Book Bolt Review + Coupon 2023: Top 5 Features & Pricing

Book Bolt Review

Book Bolt is a service platform where authors can sell “no content books.” This is the business model for Amazon and authors who sell coloring books and news journals without any traditional content. It offers you publishing software for the low content book. The software comes with fabulous features to meet the seller's requirements. Book Bolt helps you make the selling process simple and ensure you save time and increase overall revenue.

So, let’s see a detailed Book Bolt review with definition, its advantages, disadvantages, pricing, features, and a lot more information.

Quick Summary on Book Bolt

If you are using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, then Book Bolt is something that is going to power your product listings to increase your book sales. It offers all the set of tools and features like keyword research tool, KDP spy, trendspotting tool, listing optimization and more which can power Amazon's bookselling business and boost their revenue. The tool is easy to use and has an intuitive dashboard that can guide you through the process right from book creation to publication and selling the book!

Book Bolt pricing starts from $9.99/month, and the Annual plan begins from $89.99/year. As Amazon KDP is now becoming an attractive way to earn good passive income, Book Bolt will give you the extra edge to boost your income from selling books online. We recommend that booksellers out there try out Book Bolt once and see the magic of this tool and how it makes your book business successful.

What is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt

Book Bolt is a leading tool for low content self-publishing that works smoothly with Amazon KDP and gives you a stage to publish or sell your books. The program helps in saving time so you can work on it effortlessly. For the special discount, you have to apply the coupon code and claim at bookbolt.com.

  • Many people consider it as a swiss army knife of no content and low content book publishing.
  • Users can try their hand with Book Bolt to perform a large range of functions that help them execute and scale up a book publishing business.
  • All the essential tools are already inside this program, so you don't need to hunt for additional features.

Why do you need Book Bolt?

1.Book Bolt will help you earn revenue with the Amazon KDP, and it will make it easy to publish your books online.
2.You can select an affordable plan because it offers three packages along with a free trial option.
3.By using the Book Bolt promo code, you can get an extra discount on your purchase.

Book Bolt Review

I know you will be shocked after knowing that hundreds and thousands of books are sold on Amazon every day, which are called ‘no content books' or ‘low content books. It takes advantage of POD (Print on Demand). It means you sell the product whenever you have and then it gets printed and shipped to the customer by Amazon. As a seller, when you plan to make various earning sources through online mediums, probably affiliate marketing, blogging, and running ads that you named. But there are thousands of opportunities to sell your products to make a huge revenue month after month.

Fortunately, if you are an author and want to get too many orders for your book, nothing would be easier than the Book Bolt platform. It is considered the best tool to sell books on Amazon even without writing ‘ANY WORDS.'

So, if you have dreamed of becoming a popular Amazon seller, you must try the Book Bolt. The best part is that it is available to access the trial version to see a demo of how it will be beneficial to boost your sales.

In a nutshell, Book Bolt is loaded with all the essential features you would need to track the orders and optimize your product listing by spying on the competitors. However, the platform comes with some consequences as well, where you need a good learning curve in the case of a beginner. Overall, with some basic technical glitches occurring from time to time, you can begin a journey to generate revenue with Book Bolt.

What is a No Content Book?

No Content is also known as a low content book- which means having fewer words or zero words written inside. It is usually published to introduce your book to the market or for promotion. Amazon KDP controls approximately 80% of the online book market. No content books might be the best option for unskilled sellers. Book Bolt usually keeps their eyes on no-content books.

What is Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)?

Amazon KDP is a platform created by Amazon to provide authors to publish their books on their own and make them available in different selling places. If you can list your books on KDP, then a large number of people will see it, and you will make more sales compared to other platforms.

With Amazon KDP, sellers and authors earn by generating royalties that depend on the number of pages, which plan you have, and much more.

Amazon KDP simply asks the author to provide the script in the expected format, title, design of the book cover, and category of the book. When Amazon KDP gets the information, they will create a book and make it available to buy for the customers. If any customers want the physical copy of your book, Amazon will get it printed and send it to them. Further, the Amazon KDP support team also takes care of issues related to customer services. And here are the quick advantages of linking your Book Bolt account with Amazon KDP.

Bookbolt Logo

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Book Bolt’s KDP Category Founder

Book Bolt’s Kdp Category Founder
  • It is an important tool for all Amazon KDP sellers. It is free to use for all the sellers.
  • This will help you to find the right category for your book.
  • It provides you with more awareness of what niches are selling on Amazon KDP at best.


  • KDP spy is a search tool that works respectively with Amazon statistics.
  • It works as a secret agent on other listings. It also shows you what projected sales are on certain products.

Quick benefits of using Book Bolt

Using the Book Bolt platform, users can design a good cover for their book. The author can publish the book by themselves to generate greater revenue. It has a low pricing range and offers you training if you are a new user on the platform. Book Bolt helps the users make many no-content books and list them on Amazon KDP very quickly. It also has 24/7 customer support to assist the sellers with their queries.

Ultimate Features of Book Bolt | Book Bolt Review

Book Bolt -Features

Many people search for books on Amazon for a different job. Book Bolt helps you take an eye on the actual audience who are visiting the site regularly. With the help of keywords, you can reach the right audience who are potentially interested in buying your book. If you use the Book Bolt in a smart way, it will save your time and money in marketing your products and increase the number of book sales every day. Let us understand the quick features of book bolt with some examples.

For instance, you wrote a story of fairy tales. So, now you would like to place the book in front of like-minded readers who are eagerly searching for fairy tales instead of targeting the users who are looking for other books like the horror or comedy genre. If you wrongly perform the keyword research, it means your targeting audience isn’t the same who takes an interest in your stories. In that case, your number of book orders may decrease in the sale consecutively, lowering the ranking of your products.

Why should you use Book Bolt? Book Bolt Review

  • Book Bolt is one of the most useful tools for publishing books by self. It lets you find the most demanding designs and keywords.
  • It helps you make tremendous covers and ensure that the dimension of the cover is right or not.
  • Book Bolt helps you make lots of no-content books with the system and list them on Amazon KDP very quickly.
  • Bolt’s trend hunter utilizes its user’s database to help sellers in finding out the top trends that you can tap into.
  • Book Bolt followed the well-organized Amazon categories to help you manage the books to reach the right audience with nice navigation.

Let’s see additional features provided by Book Bolt, the ultimate Amazon book-selling site.

KDP Keywords- Book Bolt Educational Program | Book Bolt Review

Bookbolt KDP Keywords

Keywords are the essential component of any Amazon business and the KDP users. We have heard a lot of stories of struggle. Book Bolt gives you the new keywords module inside. It divides the keywords into three sections- applicable keywords, most frequent keywords, and keywords.

  • Applicable Keywords: The products on the right side of the page will be run down by the low content book. These keywords are used most frequently by the ranked sellers. It will show you the keywords of the most selling items in the same niche. This should allow you to observe the holes in the market for unique products.
  • Most Frequent Keyword: This shows you the most used keywords which are selling on KDP. These keywords help you to identify how your competition is getting the right customer for selling their product. By getting deep knowledge of the frequently used keywords inside the Book Bolt dashboard, you can use it to increase your sales. Also, you can spy on the other Amazon book sellers to implement their ideas for your business.
  • Keywords: In the KDP backend, it will show you a long list of keywords related to your genre that is relevant to your seed keyword. These are run down by the search volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), and competition.
  • Favorites: Like other print-on-demand tools, Book Bolt has its favorite features. It allows you to save your favorite products for future referrals. You can also use it to adopt an idea for all-new book listings.

Book Bolt Affiliate Program | Book Bolt Review

Book Bolt Affiliate Program

Book Bolt affiliate program is free to join, and it is easy to sign up; that does not require any technical knowledge. It offers website owners to open a door for additional income from their website. When you join the Book Bolt affiliate program, you will have a number of banners and textual links to use within your site. When someone clicks on your referral link, their activity will be tracked by the affiliate software. Further, if someone purchases the Bolt subscription, you can earn a commission based on a pre-defined commission slab.

The Book Bolt affiliate program gives you access to log in 24 hours to check your sales and account balance and to see the performance of your referral links.

Book Bolt Affiliate Program Details

  • You can get 25% of each sale you refer.
  • It requires a minimum balance of $100.00 for payout.
  • Payments can be made only once per month for the previous month.

Book Bolt Training & Webinar

With a new software, it can be difficult to navigate, especially in the beginning. After becoming a certified member, you can access Book Bolt training webinars to get a learning curve to operate the dashboard. So, even if you are a newbie to Book Bolt, it won’t be a difficult task to promote your products on amazon. If you are stuck somewhere, the professional trainers on the website will support you to crack the hurdles.

Book Bolt Pricing | Book Bolt Coupons 2023

Book Bolt Review - Pricing Plans

Book Bolt Monthly Plan for New Users

The Book Bolt new user monthly plan offers product research, interior designs/ covers, search volume for Amazon, 24/7 support for the customer, and KDP spy. It will cost $9.99 monthly, and for a one-year plan, it will cost $89.99.

Book Bolt Monthly Plan for Pro Users

Book Bolt monthly plan for pro users offers all the features and also the puzzle-solving software. The monthly plan for pro users is of $19.99 whereas the yearly plan for the same is of $199.99. Both the plans come with a free trial of 3-days and give you a chance to try out the software interface before placing an order.

Book Bolt Coupon Codes 2023

How to use the Book Bolt coupon code?

  • Click the “Activate Deal” button.

It will open a new tab that directs you to Bookbolt.com.

  • Copy the code

Select and copy the code highlighted on the page.

  • Enter the code at checkout

Paste the code in the appropriate box.

  • Enjoy your savings

Hopefully, you saved a lot.

What if the Book Bolt coupon code doesn’t work?

  • Confirm that you entered the right coupon code from the website.
  • Make sure you are using a valid code.
  • Confirm that the code applies to your order.
  • Try using a different coupon code from the website.

🔎What is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt is an easy to use low-content book publishing software that allows you to create books from scratch and sell them.

✅What does The Amazon KDP do for the Authors?

Amazon KDP creates a platform for authors where they can publish their books. It also helps them to make their books available in different selling places.

❓What is KDP Spy?

KDP is a search tool that works respectively with Amazon statistics. It works as a secret agent on other listings.

🤔What are the benefits of using Book Bolt?

Book Bolt offers hundreds of templates and designs to choose from, many of which you're sure to love! Book Bolt allows you to find your book under the right category so that you can easily draw readers’ attention.

🤑Are there any free plans available for Book Bolt?

Book Bolt doesn't offer any free plan, there are two plans for newbies and pro users each separately.
Whereas the yearly plans comes with a 3-day free trail.

Conclusion: Book Bolt Review + Coupon

With the help of Book Bolt, users can publish no-content books very easily by themselves. The platform has already helped several Amazon booksellers generate great revenue by doing less work. Book Bolt can be very effective for the Amazon KDP program, making the work simple and easier to increase orders.

The prices are in the affordable range and have free trials as well. Finally, using the Bookbolt.com voucher code, you can get amazing rewards and benefits.

9.5Expert Score
Book Bolt Review + Coupon

Users can use Book Bolt software tool to perform various functions that will assist them in running and scaling their publishing business.

  • It has a collection of fabulous books to meet the reader’s interest.
  • With one click, you can create puzzle interiors.
  • It offers to research the keyword and product.
  • Book Bolt editor has easy drop and drag features.
  • Access to more than 1 million royalty-free images.
  • Book Bolt does not allow the user to download data.
  • The support system is slow.

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