Are you an Amazon FBA Business owner struggling to grow your income? Do you require help to grow your business and take it to new heights? Read this Marketplace SuperHeroes Review to know more about this fantastic resource and how it offers actionable insights to upscale your business while overcoming some of the common difficulties as an Amazon FBA business owner.

Choosing an Amazon FBA course can be difficult. Many people struggle to choose the right one who can help them grow their business. But Marketplace SuperHeroes is an actionable and insight-providing course that is going to change the way you look at your Amazon business.

As an overview, I can say that Marketplace Superheroes is a must masterclass/resource for Amazon FBA business owners of all types, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced one, the course offers a lot of things to look forward to. In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that if you are lucky enough you can get yourself a free guide on registration on 6 make or break lessons to become successful selling on Amazon FBA!

So let's begin our Marketplace SuperHeroes Review!

What is Marketplace SuperHeroes? Worth all the hype?

Marketplace SuperHeroes Reviews

Marketplace SuperHeroes is an actionable online course that helps Amazon FBA businesses to learn how to start an Amazon FBA Business from scratch. In order to make an Amazon FBA business successful, you do require various resources to learn about the key fundamentals. These critical fundamentals are what exactly is going to make or break your business.

The course has a unique selling point where it starts by teaching you the proper fundamentals through which you can build a solid foundation for your Amazon FBA business. The course covers all the important aspects of selling on Amazon including product selection, breakdown of a successful business model, and much more. For product selection, Marketplace SuperHeroes has a unique strategy being taught.

It focuses on what type of products are needed to sold by you, and what market sectors can be targeted in order to deliver the best outcomes for your Amazon FBA business. In addition to all this, Marketplace SuperHeroes also focuses on some important parameters like how to find skyrocketing products, on a personal note you can try an Amazon seller suite or tools like Helium 10 that can be used in order to search for great products, run keyword research, etc.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Logo

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The course comes in 5 major sections, which are as follows:

  • The main ignite course
  • The bonus content
  • The Ecosystem Research Tool Suite
  • The Facebook Mastermind Group
  • The Support

We will learn about each section separately in our review.

#1 The Main Ignite Course

The Marketplace SuperHeroes' Ignite course is further divided into three more sections:

  • First is the Embark section which is for product selection and research.
  • Next comes the Evolve section, where you get to learn more about logistics and importing products.
  • Lastly, you have the Expand section, in which you can learn more about scaling and how to make your first sale.

Each section is further broken down into sub-sections and then individual videos and assessments. All of which is helpful to get a step-by-step understanding and keep learning organized. Though some people might feel a bit overwhelmed by it, it's not as you can learn in a simple manner. Most of these videos are actually screen recordings which are self-explanatory and you can easily understand them. Even you will find a few narrated PowerPoint presentations.

As each lesson is dependent upon the other, it is critical to follow the course curriculum appropriately to have a perfect understanding. Along with this, course learners can also take part in quizzes and other action steps in this module, which can help you to retain what you have learned and almost act as a practice test..

#2 The Bonus Content

After the ignite phase, which is also the major foundation of this course, you have the bonus content. In the bonus content, you have a few additional courses to take to build on your foundation.

In this Bonus Content, you get the following modules:

In this module, you will learn about the legal aspect and how important it is for any business because if you don’t have a good understanding of these basic parameters, you can end up in legal difficulties resulting in the falling of your Amazon FBA business model.

Superhero Referrals

In this section, you will learn about how to earn a referral commission by creating course reviews and promoting their programs. This can be both good or bad, as if you make referrals, you can recoup the cost of the program, whereas, on the other hand, you understand that most of the reviews you read are incentivized. So make your decisions wisely because that thought can come into your mind.

Superhero Wealth

This part is a crucial one that helps in how you can develop a mindset of a prudent and successful entrepreneur. However, some people might argue that how just by changing an attitude, you can improve your business, but at times it's just this little trick that can make you think thoroughly differently and add a new perspective to your business outlook.

PPC Blast Masterclass

As the name goes, in this class, you will learn more about Pay-per-click ads and almost become an expert in them. The best thing about this segment is that it is constantly uploaded with new information as these subjects are evolving continuously. Some of the key elements in this course include – Free shipping for your first two products from the Far East to their hubs in the UK or USA, 12 month's access to their private freight services and many more whose cost alone is worth more than the entire Marketplace SuperHeroes course.

Superhero PPC

This is a master class about all that is required to learn more about PPC.

Superhero Informer

So this is going to notify you about all the new Youtube videos. These videos will be of successful Amazon Sellers, and they will tell you about what's working best. It will also guide you to know what is making them successful.

100 Products in 7 Days

This is an interesting one, as you will get to learn more about tricks and tweaks to expedite the product research process.

#3 The EcoSystem Research Tools

In this section of learning, you will learn about a suite of software applications that can help your Amazon business and make it easier. And the most valuable aspect of this course is that you get lifetime access to whichever tool you learn to use. Now that's something worth more than the entire Masterclass SuperHeroes course.

A few main tools in the EcoSystem are:

Research AppDatabase where you can store, sort, and filter all the products you are looking for.
Communicator AppThis app is all about keeping all your supplier contacts in one place.
Purchase order appThrough this app you can create purchase orders and it also helps in keeping things organized. 
Superhero freight appThis is an MPSH exclusive service that handles freight forwarding, importing, and storage.
Profit calculator appIn this app you can plugin various other variables and instantly check out how profitable your product idea is.
Listing Builder appThis app is going to help you out with keywords, product listings, PPC, and more.

The apps you get from this course will make your Amazon FBA business so much easier, and it will help you along the course of your journey.

#4 The Facebook Mastermind Course

Unlike most of the Facebook community pages and groups, the MPSH Facebook group is a bit more active along with several things to look forward to. The Facebook group has about 8900+ active members out of which most of them are active; since the group has several experienced members, you can learn the best through their experience and tactics on what they have been implementing.

Basically, this as a result can also help you in getting known about some of the latest advancements in the market and the Amazon selling ecosystem.

#5 The Support

Support is something many users look forward to seeing, irrespective of any course or tool they use. And here at MPSH, you get the Facebook Group along with a free one-on-one onboarding call with an MPSH success coach.

These coaches will try and answer your queries and help you start your own business entirely along with business banking and set your initial step in the right direction. They also organize weekly win-your-Wednesday live calls. In these calls, they do make sure to cover various topics and cover top trends and discuss multiple new opportunities. All these calls given by experts will prove to be valuable as they can act as an initial pitch to your Amazon business.

Not only this, but they also organize Monthly Origin Experience calls where sellers can ask their questions and get live help from a panel of successful coaches. Even if this is not enough, then you can also set up a private call with a success coach to ask you tough questions. There is also no limit to these calls, which is fantastic.

Who founded Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace SuperHeroes was founded by Stephen Somers & Robert Rickey. They are the young minds who have built this 8-figure multi-award winning business which is helping people to start and grow their own Amazon selling business.

Moreover, they have served over 10,000+ and built a freight company, a software suit, along with other services. These services help business owners to scale their businesses to new heights.

About Stephen – He has worked as a data processor in the Government Department of Dublin. He wanted to start his own business, and at that time, he met Robert, who is the co-founder.

About Robert – Robert has been in the E-commerce business arena since 1997. Until he met Stephen, he was selling physical products on multiple marketplaces. He was also running a warehouse and staff from his hometown in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

After several weeks of brainstorming, Stephen decided to take his bare savings and get along with Robert at his freezing cold warehouse to learn more about his business. They worked together and then started to streamline and grow Robert's business.

While doing this, they started to build and avail of Amazon FBA, and within less than a year, they managed to develop a 7-figure company. Finally, in 2014, they began Marketplace SuperHeroes.

How much does Marketplace SuperHero Cost?

For lifetime access to Marketplace SuperHeroes, you will have to pay $997 or $97 in 12 monthly installments after a 7-Day Free Trial.

As you sign up for the Marketplace SuperHeroes, you get complete access to all of its features, including the MPSH Ignite Program, product finder software, private Facebook community and other features offered by it. But for other services offered by Marketplace SuperHeroes, you will have to pay an additional cost.

Also, remember that you will have to pay an extra cost to purchase inventory and another spending on your advertising. So the total spending ultimately depends on you how you plan your products to be sold.

Is there any Marketplace SuperHeroes Refund Policy?

Talking about the refund policy, it comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which is fantastic.

It does not end here as they send a list of extra guarantees via email, which is as follows:

Guarantee #1 Love At First Sight

After joining the program, if you don't file the program worth your investment, you can simply email their support team within the first 30 days and then they will offer you a 100% refund on your investment with no questions asked.

Guarantee #2 The Winner

While you are learning through the program, make sure to do exercises that are set out. After 60 days, if you somehow are not able to find the product idea, you can get in touch with their team, and they will provide one coach of theirs to work out until you find the right product idea.

Guarantee #3 The ULTIMATE No Brainer

This is another unique guarantee that this program offers. This goes like if you have purchased a product and it is still in stock for the last 6 months, and you are unable to make sales even after following the guidance offered in the program; their team will work out to get that product selling. Even after this, if it does not perform to anything less than excellent standards, they will repurchase the product from you! Isn't that excellent?

Extra Bonuses/Services offered by Marketplace SuperHeroes – Superheroes Freight

This service is top-rated among the members. Its popularity is so much that whenever they open the doors for new joiners, maybe twice a year, it gets almost sold out immediately. So what makes this so popular? Well, the simple reason is that it saves you money and time.

It is a full freight forwarding and warehousing service which is only for its members so that they can save money on shipping fees and other long-term storage. They have warehouses in the US, UK and Australia. The members of this group can send products to these MPSH warehouses for long-term storage, and this saves the money of making those products stay in the Amazon warehouses. So this is a great cost saver as from there, you only have to send your products to Amazon when your stock gets low. It also aids in the way that your products will be inspected for damage on arrival at the MPSH warehouse.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Origin Program

This is an exclusive program by MPSH, which is an expensive one, but you get tremendous benefits like One-to-One Mentoring Calls, Access to group Mastermind Calls, Access to Superheroes Freight, as well as some pre-purchased freight, Done-for-You product photography + listings for an agreed number of products, The MPSH Origin Workbook and more.

Marketplace Superheroes Invasion Program

This is another major program that MPSH offers. In this program, you learn about finding the right products to sell on and check out whether it is good to sell those products on Amazon and across other marketplaces. If the answer to that question is yes, you can go ahead and become a reseller for those products on behalf of the US sellers. Along with this, you get program features like One-to-One Mentoring Calls, Access to group Mastermind Calls, Access to Superheroes Freight, as well as some pre-purchased freight, and Lifetime Access To The Invasion Program training.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Money Back Guarantee

Marketplace SuperHeroes offers some excellent services in terms of delivering customer satisfaction, as a result, this can help in making MPSH a better and more trustworthy choice among students and joiners. MPSH offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and the positive part about this is that the money-back guarantee has a no question asked policy which is pretty impressive.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Money Back Guarantee

Even though from my experience so far, there are very limited chances that as you joiner, you won’t be finding any value in the course, as it is tailored in such a way to deliver the best outcome to the students joining, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Amazon seller/ FBA business owner, the outcome will be really upto the mark in terms for delivering the best outcome.

Top Alternatives to Marketplace SuperHeroes

Marketplace SuperHeroes is an all-in-one course that has helped countless sellers across the world to know and learn more about Amazon Selling. This is beneficial because you, as an Amazon Seller, can compare this course with other top-selling Amazon courses on the internet. But it is always lovely to look out at a few of the other alternatives this tool has.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Vs. Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket is a comprehensive course training for Amazon Sellers which helps them to learn everything required to sell physical products on Amazon. This course is created by Kevin King, who has decades of experience in his online course and has helped numerous Amazon sellers around the world to make their Amazon business successful.

From my experience around Helium 10, I already got access to Freedom Ticket by Kevin King. Well, if you are looking forward to getting yourself an Amazon FBA business course that does not go deep into your pockets, Freedom Ticket can be an excellent thing to look forward to. Where the original pricing of Freedom Ticket is $997, you can get access to the course for as low as $29/month and even if the course lasts long for 3 months (11 months original period), it would cost you around 3x 29/month. Quite a deal from my perspective!

If we look forward to the modules that are available in the Freedom Ticket, the module is designed for a time period of 11 weeks (based on the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket module), not only does it offer the modules for Amazon selling operations but also works on the Walmart as well. The module as per the week consists of:

  • Week 1: Intro to Selling on Amazon
  • Week 2: Basics of Selling on Amazon
  • Week 3: All about Money
  • Week 4: Finding a Product to Sell
  • Week 5: Getting your product made
  • Week 6: Freight & Logistics
  • Week 7: How to makes Sales on Amazon
  • Week 8: How to create your Sales Page
  • Week 9: Launching your Product
  • Week 10: Using Amazon Advertising
  • Week 11: Selling on

The best part of this course is that it is a part of Helium 10, which itself is a prominent Amazon Selling Tool. In this course, Kevin King teaches all the close aspects of Amazon selling and offers one-on-one training and shares his proven A-Z private label strategy. The course is entirely inapt and covers all the elements of Amazon selling and ensures a complete roadmap of how and when you should implement the best strategy for a successful business.

The price of this course is $997. The course is an 8-week long course where you get various key features weekly newsletter by Kevin King, Review slides for each module, Weekly group Q & A with Kevin King and more which can further enhance your knowledge, and you can know more about the latest trends on Amazon selling.

Another way of grabbing his fantastic course is by subscribing to Helium 10 subscription plan – the Starter Plan, Diamond Plan, Enterprise Plan, and Elite Plan.

Marketplace SuperHeroes Vs. Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine is another fantastic Amazon course that has helped numerous sellers to grow their businesses. The Foundation Cost of this course is $997. Currently, they have their New year Bogo offer in which you can purchase Amazon Selling Machine for $2497. All these courses come in with an Iron-clad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which is fantastic.

The course not only guides you about Amazing Selling but also about Shopify. This course promises to help you build your own 6-figure online business through a step-by-step system to sell on Amazon. It has a team of e-commerce experts who has recorded over $200 million in sales.

In the Foundation Plan, you get 8 Easy-To-Follow Training Modules, 120+ Training lessons, Extra Training: Finding Lower Cost Products, 6 Months of Zoof Platinum Access, and much more!

In the complete Amazing Selling Machine plan, you get everything that is included in the Foundation Plan along with Private Members Only ASM Community, 7-Figure Seller Amazon Mentors, Monthly Coaching Calls along with bonuses worth $3500.

Pros and Cons of Marketplace SuperHeroes Review

  • One of the top-rated Amazon FBA courses.
  • Excellent value and great support
  • Complete Ecosystem of tools
  • 100 Product Ideas in 7 Days
  • MPSH Partnership
  • Features like SuperHero Legal
  • Screen Recording to get proficient in Amazon selling.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Huge content can be overwhelming
  • Upfront Product Investment
  • Videos consist of them reading from slideshows which are, at times, annoying.

How quickly can you start with Marketplace SuperHeroes?

Well, you can quickly learn from this course, and it depends on how much time you dedicate to learning from this course. If you daily spend 1-4 hours a day, you can improve. But at the start, you can put in a 2-figure income to process, practice and research this time-being and improve your Amazon sales.

What's Included in the Marketplace SuperHeroes Course?

In this course, you get thorough training and expert coaching from the most experienced sellers out there, who will train you to explore various new tools and skills and refine them to make you a successful Amazon seller. It will also guide you with key strategies and trends which you can focus on and learn how to begin selling physical products on Amazon.

Can anyone learn from the Marketplace SuperHeroes Amazon FBA course?

Anyone who wishes to learn how to sell on Amazon and earn significant revenue can learn from the Marketplace SuperHeroes Amazon FBA course. It has got it all elements covered which are required for running a successful Amazon business.

How Much Does Marketplace SuperHeroes Cost?

The Marketplace SuperHeroes come at a cost of $997 with lifetime access, if being specific, users can get access to ecosystem tools, Facebook groups, and much more.

Is Marketplace SuperHeroes Legit?

Yes, having reviewed Marketplace SuperHeroes, it is a 100% legit course that offers all the key insights required to begin your Amazon Selling Journey. Sellers have widely recognized this course worldwide, and many sellers have benefited from it.

Who are Marketplace SuperHeroes For?

As stated earlier in our review, this course claims to teach you how you can learn the basics of Amazon selling from scratch, even as a beginner with no experience. It is an easy, easy-to-follow training course that guides you step-by-step and gives you personalized coaching as well to equip you with all the skills and tools required to become a successful Amazon seller. So this course is an excellent aid for people who are looking to start their Amazon Selling Journey.

Does Marketplace SuperHeroes offer good customer support?

Yes. Marketplace SuperHeroes has a team of experts that offer dedicated support that is always ready to answer your queries 24/7. And their Facebook group something that offers all the required support for instant help.

Does it offer a refund policy?

Yes. Marketplace SuperHeroes offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which is fantastic, and no questions will be asked if you avail for a refund request.

Is there any discount on Marketplace SuperHeroes?

When we did this review, we did not find any discounts offers or promotional offers. But what we know is that they regularly run offers at numerous times of the year. And for more savings, you should check out their official website to learn about the ongoing offers.

Conclusion: Marketplace SuperHeroes Review (Really Worth it?)

After completing this in-depth Marketplace SuperHeroes Review, we are pleased to inform you that the course is worth your penny. The course provides comprehensive and in-depth information for Amazon sellers, which they can utilize and learn to grow their Amazon Selling Business.

It is among the most recognized course for Amazon FBA course options around the world. If you want to begin your Amazon FBA business journey seriously, you should rely on this course. You get lifetime access to the MPSH course and software tools that will power your Amazon selling business to a whole new level.

The Step-by-Step Tutorials offered by Marketplace Superheroes training program are going to help you learn Amazon FBA training to easy-to-learn tutorials. You can easily understand from this guidance and understand complicated topics like keyword research, inventory management and also how to manage the international expansion of your Amazon selling business.

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