Do you want to start your Amazon FBA journey but don't know how things should work? As a beginner, getting started with Amazon FBA can be really tough as you don't know how to start things from scratch, and this is where Amazon FBA courses can help you on so many levels, but which one to choose, I have listed 5 Best Amazon FBA courses which can help you in your selling operations, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional, these courses have got different trade secrets that can help you expand in terms of your Amazon selling operations.

But we take a deeper dive into these Amazon FBA courses, let me tell you that I have into the Amazon FBA ecosystem for quite some time now, and I'm well-versed with how difficult things can be if you have just started your Amazon FBA journey, but, what if told you, it's not that difficult as you think, with proper guidance, you can work over FBA in a much smoother way.

Why are eCom Sellers Choosing Amazon FBA?

One of the main reasons is Amazon FBA offers a huge opportunity to make money online with little effort. It's also an opportunity that allows you to work from home and earn money while you sleep, or we can call it a process with little effort.

While there are many reasons to work on Amazon FBA, the main reason is that it's extremely profitable compared to the amount of work it requires; it does not require any work in terms of delivery, packaging, and other related aspects. The average Amazon seller makes around $15,000 in profit each month, which is a great value, but these numbers might vary depending on the amount of money you invest and the category that you work with.

Why Choose an Amazon FBA Course?

Wandering around the question is pretty obvious, as an Amazon seller myself in the beginning, why would I buy an Amazon FBA course, even if everything is somewhat available on Google for free? Well, of course, you can, but I would advise you to avoid the same mistakes that I did; there is nothing wrong with googling things, but what if I told you that this process might take some time since, as a beginner, you don't know when and what to start with.

Having an Amazon FBA course by your side can save a lot of time and effort since you have a roadmap on how things should be done. If you are on your own, be ready to make a lot of mistakes, and this whole process of making mistakes and working on them will be time-consuming.

Having an Amazon FBA course by your side can help you in decreasing all the hassle that you might have to deal with in terms of searching for popular products and learning from experienced sellers around the globe. It is worth mentioning that all the courses that are mentioned below are 

Now that you might have got an overview of why sellers need Amazon FBA courses when at the beginning of the Amazon FBA Journey, it's time to get started with the list of best Amazon FBA courses that can help you in upscaling your Amazon FBA game.

How to Choose an Amazon FBA Course?

Choosing an Amazon FBA course for yourself can be tough on so many levels; not only does it helps in making things better in terms of guidance, but it also gives a road map on how your online business should work like. Below are some of the primary factors that can help you make the right choice for your next Amazon FBA course:

  • What are you looking for? As there are hundreds and thousands of Amazon FBA courses available in the ecosystem, choosing the right one can be really difficult; before you get along with the course, know what type of Amazon seller you are, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level seller, you should be clear about what you are looking forward to.
  • The cost of the Amazon FBA course: The budget is something that you should be focusing on, whether you are okay with spending $1000 or $39/month while getting some extra perks on the go. For example, Helium10 offers a course named Freedom ticket along with its monthly plan worth $39/month, which is quite a great deal overall.
  • Have a background check if possible: You need to check some of the so-called Amazon FBA Gurus before getting along with them. This can be done by checking some of the reviews given by the students that have taken that course.

5 Best Amazon FBA Courses for Amazon Sellers

Below mentioned are some of the best Amazon FBA courses for Amazon sellers that offer great value in terms of starting your Amazon business operations. The below-mentioned list is based on things like the time it would take to complete the course, what makes that course different from others (USP of that course), the price that one has to pay to get access to this course, a small overview of what these tools have to offer? So let's get started!!

1. Helium 10 Freedom Ticket

Helium10 Freedom Ticket

Made by: Kevin King and Helium10

Cost: Can be accessed with a Helium10 plan worth $39/month.

The Freedom Ticket can be listed among some of the best Amazon FBA courses that can help you kick-start your Amazon selling operations journey. One of the key features or points that make Helium 10 an excellent choice is the price range, a lot of courses that offer great value usually fall into the higher price point range, so if we look into that parameter, the Freedom Ticket is top of the list.

Only cost $39/month to get access to Freedom Ticket.

Kevin King, who himself is a 7-figure Amazon seller, collaborated with Helium 10 in order to deliver the best value to its users. Basically, the Freedom Ticket solely costs somewhat around $997 for the 8-week course. Thankfully, the Helium 10 collab gave us a huge upside by downsizing the cost of the course to a great extent.

What does the Freedom Ticket include in it?

The Freedom Ticket is subdivided on a weekly basis, this includes a basic intro to getting around with some of the common terms, and things that you might wanna know before starting your Amazon FBA course. These weeks cover topics like Intro to selling, basics of Amazon selling, finding the right product to sell, Amazon PPC, and a complete Amazon FBA course for beginners.

The Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course might have expanded to 10 hours course in the new update, i.e., Freedom Ticket 3.0. The latest version of Freedom Ticket also offers subtitles in different languages, including English, Spanish, German, etc. 

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket


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2. Jungle Scout's Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Jungle Scout's Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Made by: Jungle Scout

Costs: $999 for a year + 1 user seat

The Freedom Builder Bootcamp has been a popular choice for Amazon sellers; not only has it been a popular choice among beginners, but it also makes things better in terms of gaining more and more knowledge in a comparatively shorter time span. Jungle Scout Freedom Builder Bootcamp is a 30+ hours Amazon FBA course with bonus documents, live training, and much more.

The Seller Bootcamp costs around $999 for 12 months; well, before you jump to being it is quite expensive, it is worth mentioning that the $999 Freedom Builder Bootcamp gives access to a 12-month Jungle Scout's Professional Plan along with bonus content, resources, and course updates as it is needed.

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Well, if you are new to Amazon selling operations and do not have any issues regarding the price, spending $999 for a 1-user seat will give you a lot. Just a reminder, if the price point is not suitable per your budget, you can try the Helium 10s Freedom Ticket for around $39/month.

Whereas if we compare both of these Amazon FBA courses, the Freedom ticket will last 8-10 weeks to complete in a proper manner, whereas the Jungle Scout's Freedom Builder will be somewhat around 30 hours. Even though it won't affect you negatively, it is something that can make a difference in your whole learning curve and schedule.

3. Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine

Made by: Jason Katzenback, Matt Clark & Team

Cost: $4997

Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Amazing Selling Machine has been a popular choice among Amazon sellers and has got thousands of Amazon sellers enrolled in this plan. The course was founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clarke; the Amazing Selling Machine have somewhat around 30,000+ students making it among some of the best Amazon FBA courses.

Similar to what was offered in the top course on our list, the AMS is an 8-hour course that includes 100+ videos with in-depth detail; on the other hand, if we consider the unique selling points of ASM, you can get along with monthly group coaching calls, getting access to live events and much more.

Even though the course is great on so many levels, the comprehensive data, medium-length videos, and many other perks, the ASM is quite expensive as compared to other Amazon FBA courses in the ecosystem. The Amazing Selling Machine has been an excellent choice among Amazon sellers as the course might sound a bit pricey, but the value offered is on that same level or can be considered higher. The course offers things like a private resource vault, which is something made by the Amazing Selling Machine team.

The only drawback that I encountered was not all of the videos were including Jason Katzenback, as it might create a sense of question among users and sellers looking forward to spending $5000 on an Amazon selling course.

Amazing Selling Machine

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4. Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course

Made by: Jim Cockrum

Cost: $29/month

The Proven Amazon Course has been a popular Amazon FBA course overall, one of the major reasons behind this is it's one of the cheapest courses overall, where Helium 10 costs around $39/month, and the Proven Amazon Course costs $29/month. One of the main reasons that make the Proven Amazon Course an excellent deal is its broadness in terms of covering most of the topics.

The course has been joined by over 50,000 successful members; it won't be wrong to say that Proven Amazon Course is a good choice and a popular Amazon FBA course. Some of the best modules included in the Proven Amazon Course are Trade Show No show, International AZ, Book Sourcing, and much more. One of the major USPs that this Amazon FBA course has got includes the variety of courses that are available to work on.

On the other hand, if we consider the Proven Amazon course with other mentorship courses like Amazing Selling Machine, the $29/month sounds like a great deal, even though the course was set up to make your way by completing and viewing videos that are not the case in mentorship courses. But, Proven Amazon Course does offer an excellent course overall in terms of the cost.

5. Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes

Made by: Steven Somers and Robert Ricky

Cost: $997

Marketplace Superheroes can be considered among some of the best value-for-money Amazon FBA courses in the ecosystem. The Marketplace superheroes make their way around some of the best courses as the course video production is high quality and offers all the data and information in terms of beginner-level Amazon sellers.

One of the main factors that make Marketplace Superheroes a trusted choice among sellers is its students have all combined sold millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon; these students include Amazon marketplaces like Australia, USA, Canada, UK, etc. If we compare the Marketplace Superheroes with ASM, the cost of the program is much lesser.

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In simple words, where the Amazing Selling Machine costs around $5000, whereas the Marketplace superheroes cost around $997, which is quite great in terms of offering value to the users. The students also get access to business models such as Map the Market, Elite Bootcamp, 100 Product ideas in 7 days, and much more. So, the training videos are somewhat great in terms of profitable product searching and everything else.

Top FAQs on Amazon FBA Courses

What is an Amazon FBA course?

Amazon FBA is a fantastic method to establish an online retail company or grow your existing eCommerce business. An Amazon FBA course teaches you the logistics of online retail while getting you known to the blueprint of how things should be done. You may examine the list above for FBA course providers.

What are the most profitable products to sell on Amazon?

Labeling any product as a profitable product is almost impossible as these things might depend on factors including trends, product launch, product sourcing, profit margins, Amazon FBA fees, etc. So, perform in-depth research and choose the products that are suitable as per your preferred product category.

What does an Amazon FBA course offer?

An Amazon FBA course covers the basics of Amazon selling in addition to advanced methods for getting product ideas, sourcing high-quality goods, optimizing your Amazon listing, and executing a product launch. You'll usually get lifelong access, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and assistance in becoming a full-time Amazon seller from an FBA course.

What is the best Amazon FBA course?

Above, we have listed the best Amazon FBA course you can start with to build an Amazon business. Well, Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 is the best Amazon FBA course that one should consider.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Amazon FBA Course?

Choosing the right Amazon FBA course can rely on different factors like the budget, the course duration, your own goal, etc. From my perspective, the Freedom Ticket can be considered the best Amazon FBA course on the list, the course lasts for 8 weeks, and you only have to pay $39/month, so basically, it would take 2 months to get the course completed, spending less than $100 to learn Amazon FBA, sounds like a great deal to me.

I would recommend you go through in-depth research before choosing the right Amazon FBA course for you. Hopefully, this article on the best Amazon FBA course has cleared some of the common queries you might be having.

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