Choosing which software will be the best for your FBA business management is hard. Check out our Zonbase Vs. Sellics 2024 to learn all about these two top-tier Saas and select the best!

Handling your FBA business without tools is just like digging a bottomless pit, you might put in the effort, but there is neither productivity nor growth. Plus, tools such as Zonbase and Sellics make it really easy to manage the marketplace. You can integrate the Saas with your Sellers Central account and have all your data and metrics sorted in one place.

But which of them is better? Regardless of whether you are an advanced seller or just a newbie, it has always been hard to choose a product that is simply better than the other.

So stop bursting your brain cells, as we have the Zonbase Vs. Sellics Comparison Review 2024 all set for you.

Summary Snap: Both ZonBase and Sellics are great Amazon Seller tools. Zonbase focuses more on product and keyword research, whereas Sellics shows its expertise in PPC management and accounts analytics. You can use them for listing optimization and ranking better on Amazon search pages. They both offer a free trial, so feel free to check out their individual cool features totally free of cost.

So without any further ado, let us dive straight into it:

About Zonbase | Zonbase Review in a Nutshell

Zonbase reviews

Zonbase is a powerful Amazon seller software that can help sellers of all levels improve their FBA business. It is a versatile tool that can help you with various Amazon business tasks, including Product research, listing optimization, PPC management and much more. 

This cloud-based software offers a total of 20 amazing tools that will help increase your ROI. Whether you are a new seller or an experienced one, Zonbase is a great way to find profitable products belonging to your niche. With the help of ZonResearch helps you extract the winner from almost “20 million products in Zonbase's extensive proprietary database.”

The software also lets you see the latest and trendy products each day. With its powerful chrome extension, you can also perform productive product research from your browser. You can even get robust competitive insights and always stay ahead in the Amazon game. Get product validation from some of the best experts and guarantee yourself a successful launch.

Zonbase even lets you do your keyword research, track keywords, know the estimated sales number and perform reverse ASIN lookup all under one roof. You even get advanced listing optimization with tools such as Listify, Listing Optimizer, Photo Enhancer and Listify AI. Get your business insight as Zonbase reveals our profits via a systematic dashboard. Manage all your PPC campaigns without any hassle and do a lot more with Zonbase.

Zonbase logo

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Zonbase Features at a Glance

Zonbase has some fascinating features to offer. The following information displays how you can use Zonbase to upgrade your business and the tools via which you will be able to do so.

Product Research: Searching for a high-potential, low-competitor is the most basic and equally vital part of your business. Zonbase hunts for some of the hot-selling products from its vast database. You can even get them approved by product specialists. Do extensive product research right from your browser with a beneficial browser add-on.

  • ZonResearch
  • Chrome Extension
  • Hot Products
  • Product Validato

Sales Optimization: Ranking and estimating sales for any given product is as important as product research. Competitive research with Reverse ASIN and optimizing your own listing with the best keywords are the simplest way to do that.

  • Keywords
  • Reverse ASIN
  • PageOne
  • ZonTracker
  • Sales Estimator

Listing Optimization: With the listing optimization tool, sellers will be able to extract top-performing keywords from competitive top-ranking similar products. You can even automate the entire listing optimization process with the help of Listify. 

  • Listify
  • Listing Optimizer
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Listify AI

Profits Tool: Getting detailed analytics of your performance is made easier with Zonbase. You can view essential business metrics such as “estimated profit, gross revenue, profit margin, etc.” The tool also allows you to manage your inventory stock with demand forecasting.

  • Profits Dashboard
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Bestsellers
  • Store Manager

ZonPPC: Get your PPC campaigns up and running, as ZonPPC is here to take care of them. You will not only be able to get vital reports about campaign performance but also automate your campaigns as per your requirements.

  • PPC Dashboard
  • Ads Manager
  • PPC Reports
  • Change Log
  • PPC Autopilot

Repricing Tool: The repricing tools make you aware of even slight price changes and also let you manage price fluctuations. Also keep an eye on competitors and check out the historical product data.

  • Zon Repricer
  • Repricer Dashboard
  • Product Master
  • Strategy List
  • Repricer History

Zonbase Pricing Plans

Zonbase Pricing

ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial which allows you to access its premium feature for a limited period. Apart from the free trial, users also get a 7-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, users can also save up to $762 on the annual pricing plans. If you find it hard to choose the right plan for you, make sure to connect with the officials.

Let's learn about the pro plans and all they offer.

Zonbase Standard Plan ($37/Month)

The Zonbase starter plan allows you to get up to 10/day ZonResearch, 10/day Keyword Base, 10/day Reverse Keywords, 40/day ZonTracker and 40/day Sales Estimator. You can also look for 10 hot products each day and 10/day Listify uses, with other features.

Zonbase Legendary Plan ($97/Month)

The Zonbase legendary plan includes all the features of the Standard plan, but the uses go up to 250 uses/day, just an additional 1000/day ZonTracker and 1000/day Sales Estimator. You can even access the chrome extension, 1 Store integration with up to $30k Ad Spend/ Month ZonPPC, store integrations and much more.

Zonbase Diamond Plan ($297/Month)

All features of Zonbase Legendary Plan, but the features here go up to 1000/day uses, and also 5000/day ZonTracker and 5000/day Sales Estimator. Also, get 10000 ASINs for Wholesale Grading, 7 store integration alerts and 7 store integration profits.

Zonbase Plus Plan ($1,997)

A power-packed plan that combines some of Zonbase's best features.

About Sellics | Sellics Review in a Nutshell

Sellics Review

Sellics is another top-notch Amazon seller software that is an all-rounder but focuses mainly on PPC management. The tool provides you with powerful automation, valuable data, and accurate insights for faster growth. You can let go of the tension of SEO, as the tool provides keyword research and listing optimization. An easy-to-understand analytic breakdown helps you get a better understanding of all the ongoings. You can even get tools for better inventory management and alerts.

Stay up-to-date with your PPC strategy and Amazon advertising by automating the majority of the process. Along with monitoring your PPC campaign, the tool allows you to do keyword research with greater ease. Another great feature of Sellics is that it notifies you each time a product listing receives a negative review. You can check for profitability and sales estimates based on real-time metrics.

Sellics integrates with 8 popular marketplaces, including US, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Italy, and France. The data reports and analysis can easily be downloaded for better evaluation. You can connect your Amazon sellers account, which will directly fetch all the data. This will help you manage all essential data under one roof instead of referring to 10 tools for 10 separate tasks.

Sellics has joined with, so now, with Amazon advertising, users can also do Instacart, Walmart and Target advertising

Sellics logo

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Sellics Features at a Glance

Sellics considers all its customers' needs and provides a special edition for each one. It is excellent for individuals, sellers, vendors and even agencies, who can take the help of its super useful feature for a variety of tasks. The provided features may vary depending on the pricing plan you choose, and also note that Sellics is now a part of

Cockpit: Getting started with Sellics is really easy, and as soon as you enter, you will be welcomed with a visually appealing dashboard. The cockpit provides a graphical as well as systematic representation of all the vital current stats and metrics. Sales and Profits, Performance tables, reviews, Keyword ranking index, and PPC are just a few of the displayed charts.

Sellics Sonar: An advanced keyword research tool provided by the platform for sellers. You can easily hunt for profitable keywords in many relevant niches, and use them to optimize your listing or for new product launches. It will also provide essential data such as keyword search volume for a particular keyword which can be helpful in terms of prioritizing your products.

Inventory Manager: The inventory management tool lets you know your inventory status without being stuck to it 24*7. Taking into consideration all the critical metrics, the tool sends you alerts regarding when to stock the most-selling products so that none of your customers have to go to your competitors.

Rank Optimizer: Before you become a hot seller, it is essential that your products are ranked for people to see and purchase them. Rank optimizer helps you precisely with that. It works as a powerful dual combo of “niche analyzer and keyword database builder” and thus enables you to build a strong keyword list from your respective niche. You can therefore use these well-researched keywords in your listing to help it improve its ranking.

PPC Management: One of the best PPC managers is offered by Sellics, which not only helps with automation but also provides necessary information that helps sellers make informed decisions. You can easily schedule your campaigns, automate your keyword and bids and thus proliferate your ROI.

Review Management: Like your Seller Central account, even Sellics helps you manage and respond to customer feedback. Review can have a major impact on the performance of any product, so make sure to treat them with care. The review manager lets you know when new reviews come in, and you can even sort them for your convenience.

Keyword Ranking: Choose the best keyword with the advanced A/B testing feature that allows you to compare top-ranking keywords. Other than that, you can also track the best-performing keyword tasty updated with thor performance. The dashboard is a great way to access all such crucial metrics quickly.

Sellics Pricing Plans

The Sellics pricing plan is targeted at agencies, sellers and vendors. Plus, they won't be charging you extra as the cost of plans is specified based on your number of orders.

There is Sellics Benchmark which can be accessed for free and allows you to get a PPC evaluation. Then there is an Advertising Advisor that also offers all Benchmark features and Sellics Smart Campaign, personalized onboarding, monthly performance reviews, and much more.

The Managed Service plan, available for $1249, has all features from the previous plan plus also Hands-On PPC management, PPC optimization, campaign set-up, KPI reporting and the list goes on.

Next for the sellers, these plans are based on your Annual Amazon sales. All plans include all Amazon markets, unlimited products, free mobile apps and all 5 features. Check out the information below:

Sellics Pricing

Sellics Monthly Plan

From $57/month to $317/month, you can choose anywhere between these numbers based on your annual sales estimates. The plan supports research and management across all Amazon marketplaces. It also includes unlimited products, the mobile app version and other exclusive features.

Sellics Bi-Annual Plan

For the half-yearly pack, the pricing starts from $57/month to $287/month, this might vary depending upon your yearly Amazon sales. The plan does include all the features of the monthly pack, but with payment twice a year you can enjoy the same benefits at a discounted price.

Sellics Annual Plan

Starting from $47/month to $257/month, enjoy the premium Sellics features at staggering discounts. The charges are based on your yearly Amazon sales so you won’t have to worry about paying extra. It supports all Amazon marketplaces, lets you access all 5 tool features, surf unlimited products and even login using the mobile app verison.

Note: The sales categories include $0, $1k-$60k, $60k-$240k, $240k-$600k, $600k-1.2M, and 1.2M+.

For the latest Sellics pricing plans and categories, do check They have some other interesting features that sellers should consider, and the pricing will vary accordingly.

Zonbase Vs. Sellics Review 2024: The AMZ Tug of War!!!

Considering the long list of features and tools that both the AMZ sellers suite software provide, it can be pretty hard to compare. However, I would suggest you choose the one that targets your specific daily tasks related to your business.

Zonbase is really helpful for a variety of purposes, including product research, keyword research, competitive analysis, and much more. It can be quite good for well-established sellers looking to grow their business more or even for the new ones who are just getting started. But a little problem you can face with Zonbase is its pricing plans, which according to some, are a little expensive.

On the other hand, Sellics is a master performer when you wish to focus on PPC management and overall Amazon business analysis. It brings all your data under one roof so that you don't have to go hunting for it. You even get review management, inventory updates, listing optimizer with other tools. Its pricing plans are also quite smartly adjusted for all, but as compared to Zonbase, the number of features provided by Sellics are less.

So the ultimate decision finally comes back to you. You can definitely check out their official websites for a much more detailed and up-to-date analysis. Also note, that Sellics is now a part of so that would have seriously impacted its working.

Top FAQs on Zonbase Vs. Sellics 2024

Does Zonbase offer a free plan?

No, unfortunately, Zonbase does have a free pan. But they do have a 7-day free trial and also a money-back guarantee, so you can seamlessly try the tool without any additional cost.

What happened to Sellics?

Sellics has now joined forces with and is now offering a wide array of eCommerce benefits for all sellers.

What does Amazon Sellics do?

It is a top-notch Amazon sellers management and PPC analysis software that allows sellers to systematically manage all the essential business data. Along with that, it even offers help with inventory management, listing optimization, keyword research and much more. Sellics is now a part of

Is Zonbase the best FBA seller tool?

Zonbase is a versatile FBA software that helps sellers perform various functions, such as keyword and product research, competitive research, listing optimization, sales management, PPC analysis and much more. It even has a 7-day free trial, and its Standard Plan starts from only $37/month.

Conclusion on Zonbase Vs. Sellics Comparison

ZonBase and Sellics are both terrific tools and have made a significant impact in the amazon marketplace. Sellers and vendors of all levels can seriously improve as well as streamline their business with the help of such tools and services. Whether keyword research or listing optimization, PPC management or review analytics, the tools are forever at your doorstep.

Now as for choosing the best, that will solely depend on your requirements. Sellics has now joined hands with and is expanding to other ecommerce platforms as well. At the same time, Zonbase is still with Amazon and does provide excellent guidance for your success. Do let us know which one did you choose!?

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