Amazon is a huge marketplace where you can manage your business and improve sales. But, what if you want to perform in-depth research on which products appear on Amazon searches?

Helium 10 Index Checker tool has got you covered! The Index Checker tool by Helium 10 helps you to identify whether your product has been listed on Amazon searches and shows you how Amazon indexes your product with searched keywords by its URL. With this tool, now it is really very easy to identify which products are ranking well, and what are the areas where you need to work for improving your Amazon sales!

Helium 10's Keyword Index Checker is a listing optimization tool that will help you to achieve better visibility, boost your traffic, and increase your conversion rate. Here. in this guide we will list the extensive features of the Index Checker tool, pricing plans, and pros & cons.

So, let's see whether this tool is effective or not and why should you get this tool.

What is Helium 10 Index Checker?

Index Checker

Helium 10 Index Checker is an all-in-one product listing optimization tool, which helps Amazon sellers identify & understand whether your products are appearing in Amazon searches or not! To use Helium 10 Index Checker you have to get a Product ASIN and a relevant list of keywords that you want to appear in your search results.

After this, it will run an index test and will give a detailed sheet of all the keywords which are ranking and which are not. Moreover, it also provides a tool for detailed competitor analysis apart from optimizing your product listing.

Helium 10 Keyword Checker tool, helps you to save time as it allows you to search multiple keywords, which will help you to increase your leads on Amazon. This tool helps you to get indexed for specific keywords, and when users search for those relevant keywords your products will appear in the search.

Apart from that, Amazon also allows you to take further steps if you are not satisfied with their results. With the use of this keyword index checker tool, you can easily boost your search rankings and increase your revenue!

How Does Helium 10 Keyword Checker work?

Keyword Research Tools at Helium 10

Helium 10 product listing software helps you to optimize your product listing for SEO purposes where you have to select a set of keywords relevant to your product, to drive sales. In case, if you are curious, you just have to plug the keyword into Amazon's search engine and look at the top-ranking results.

So, here are the 3 simple steps you need to follow:

  • STEP 1: First, you have to log in to your Helium 10 account where you have to click on the “log in” button and put your login credentials.
  • STEP 2: After that, the dashboard will open and you to select the “Index Checker Page” and click on the “Tool” option in the top left corner.
  • STEP 3: On the Tools menu, you will find a drop-down menu where you will find the “Index Checker” under the listing optimization tab.
  • STEP 4:  Lastly, you just have to add the ASIN and relevant keywords. Here, you have to add keywords manually, but you can export your keyword list using Helium 10 Magnet. And that's it.

How To Use Helium 10 Index Checker Tool?

In case, you already know which ASIN and keywords you are searching for, you simply need to copy and paste them into the Index Checker! Here, we will help you understand the Index Checker dashboard using an ASIN from Amazon, run it through the ASIN reverse lookup in Cerebro, import the keyword into Frankenstein, and you can copy and paste the final keyword list into the Index Checker.

  • First, you have to find an ASIN on Amazon's website, open Amazon in a browser window, and find a product to research. After that, you have to scan the product page to find out ASIN. Using Helium 10's Chrome Extension you will find the product tiles, and important features, after that you have to copy the ASIN under the product information section under the product page.
ASIN on Amazon's website
  • In the next step, you have to paste the copied ASIN in Cerebro to get its keyword. After Cerebro analyzes your keywords you can export them to Frankenstein.
Cerebro ASIN Research
  • Now Helium 10 will provide you with a new window named Frankenstein. Here, you have to sort the keywords that you have imported from Cerebro and copy them at the bottom of the dashboard
Cerebro Keyword Listing
  • With the Index Checker, you can search on ASIN and you will get results in 4 columns. In the Traditional index column, you will find out whether your keywords are indexed when a customer searches for that keyword. The Field-ASIN index column will show you whether the keyword is indexed in the product URL. The Storefront Index column will help you to find out whether the seller has included the keyword in the product listing. And the Cumulative column shows whether the keyword is indexed in one of the available means.
Index Checker Fields
  • In the next step, you have to paste your keywords and phrases on the left-hand side of the dashboard and after that, you have to click on the “check keywords” tab.
Checking Keyword using helium 10
  • Here in this step, the Index Checker tool will warn you if it finds that you have not placed keywords into your own lines. So, if each line represents one word/phrase separately you have to click on the “continue” tab.
Index Checker warning

Now Helium 10 Index Checker will sort your keyword lists with green ticks which are currently indexed. When the green alert reaches its limit of 100%, then the list is ready to review and further process.

Sort keywords using Helium 10 Index Checker
  • After Helium 10 is done searching each keyword, the reports are posted in different columns such as Traditional, Field-ASIN, and Storefront. If the word is indexed it will represent in a check mark, if it is not indexed by Amazon it will be represented as a dash, and if it is not searched on Amazon then Helium 10 will represent it as X.
Helium 10 Index checker column
  • If you want to have a search on any keyword which is indexed for your competitor's product, then you just have to add the seller ID to your search box, and the Helium 10 Index Checker will show you the results listed in the ASINs backend. Moreover, you can easily find the seller of the product in the buy box button.
Helium 10 Seller id Index checker
  • In the next step, you can find the seller's ID in the Amazon URL, you just have to copy it and paste the ID into the Index Checker.
Seller's ID in the Amazon URL
  • Here, you just have to copy the seller's ID from the storefront URL.
Helium 10 Seller Storefront URL
  • Now the Helium 10 Index Checker, will paste the seller ID in the proper field and you have to click on the “Check Keywords” again.
Helium 10 Seller ID in second field
  • After using the ASIN and the Seller's ID, Helium 10 Index Checker will search the backend listing for an ASIN and will appear the results in checks and dashes in the storefront Index Column. If your competitor's product is indexed in your brand name it will show under the Field-ASIN column.
Helium 10's Index checker to search backend listing

Helium 10 Index Checker Tool Features

Helium 10 Product Listing Optimization Tool, helps you to maximize your sales and boost your rankings within Amazon search results. This tool enables your product to be found within Amazon’s search engine for search terms that will drive qualified leads to your product.

So, let’s see how this tool helps you to rank for keywords/phrases on Amazon:

Product Listing Optimization

Helium 10 index checker enables you to have a deep analysis of your own product listings so you can improve your Amazon SEO naturally. Moreover, sellers can include their keyword targets within the product listing title, bullet points, description, etc. to improve their ability to rank for those keywords in Amazon’s search engine. Now you can build a powerful product listing, by identifying keywords relevant to your product.

In-depth Competitor Analysis

This tool plays a very important part for Amazon sellers, who want to check what their competitors are doing and in this way, you can stay ahead of your competition. You just have to copy their product ASIN number to see whether they are using your keywords list to rank on Amazon search listings. The best part? You can take advantage of the keywords they are not ranking also!

Product Rank Validation

This feature also enables you to see the rankings of current products. You just need to enter an ASIN number and the keyword list and monitor how your products are ranking for the indexed keywords.

Solves Traffic Issue

With the index checker tool, you can easily detect why there is a problem in reaching out to people. In this case, you have to just identify the issue caused and why your product is not indexed! You just have to copy & paste the keyword list and in this way, you can bring huge organic traffic and boost your sales.

Potential New Keywords

Helium 10 index checker also identifies new keywords that will help Amazon sellers to boost their product rankings in Amazon search results. Apart from that you can use Cerebro and Frankenstein to narrow down your keyword lists. It also gives you an in-depth analysis of how your indexed keywords have progressed.

User-friendly Dashboard

This tool comes with a simple user interface where you can compare key metrics across ASINs where can have a detailed analysis of top keyword phrases with search volume, performance score, CPR, and organic rank to maximize your traffic and SEO potential.

Detailed Analysis Report

The index checker tool also provides a detailed analysis with green ticks and also lists keywords that are not indexed. Moreover, the keywords are listed in 3 columns such as Traditional, Field-ASIN, and Storefront. If you want to check your competitor's keywords, just copy and paste the seller ID to find the backend data.

Why my products are not getting indexed on Amazon?

There may be some reasons for your products not getting indexed, here are the major reasons:

  • Keywords not relevant: This is one of the major reasons for your product not getting indexed. Sometimes, Amazon even gets confused by keyword stuffing, it is recommended to add proper product information.
  • Delivery Location Not Proper: Putting the wrong delivery location on Amazon confuses customers to buy products, and it may be the cause for your product not getting indexed. So, changing the delivery location must be updated.
  • Trademarked keywords: If your keyword, is already trademarked it is recommended to remove them and add other keywords.
  • Forbidden keywords: Amazon strictly restricts forbidden keywords, such as spammy keywords, and adult product keywords. So, it is recommended to remove and add new keywords.
  • Storefront Not Included: If you forget to add your seller ID to the storefront, then the storefront index may not show the products you are searching for! So, it is recommended to add it for better results.

Helium 10 Index Checker Pricing Plans

Wondering how much Helium 10 Index Checker costs? Helium 10 Index Checker offers 3 different pricing plans that fit your budget and can help you to expand your Amazon business.

With each plan, you will get a different level of usage and access to various tools for various Amazon business owners and sellers.

Let's check out the 3 different pricing plans below:

  • The Starter plan costs $39/mo and provides 2 uses per month.
  • The Platinum plan costs $79/mo and provides 50 uses per month.
  • The Diamond plan costs $229/mo and provides 150 uses a month

So, as you we have listed various pricing plans above now you can decide which plan suits your business needs! Now you have to think, about how many times you need to use the keyword Index checker tool on an average monthly basis. The best part? With each plan, you will get free access to all Helium 10 free tools for your business.

Waiting for what? Get Helium 10 Index checker tool today and take your business to the next level.

Also, read Helium 10 Review to have a complete overview of this premium Amazon sellers tool.

Pros & Cons Helium 10 Keyword Index Checker

Helium 10 Index Checker tool, has various competitors in the market. Before, you get this software you need to consider some pros & cons of this tool:


  • It offers the full range of tools that you'd need for market research and running a business on Amazon
  • Easy to use and provides an accurate amount of data for Amazon sellers
  • Great for keyword tracking and receiving information on the listing page with detailed Amazon report
  • Comprehensive, cost-effective Amazon seller tools
  • Provides a free Chrome extension and great integration with the Amazon platform
  • Incredible accuracy and performance on Amazon in multiple countries
  • Provides Amazon helpdesk support
  • Provides in-depth knowledge about competitors
  • Helps Amazon sellers to identify and analyze potential keywords
  • Offers user-friendly dashboard with a clean design
  • Very easy to update and create listings as well as use scribbles/frankenstein to optimize


  • The price may seem expensive for small businesses

FAQs On Helium 10 Index Checker Tool

What is Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

Amazon product listing helps you to identify relevant keywords that people are looking for in your product to rank well on Amazon search results.

Why is Amazon Product Listing Optimization Important?

Amazon Product Listing Optimization is important as it helps you to rank for specific keywords/search terms people are searching for that will boost your Amazon sales.

How can sellers improve their Amazon SEO?

Amazon sellers can boost Amazon SEO by optimizing Amazon product listing tools that will automatically improve your product listing ranking with relevant keywords.

How do you get Indexed on Amazon?

If you want to get listed/indexed on Amazon searches you have to include relevant keywords to your product listings which include description, title, etc. Moreover, your product ratings and selling history also play an important part.

What is Helium 10 Index Checker?

Index Checker by Helium 10 is a product research and analysis tool that helps in finding out whether the products listed by you are getting listed on Amazon or not, i.e. getting shown on searches performed on Amazon for certain keywords.

Final Verdict on Helium 10 Keyword Index Checker

If you are an Amazon seller then Helium 10 index checker tool can help you to drive more sales, get more organic searches and optimize your product listing without any hassle!

This keyword index checker tool is a must-have for all Amazon business owners who want to grow their business to the next level! With this tool, it will be very easy for you to gather crucial information about your keywords, and why they are not appearing on Amazon as well as helps you to run several tests within a couple of seconds.

I would highly recommend getting this tool today and saving you both time and energy. This can be a great saver for both small & large businesses working in the Amazon ecosystem, as it is very easy to use for beginners; thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Hope you liked this article. If you have further questions, you can leave them in the comment box below! Our expert team will help you with all your queries.

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