searches each day in addition to 1000 advertiser ad searches each day, thus making it a great option for dropshippers and marketers in the intermediate level.

PiPiADS Pro Plan

The Pro plan offered by PiPiADS will cost around $263/month, but I would recommend getting along with the yearly plan; it allows you to make ad search queries of up to 3000, with more than 1000 ad details and 3000 advertisers per query. If you are looking for a plan that allows multiple users, the Pro plan is a great fit as it accommodates up to 5 users.

PiPiADS Enterprise Plan

If you are not satisfied with the usual plans that PiPiADS has to offer, you can always get yourself a personalized plan. The Enterprise plan from PiPiADS is the perfect choice for big businesses or dropshippers. To acquire this special plan, you will need to contact the PiPiADS team, and they will provide you with a tailored enterprise plan.

Top FAQs on PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension 2023

Is PiPiADS Chrome extension free to use?

Yes, you can download the PiPiADS chrome extension; all you need to do is go to PiPiADS official website and click on the right upper corner side button named Shopify tool, now install the extension, sign up and create an account and are good to go.

Does PPSPY show real-time data like Live Sales?

Yes, the PPSPY chrome extension offers this real-time data in terms of live sales; this way, you can also understand the order frequency and how things should be done on that basis, resulting in a better dropshipping business strategy.

Do I need to have a PiPiADS account to use PPSPY?

Well, yes, I would recommend creating a PiPiADS account, it is generally recommended to use the PiPiADS annual plan while saving some extra bucks, but just to get along with PiPiADS and PPSPY, you can also create a PiPiADS free account.

Can I track the live sales of my dropshipping competitors?

Yes, you can use tools like PPSPY in order to look out for live sales that are taking place on your competitor's websites. You can check it out by using the Live Sales section available in PPSPY; in addition to that, you can also download the data and perform your own research and analysis.

Final Verdict: Experience with PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

My overall experience with PPSPY has been great, and the data which was offered by it has been great; the data related to best-selling products and live sales of your competitors can be considered as one of the key features that gained my attention. PPSPY also offered this Pixel info which was a hell of a data extractor.

If you are well versed with Facebook ads and Tiktok ads, the pixel info will help you on many levels, but if you are new to all of this marketing operation on TikTok ads and Facebook ads, in simple words, the pixels will show you what are some of the social media platforms that are being targeted by your dropshipping competitor ads.


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