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SellerBoard is an excellent profit analytics tool for Amazon merchants that provides various benefits to upscale your Amazon Business. It offers features such as Profit and Loss reports, PPC optimization, Inventory management, Autoresponder, Alerts, Cash Flow, an effective Chrome Extension, and much more. It will help you kick out the guesswork and make profitable business decisions based on precise data insights.

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What is SellerBoard? SellerBoard Review, Demo & Videos

SellerBoard is a tool made for Amazon Sellers to provide them with an easy-to-use platform where they can access all the data needed, along with expert analysis and advice from a team of professionals.

SellerBoard is a fantastic profit analytics tool for Amazon Sellers, which provides additional tools like follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost and damaged stocks and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts and more. This tool is fantastic for improving profitability by better understanding the psychology of customers. Sellers can check out the data from SellerBoard to set up marketing campaigns in a more effective and budget-friendly way.

Due to its features, SellerBoard is now becoming quite popular among thousands of Amazon FBA Sellers across the globe. Jack Bosch founded SellerBoard because he was having a tough time increasing his Amazon sales. He tried several strategies to increase the ranking of his products. But none of those worked out the way he wanted, and that led to the founding of SellerBoard.

How does SellerBoard Work?

The SellerBoard profit analytics tool uses data, Seller insights and a variety of in-house calculations to provide Amazon Sellers with actionable recommendations. The tool picks in the metrics and identifies the critical areas of opportunity for increasing sales and profit like rank positions, conversion rates, seller feedback, product ranking and more. It provides Sellers with an accurate strategy by which they can improve their revenue.

It utilizes the seller's data and provides accurate recommendations about how they should move ahead in order to increase their sales and profit. For example, Seller Feedback is something that is really important for any seller. But if you find them going down or getting worse, SellerBoard will recommend that sellers ask for seller feedback more often and help them improve their listings.

After we know how SellerBoard works, let's quickly look at some of its features.

Top SellerBoard Features: Is SellerBoard Worth it?

Let us learn about the quality features offered by SellerBoard.

Live Dashboard

SellerBoard offers you a Live Dashboard that provides a quick overview of returns and promotion costs and fulfilled-by-Amazon ratings readily available to the user at a single click. The versatile tool displays detailed information on Amazon fees, PPC spends, promotion costs, and fixed costs. You can also check out data by time period and also by product.

Tracking FBA Errors

By tracking FBA errors, SellerBoard helps users as they don't have to rely on Amazon to provide reimbursements and pay back the money to which one is entitled. All of this information can be tracked in real time, and even claim reimbursements that Amazon has missed. Though Amazon has a good track record, FBA error is a possibility, so it is better to make a well-informed decision.

Rank Tracker

SellerBoard, you can track and monitor your items on Seller rating positions over time. The Rank Tracker feature of SellerBoard will help you see how changes in Seller Feedback, performance or product listings affect the Seller Rankings. It allows retailers to monitor the fluctuations on Amazon and take action before it's too late.

This feature of SellerBoard is helpful for you to track all the key KPIs for every product and ensures that there is no negative trend. KPIs include – BSR, Sales, Profit, Returns, etc. So if any of them degrades, the Seller can take effective action.

Tracking Sales

This feature will allow sellers to monitor the total number of units sold, the money made and also the profit from Amazon items over a specific period. Now that's quite handy for sellers who wish to get gradual gains in their business and take action to make adjustments before it gets late.


SellerBoard LTV Dashboard will let you analyze the lifetime value of your customers. You track the lifetime value of your customers by different KPIs, and further, you can dive deep down and analyze these KPIs by product and check out how they have progressed over time.

Seller Insights

SellerBoard offers Seller Insights and suggestions to Amazon Sellers based on the data from SellerBoard. It provides daily emails with ideas for boosting conversion rates, raising Seller Feedback rates, Rankings, Products, Reviews and More.

Inventory Management

SellerBoard will also help you with Inventory management as it will offer you inventory alerts by which you can never run out of stock. The SellerBoard AI will help you to adjust the sales speed by product depending on past sales, configurable seasonality parameters and also the projected growth.

PPC Optimization

SellerBoard offers a PPC dashboard that tracks the profitability of the PPC campaigns and ad groups. It helps them optimize bids and make profit. SellerBoard has a robust algorithm that will estimate the Break-even-ACOS and also the Break-even-bid for every keyword and then offers the best recommendations on how you can optimize your bids.

SellerBoard Chrome Extension

SellerBoard also offers a chrome extension where you get an FBA Profit calculator that helps Amazon Sellers research and source new products for selling on Amazon. The extension will display estimates of Amazon Fees like Referral Fees, Storage Fees, FBA fees etc., directly on the Amazon product detail page.

Cash Flows

This feature is handy for Sellers to manage their Cash flow. They only have to click on the “Add” button, which will fill in the amount of additional investment. For example, the amount paid for the goods, as well as dividends and VAT. Also, it will fill in the payments and expenses are filled automatically.

Product Insights

SellerBoard will also assist Sellers with product insight and help them to improve their seller listings to increase sales. It undermines several scientific approaches and employees' Seller data along with in-house computations and all other seller indicators to provide accurate product insights.

Profit & Loss Table

SellerBoard comes up with intelligent, clickable Profit and Loss statements. This information is handy as Sellers can now focus on other aspects of each time period. Plus, they can also customize the time frame and filter by products and marketplaces and check out products sold in any particular period.

SellerBoard Pricing Plans: Get a Free Trial with SellerBoard Coupons

Sellerboard Pricing Plans

SellerBoard offers a 1-Month Free Trial to all its users by which they can try out the tool, get along with its features, and see whether they are worth it.

Orders per month300060001500050000
Additional seller accounts46816
Automated reports36816
Additional users1244
Follow-up emails or review requests per month15060001500030000
Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and productsNoNoNoYes

All the pricing plans include features like a Real-time profit dashboard, Listing change alerts, PPC optimization, Inventory management, Refunds for lost inventory and an LTV dashboard.

Pros and Cons of SellerBoard Coupons & Promo Codes


  • Actionable Insights and recommendations based on seller data and in-house calculations.
  • Thousands of Amazon Sellers are using SellerBoard.
  • A 1-Month Free Trial available.
  • PPC optimization.
  • Additional Seller Accounts.
  • Negative seller feedback.


  • No Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Slightly Pricier.

Top FAQs on SellerBoard Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

Does SellerBoard offer a Free trial?

Yes, SellerBoard has a 1-month free trial for all its initial customers.

How many Marketplaces does SellerBoard support?

SellerBoard actively supports 17 major marketplaces, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, UK, France and others.

How often does SellerBoard provide new offers?

SellerBoard comes up with exclusive deals and coupon codes quite frequently on special occasions. Stay connected with AMZMojo to get the latest discount updates for all top-notch AI tools at the earliest.

How many coupons can you use at once?

Only one coupon is actively applied to whatever plan you choose, so make sure to go with the best one in your category to get maximum benefits.

Final Verdict: Use Sellerboard Coupons to Get up to 30% OFF

SellerBoard is a fantastic profit analytics tool for Amazon Sellers, which can help them to increase their sales and profits. It has an easy-to-use interface that even beginners can use, plus they are also backed by an extensive fundamental knowledge of Amazon seller central account settings.

Plus, the tool is also cautious of data security and ensures that it only uses Seller Center API to access Seller Central Information. The features are also something that is entirely value for money and extremely helpful for Amazon Sellers to increase their revenue and stay ahead in their business. The above mentioned Sellerboard Coupons allow you various offer as it may enable you up to 30% OFF and also a month of Free Trail + few more, click on one of the links and enable a discount for yourself.

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