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What is Review is a software platform that offers services to help Amazon Brands, Sellers and Agencies grow by connecting all their e-Commerce data points and delivering robust and great insights. It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence-powered technology to provide features on critical aspects like pricing, replenishments, and reimbursements. The tool is well recognized and has been a part of the top 10 advanced advertising partners in the world, generating more than 2 billion in sales in 2022 and optimizing hundreds of millions in ad spends

It is a Repricing Tool that uses AI for dynamic repricing. EVA is also a profit velocity tool for Amazon Sellers that reprices and restocks products. Its Brand pricing management establishes the optimum price for the next day depending on sales demand, trend, and inventory levels. This tool also avoids or postpones stockouts by progressively raising prices in view of a stockout danger.

Its pricing management feature for resellers is something that examines competing scenarios and then decides on the best price every 2 minutes to get the purchase box and boost the price. Eva can also automatically correct the minimum/maximum price mistakes and ensures that resellers make the most profit in challenging competition scenarios. helps Amazon Sellers of all levels maximize their profits by giving out crucial data insights. Knowing about your expenses and income via easy-to-understand reports is the best way to go. Sales and Profit analytics, inventory management, and pricing management are all features offered by this software. It helps you grow by managing and organizing critical data. Thus increasing your productivity and letting you make profitable business decisions.

With Eva's powerful optimization & intelligence feature, Sellers can track over 100M products & the top competitors across multiple categories on Amazon. The platform also utilizes data to make real-time pricing decisions, prevent stockouts, maximize profitability, increase ranking and dominate your competition.

Eva will also streamline the supply chain by providing sellers with complete visibility into their inventory across multiple channels. Its proprietary software enables agile order processing and also returns management for numerous eCommerce marketplaces and DTC fulfillment at its 3PL centers.

It is an Amazon Advertising Advanced Partner that has access to resources & intelligence, which only a handful of Amazon Advertisers have. It has cutting-edge technology that uses real-time bidding and correlates inventory, ranking and competitors and pricing into advertising decisions that can lower the TACOS and increase ROI. Its holistic, cost-effective solutions can guide your business to success on Amazon. Let's have a look at some of the features. Features at a Glance | What's best in

So now that we know what is, let's explore its features in brief.

Eva's Amazon Repricer

As Amazon Sellers face tough competition with prices, it is essential to get the relevant position. Competition is usually higher, and innovation is the only way to move forward and  to get the much sought after Buy Box.

With, you can use Artificial Intelligence to keep your prices competitive automatically and always within the limits that make sure you do not put your markup in danger. All of this is done based on your own data and not by using an algorithm. The repricer has powerful intelligence and optimization software that tracks over 100 million products and sorts through the top competitors across categories. The platform uses data to make real time pricing analysis, increases ranking, prevents stockouts and improves profitability to dominate your competition.

The tool also has a deep knowledge of the supply chain and gives you full visibility into your inventory across different channels. The software enables agile order processing and return management for multiple stores. They are an Amazon-approved carrier that can accelerate your preparation. With their advanced Ads partner you can access intelligence and resources available only to a selection of advertisers on Amazon.

Along with this, it also ensures that you comply with Amazon's pricing policies and you are not at risk of violating it. Finally, it is critical to note that you must use different repricing techniques and easy set up with no down time. Along with that you also get a dedicated account team for your business with 24/7 support, depending on your goals.

Eva's Amazon Reimbursement also helps you to process refunds quickly, transparently and effectively. In the dashboard itself, you have a specific one for refunds. It shows you the larger picture with respect to those refunds which you have cashed monthly and also those which you potentially have the right to cash. has a perfectly trained team that is capable of handling any kind of situation with guaranteed results which will help you to scale your Amazon business.

Eva has a user-friendly Reimbursement dashboard that allows you to monitor and track your claims at one glance. It has made Amazon reimbursement recovery as simple as possible so you can enjoy additional cashback to fuel your business.

This reimbursement tool has helped its users to increase their profitability over 10% effectively just with returns management! offers the most effective returns service in the United States. The team at Eva ensures a smooth onboarding and easy set up with no down time. Along with that you also get a dedicated account team for your business with 24/7 support.

Repricing for Private Labels

So the important point comes down to selling private labels, which means that there will be differences in the pricing policy as well. And here, Eva has its own repricing tool to assist Amazon Sellers.

With this tool, Amazon Sellers can automatically adjust to variables like seasonal prices. They can even set amounts based on trends or do it according to the demand they experience. Plus, there are also an advanced set of options that will let you know your business profits and how much the Amazon Fees and sellers can even calculate their new products' initial price with a complete guarantee. It will enable sellers to go beyond sales, and it will protect the brand against the hijacking of listings.

Inventory management

This feature is extremely valuable for Amazon Sellers as they can know the time when to restock. It also removes the risk of losing sales due to stockouts and can help to avoid the price of overstocking. will generate a series of alerts activated in various scenarios.

It provides you with complete information that is organized in a comprehensive report based on the collected data. Sellers can use these reports and know about product quantities and individual SKUs, which can help them estimate the investment they make. Intuitive features like replenishment forecasting, returns management and replenishment reports helps sellers to understand their restocking options and save them money in inventory management.

Eva's Sales & Profit Analytics

From Eva's all-in-one dashboard, on which Sellers can collect information provided by Eva Sales & Profit Analytics which will give them clarity about these aspects. Plus, the platform also offers detailed reports on everything right from daily sales and profit, Costs, Sales Heatmap, and fees down to item prices over various periods. With these metrics, Sellers can track their success rates both for the season as well as any insights about where things may potentially go wrong based on historical trends. This helps sellers to plan better and look into some of the lacking areas so that they can close those gaps to improve their store’s performance.

Vendor Central Management

Eva has an excellent feature that offers an innovative solution for first-party sellers selling directly to Amazon. As a brand manufacturer who works with Amazon as a retail vendor, Eva's vendor management service is capable of handling all aspects, from purchase order management to chargeback disputes, to maximize your profit.

It also offers Vendor Central Analytics that will cover operational and financial data for your retail business's substantial growth on Amazon. It tracks everything from Sales 7 Profit Analytics to a complete detailed breakdown of the Chargebacks.

What’s special about is a complete package that is essential for FBA sellers that want to keep a close eye on their business without missing a beat. In the above section we have discussed some of the major features of now let’s take a brief look at some of the features that deserve a special mention.

  • Brand Audit: To create a successful brand it is necessary to understand the brand, what it stands for and how it plans to go the distance. A brand audit an help you to do just that and understand the potential of some aspects as well as problem areas that you can improve to create a successful Amazon store. The best part is, it is free! Which means you can get expert advice on your brand for free and implement it to maximize growth.
  • Advertising Analytics: With you don’t have to rely on old data. We provide a look at the real time metrics that can compare old and new campaigns based on their performance. You can make smarter and more profitable advertising decisions with this feature. You can even filter your advertising performance on the basis of portfolio, campaign, ad group, product, keyword targeting and more.
  • Eva Support and Resources: Eva offers an extensive library of blogs and podcasts to stay updated on the latest trends in the FBA business, security concerns, tips and tricks on how to grow your business online. Along with this it also offers podcasts so that users can listen and learn from experts about the upcoming themes. This might seem something trivial to many but an active blog or resources page is a sign of frequent updates on the tool.

How does affect your business? is a business management tool that can help you to manage the various aspects of your business all in one place.

If you are a seller or a reseller on Amazon, you can leverage the power of Eva to manage pricing, manage the inventory, conduct inventory forecast simulations, and even use it to recover revenue from reimbursements using its various tools.

If you are a brand no matter what size, you can rely on Eva to make your workflows efficient and seamless. You can use Eva to establish data-driven approaches to maximize sales, operational efficiency, and profits.

As a small or large size agency you can leverage the power of Eva for the fastest pricing management tools, replenishment forecasting simulations and to recover revenue from reimbursements.

Are Coupon codes and deals worth a try? 

As we have seen in this article, is an all-rounder tool to manage your business. You can manage profit-loss analysis, Inventory, Pricing, Ads and so much more with this tool. Amazon sellers need this kind of a tool to keep track of all the minor aspects of business so that business owners do not miss a beat whether it is trends, opportunities or in time of crisis. This tool can help you do all of that and the cherry on top is the amazing prices, offers and coupon codes that it offers to give affordable pricing to all its users. The coupons and deals of this amazing tool are definitely worth a try as they can provide great offers for new and existing users like the 15-day free trial and the 30% discount on annual plans.

Get the best deal on and other amazing Saas and AI tools on Amzmojo. We have an up to date catalogue of coupon deals and offers from various stores along with their detailed reviews so you can get a complete idea about the tool and if the tool is a good fit for you and your store. Pricing Plans: Does Offer a Free Trial? pricing plans

The best part about is that it offers a complete 15-Day Free Trial, which helps Amazon Sellers check out all of its features before choosing any pricing plans.

Eva comes in with six pricing plans. Let's have a look at them quickly. Essential Plan – $49/monthly

With this plan, Sellers get the following:

  • Up to $30,000 Monthly Revenue
  • Up to 20,000 Product Listings
  • Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Aggregated Views
  • Custom Reporting At Product, Store & Daily Sales Level
  • Dynamic Pricing & Promotion Management
  • Inventory Management & Replenishment Forecasting
  • Pricing Synchronization Across Shopify & Walmart
  • Reimbursement Recovery Fee: 13% of Recovered Amounts

If you want to save more, you can go for the annual billing of the essential plan that will save you up to 40% and the monthly price of this pack will go down flat to $29! Growth Plan – $149/monthly

With this plan, Sellers get all the features of the Essential Plan along with the following:

  • Up to $100,000 Monthly Revenue
  • Up to 50,000 Product Listings
  • Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Aggregated Views
  • Custom Reporting At Product, Store & Daily Sales Level
  • Dynamic Pricing & Promotion Management
  • Inventory Management & Replenishment Forecasting
  • Pricing Synchronization Across Shopify & Walmart
  • Reimbursement Recovery Fee: 13% of Recovered Amounts

With yearly billing of this plan you can save up to $50 each month! The annual billing of the growth plan gives you a price of $99 which means additional saving of $600 per year on this plan! Premium Plan – $289/monthly

With this plan, Sellers get all the features of the Growth Plan along with the following:

  • Up to $250,000 Monthly Revenue
  • Up to 100,000 Product Listings
  • Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Aggregated Views
  • Custom Reporting At Product, Store & Daily Sales Level
  • Dynamic Pricing & Promotion Management
  • Inventory Management & Replenishment Forecasting
  • Pricing Synchronization Across Shopify & Walmart
  • Reimbursement Recovery Fee: 13% of Recovered Amounts

The yearly billing of this plan can save you almost $1200 per year! If you choose the yearly billing, the price of your premium plan goes down from $289 per month to $199 per month! Ultimate Plan – $499/monthly

With this plan, Sellers get all the features of the Premium Plan along with the following:

  • Up to $1.000,000 Monthly Revenue
  • Up to 250,000 Product Listings
  • Accurate Sales & Profit Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Aggregated Views
  • Custom Reporting At Product, Store & Daily Sales Level
  • Dynamic Pricing & Promotion Management
  • Inventory Management & Replenishment Forecasting
  • Pricing Synchronization Across Shopify & Walmart
  • Reimbursement Recovery Fee: 13% of Recovered Amounts

Get ultimate savings on the yearly billing of this plan. Save $100 every month  on the yearly billing of ultimate plan Advertising Plan – Pricing not disclosed

This pricing plan is for Sellers who want a few extra features to get along. With this plan, they get all the features of the Ultimate Plan along with the following:

  • AI-Powered PPC and DSP Advertising
  • Off-Amazon Marketing
  • Weekly Governance Meetings
  • Inventory, Velocity, and Profitability took into account
  • Focus on growth, profitability and ACOS optimization
  • Competitive Analysis All-in-one Plan – Pricing not disclosed

This is the complete plan for Amazon Sellers by Eva. With this Plan, Sellers get all features of the Advertising Plan along with the following:

  • Listing / SEO Optimization
  • FREE Eva Platform
  • Managed Replenishment Forecasting
  • Product Catalog / SKU / Amazon Health Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Seller and Vendor Management
  • Global Coverage, All Amazon marketplaces included

Pros and Cons of Coupons and Promo Codes


  • This tool offers a lot of advantages to the sellers like Holistic Advertising Management, All-in-one Solution for Amazon Sellers, Fantastic Features like Refund, Repricing and Inventory management, Ease to use, and an intuitive dashboard with a generous 15-Day Free Trial and great 24/7 Customer Support.


  • is a great tool and does not have any real flaws to speak of. The only thing is that a few sellers tend to find it expensive in comparison to its competition. But this isn’t really a problem if you use the coupons and deals mentioned in this article. You can get 30% off easily on the annual plan.

Top FAQs on Coupons and Promo Codes 2024

How many Coupon Codes can you use at once?

Regardless of how many coupon codes are active, you can only apply one of the coupon codes to avail its benefits. If you try to add a discount on a single purchase, it will automatically remove one of the discounts or declare your order invalid.

Does offer a free plan?

No, there is no free plan included in the packages of But you can definitely take advantage of their 15-day free trial, which lets you get the best experience offered by the software.

What are the features of is a “powerful optimization & intelligence software” that helps you with business management. Its features include pricing management, FBA inventory management, FBA reimbursements, and sales and profits analytics.

Does offer integrations with marketplaces?

Yes, does offer integrations with Shopify and Walmart to prevent buy box suppression. This allows sellers gain maximum profit across multiple channels.

How often does release exclusive deals? provides discounts and offers frequently, particularly on special occasions. Stay connected to AMZMojo to get all the updates about exclusive deals and coupon codes.

Final Verdict: Get up to 30% OFF using the Coupons & Promo Codes 2024 is a platform that is completely easy to use and, at the same time, powerful and offers amazing features for Amazon Sellers and is also easy to integrate. If you use, it will have a direct impact on Amazon's Selling Business, and you will see your Amazon business skyrocket.

It is built on an Artificial Intelligence-powered technology that helps sellers to make quick and accurate decisions. It has helped many Amazon Sellers increase their profits by up to 51% in 90 days. Eva platform also offers benefits like Amazon FBA Acquires and Agencies benefit, which help manage all stores from one dashboard. It provides an aggregated view of the business for multiple stores across different Amazon marketplaces.

Well, if you're looking for an All-in-one Amazon tool, might be the perfect tool for you, because it offers complete business management solutions for multiple businesses all under one roof. Its diverse features and extensive reach make it the top choice of several sellers on Amazon. And that’s not all; you can also get the best deals on this amazing tool in this article for your next purchase. So remember to check out AMZMojo whenever buying SaaS tools online to get the best deals and coupons. Along with amazing deals, we also have detailed reviews of these tools so that you can make an informed decision.

So what are you waiting for, grab the best deal on this amazing business management tool today!

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